im never going to leave your side


pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Au: Your soulmates name appears on your right arm on your 30th birthday but can appear sooner if your soulmate touches you.

Plot: Bucky has your name on his wrist and he tries to hide it from you because he wants you to date around before you have to settle for him. What he doesn’t realize is that once you touch your soulmate your name appears on their wrist and the overwhelming feeling of showing affection consumes one another.

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Pain. That was the feeling Bucky was currently feeling as he heard you excitedly tell the team you were going on two dates in one night. “Alright guys I’m going to go before mike thinks I stood him up, don’t wait up.” you waved goodbye to the team and got in the elevator.

Bucky watched as you happily left the compound to meet up with the first guy you were going to go on a date with. He silently cursed himself as he ran his fingers over your name that was written on his wrist. You were his soulmate and he was really happy about it because you were so kind and didn’t see him as a monster. The only problem was that you didn’t know you were his soulmate.

He wanted to tell you, he really did and he was about to when you first met but he noticed how bubbly you were and full of life. You always lit up a room and were basically the opposite of him. Bucky loved that about you and he thought you should stay that happy until you ultimately find out that you had him as a soulmate on your thirtieth birthday.

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Requested by @cirunia (Thank You!)

“Are you sure what you are about to do, Dean?”
“Yes, I’m so happy, and who cares where happiness comes from? I want you, and you only.”
It took months to accept Sam’s death at Dean, after he was launched into the cage with Lucifer. Dean didn’t accept the fact that he had lost his brother; however, you have always stood by his side. Day and night you console the hunter while he woke up because of a bad dream.
You hugged him, and listened to him silently as he cried. Slowly, bad dreams have disappeared, and then Dean began accepting his brother’s death. He decided to retire from hunting, and you didn’t think twice about following him; you and him have found a job suitable for you, and then a home where you live together. For the first time, your life was normal.
Sometimes Dean reads in the newspapers of strange deaths in some of the cities you lived in, and Dean, being a hunter, was leaving for hunting. And you accepted it. He couldn’t forget his previous life.
You had never been so happy. Then one day you found out to be pregnant, and Dean.. he was like a kid when eat candy. He was so happy, he was finally forming a whole family, normal. When your son, Sam, was born, Dean became the perfect father, and the perfect husband; in the end, he asked you to marry him. A happy family, until one day someone knocked at your door.
After almost five years, Dean’s brother was alive, and he wanted his brother to come back, to hunt with him. But now, Dean had a normal life, he couldn’t leave his wife and his son. And he didn’t do it, because Dean suffered for the death of his brother Sam, but you were at his side. He had nightmares, but you were at his side. After building a normal life for him, he had decided to go hunting, though only at times; you were at his side. Now Dean would be at your side, and he would never let you go.

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100 Reasons Why - 02

BTS 방탄소년단 - Soulmate!AU

Warnings -  polyamorous relationships, swearing, smut

Summary - Love is a powerful thing. Let it settle under your skin and in your bones. Let it live, let it breathe. Do not beat it down and know that your love doesn’t reach one person, but everyone around you.

Glossary - 01. 02. 03. 0405. 06

Coffee had kept you awake through college and then into the real world afterwards. It was a go to for late nights spent in front of your computer or notepad when ideas never stopped flowing or were never there at all. Which is why Hoseok loves finding new coffee shops to bring you to. He says that if coffee makes you happy, then he’ll buy you it every day. Even though Hoseok’s bubbly personality has never needed the caffeine as you do, he loves getting you the addicting beverage.  

”So, there’s this one shop near your favorite library up the street. Apparently a lot of college kids like it so I thought I’d try to bring you early in case it gets busy. I know how you feel about crowds.” Hoseok wraps a scarf around your neck. It’s so thick you could hide your entire face in it if you wanted. “You have to stay warm, I don’t want you to get sick especially after being out in the rain.”

It’s been two weeks but Hoseok is still worrying over your health. Heat rises in your cheeks and you look down, view of the floor blocked from the humongous scarf. You feel lucky to have Hoseok, who takes care of you even when you don’t deserve it. With a proud smile, Hoseok steps back, admiring his work. You’re practically a marshmallow in the huge coat and hat he’s put on you. But you’re warm, inside and out, so you thank Hoseok and make your way into the living room.

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  • *The first time they reunite*
  • Aelin: *Sobs* Aedion, I miss you so much. I can't explain how I feel right now but I always thought of you. Ever battle I fought, you were there by my side. Please don't leave me.
  • Aedion: *Smile* It's been so long since I seen my Queen. I will fight and protect you from our enemies. Even though the years have gone by quick, I'm proud of you. I will never lose you again.
  • *After a while*
  • Aedion: MAKE ME

anonymous asked:

members reaction if someone tried to psychically hurt and attack you? + members reactions when you want to die and are very sad and crying? thanks as always hehe :3

I will make another Gif reaction for the second request!

JUNGKOOK : “WHAT?!?! Who was it? did we need to call the police? or Jin? What should we do! B-But dont worry i wont let someone hurt you!”

V : “ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Are you ok?? They didnt hurt you badly or anything? Hold on im calling the Police!”


SUGA : “What?! are you for real? What did they do?? are you ok? do we need to go to the station? its ok calm down! your ok now”


JIN :”What!! are you hurt! do you need medicine! do you need bandages! food! a hug! cuddles! a hospital!!”


~ ADMIN Abbie

Thank you!! i hope you liked it <3

Going to a Costume Party with Fred Would Include…

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Request: Slytherin reader x Fred on Halloween party pretty please <3

A/N: I feel like no one is in a Halloween ish mood since Christmas is on its way aaaah, so I changed it up a bit don’t kill me

Going to a Costume Party with Fred Would Include…

-So Hogwarts would organize a costume party one day

-And Fred would be so freaking psyched about it

-He’d be talking and planning in advance

-At first, he’d do a duo costume with his twin, George

-But once you let slip that couple costumes exist, he’d change his mind completely

-And then he wouldn’t let the idea go

-“C’mon Y/N, we can go as bacon and eggs! Oh or peanut butter and jelly! Think of all the possibilities.”

-“Fine we can do a couple costume.”

-“YES I love you.” and he picks you up and spins you around because he loves to do that

-You finally decide to go as a cookie and the cookie monster

-Fred made himself this huge cookie costume that he puts his arms through and it makes it impossible to fit through a door

-And you wear this cute blue dress and a cookie monster hat

-“Y/N, don’t I look irresistible to you?” he’d say to you all night

-And everyone who sees you two yells “COUPLE GOALS”

-Because, you know, you two are couple goals ;)

-You’d have a blast dancing

-And you’d die of laughter because Fred’s movement range is so little because of his bulky costume

-Towards the end of the night he’d just be like “Screw it, I’m taking this off”

-Drinking games with him would be so funny

-Except he wouldn’t let you get too drunk, because you’re the responsible one of you two

-And at one point if he gets really wasted, he’ll kind of not recognize you

-And it’d be so cute, because he would stay super loyal to you and not flirt at all with anyone else

-Like you’d try to kiss him on the cheek and since he’s so drunk he’d be like

-“Stop I have a girlfriend. Seriously, I’m taken and I’m happy with Y/N.”

-“Freddie I am Y/N stupid.”
-“Oh you are? Yes I recognize that beautiful smile of yours.”

-“Oh my god Fred you’re so drunk.” You giggle.

-“Shut up and kiss me.”

-He’d be extra touchy feely when he’s drunk, so his hands would never leave your waist

-But let’s say he didn’t get drunk

-He’d always get a little overprotective at parties because intoxicated guys would hit on you

-“I’m yours Fred, stop worrying.” You’d always tell him.

-“I know. Who else here is dressed as a cookie monster.”

-You guys would hold hands throughout the whole night

-He’d be glued to your side

-So yeah that’s kinda how parties would go with Fred

 A/N: I hate this with a passion omg it sucks so bad im so sorry

To my dear toxic friend:

I cared
I cared too much
I was there for you
Even when you weren’t there for me
I fully supported you with everything
Even though you barely supported me
I defended you so many times…
Even though my family and my other friends strongly disliked you…
I never judged you
Even though you did judge me
I was loyal to you
So loyal…
And you kept saying shit about me at my back…
I kept trying to save our friendship
Even when you were constantly pushing me away
I even tried to convince myself that I was the problem, as you stated many times…
But I wasn’t

My other friends kept asking me
“Why are you still friends with her?”
And I wouldn’t be able to answer that
Why? Because I was scared that they might be right
But I didn’t want them to be right
I didn’t want to listen
Because I was loyal to you, because I cared about you, because I loved you and still considered you my friend

Big mistake

And the cost was high
So fucking high

You made me feel shitty about myself
You made me feel like I was always wrong
You made me fight with my family so many fucking times
You made lose my own confidence…
My personality…
My happiness…
You even crushed my dreams and made fun of them with others…
You even made me feel bad and guilty about good things that happened to me

How stupid I was


And I feel so bad right now
So angry for being at your side 8 fucking years of my life that are never gonna come back
So sad for trusting you and believing our friendship was worth it
Even though deep down I knew it wasn’t

Im done with crying over you
I’m done with suffering
I’m done with pain
I’m done with YOU
So fucking done
Don’t expect me to go to you begging for your forgiveness because that won’t happen ever again

I don’t need you 
I found myself again
And I realized That I care and love myself
And I deserve better
I’m leaving your side
Our friendship is over because YOU lost ME

You won’t crush me again
Because now I’m stronger and wiser
And if you even dare to try
I’ll crush you.

Random Drabble #16

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‘Babe…do you wanna play?’ - Kim Namjoon (M)

‘Morning, Baby.’ he murmurs into your neck, his breath ghosting across your skin as his hand smooths itself over your side where the two of you were laid in bed and he was pressed up against your back. 

Even though you had to admit it was a nice way to wake up, after having stayed up till 3am the night before, courtesy of Namjoon and his…urges…you were no where near ready to go about your day, and so instead of reciprocating his apparent tenderness, you simply lie there, mumbling ‘morning’ back before proceeding to sleep.

Namjoon, however, had other plans.

‘Baby…do you wanna play?’ 

You roll your eyes behind their lids as his fingers pinch at your hip, dragging you back tightly against him so that you could feel his arousal plain as day as he ground his hips up into yours, the outline of him being imprinted against your ass as he continues sucking sloppy kisses into your neck, humming deeply every now and then in an attempt to turn you on.

‘We played all last night.’ you protest weakly, still not fully awake, and judging by how slow Namjoon’s movements were, you weren’t entirely sure he was either.

‘Mmmmmh, exactly…I cant stop thinking about it.’ he hums, bucking his hips suddenly against your ass and sliding his arm around your waist to pin you back against his chest, his breaths now coming harsher against your neck as he grows more aroused.

‘Joonie, im tired.’ you moan, the sound meant to be innocent, but getting hitched up when his fingers suddenly tweak your nipple, the sensation forcing a bolt of electric to shoot through you to between your legs.

‘So am I, baby…but im also horny.’ he explains, chuckling darkly into your shoulder as his hand slides down your stomach to your hips, his fingertips trailing over the skin of your thigh only to come to a stop on your ass, where he proceeds to grope you almost obscenely- almost.

But, you’re always horny.’ you point out, smirking as you feel yourself begin to wake up more, your insides now humming with anticipation as you feel his long digits dip between your legs, fingertips gliding over your lower lips, as the fingers of his other hand lazily twist themselves into your hair, pulling your head back gently as his mouth comes to your jaw.

‘This coming from you?’ he asks mockingly, being able to feel just how wet you were for him as his fingers slide between your folds, his length rubbing needily against the back of your thigh as he struggles not to rock himself against you.

You gasp when the tip of him is suddenly poking at your entrance, your eyes bolting open as his teeth nip at your jawline, and just when you think he’s going to let you wake up a little more, his arm is winding tightly around your waist once more as he jerks his hips up against yours, sheathing himself fully in your core, and causing you to moan loudly at the dull ache it brings after the previous evening.

‘Fuck.’ you simultaneously moan softly, Namjoon replacing his teeth with his lips as he kisses your neck softly, still holding your head in place with his grip on your hair, but never once hurting you as he shallowly rocks himself into you.

‘Baby, I wanted to sleep.’ you gasp, intending on teasing him for his inability to control himself, but he didn’t appear to be listening to you all that much, and before you can blink he’d rolled you back onto his chest so that you were laid backwards on top of him, and he’d begun bucking almost urgently into you, his legs bracing himself steadily as his hips pick up their pace, fucking himself into you.

‘Fuck! Joonie!’ you half-moan, half-gasp loudly, your chest beginning to rise and fall more rapidly despite the restriction of his arm around you, as you quickly place your feet either side of his hips so that you could remove some of your weight from him, feeling your eyes rolling back into your head as your orgasm begins to wind up within you, and Namjoon heatedly grunts in your ear, clearly chasing his own impending high.

Your hands scrabble at his arm on your waist as you try to find something to hold onto, your thighs already shaking feebly as your high creeps ever closer, and with Namjoon panting against your neck, gruffly gasping in breath after breath to try and stifle his moans, you find yourself getting lost in your orgasm as it crashes over you suddenly, the rough snap of Namjoon’s hips against yours ultimately what sends you reeling into your euphoria.

Its as you’re being edged toward over-stimulation and you begin whimpering with your lip trapped between your teeth that his thrusts begin to stutter in their force, and with one last spurt of energy, Namjoon groaning darkly in your ear, you feel a warmth fill you and his loud grunt of satisfaction is ringing in your ear as his arm clasps you to him, the way he arches his back off the bed making you gasp before moments later you’re both collapsing back to the mattress.

‘Fuck…I needed that.’ he pants after pulling out of you and rolling back to the side to deposit you next to him, although his arm never leaves your waist, only loosening a little so that you could get more comfortable; turning towards him tiredly and curling into his chest.

‘You’re such a horny pabo.’ you murmur as you peer up at him with a grin, getting your breath taken away by his fucked out expression, before your head is forced against his chest and he’s wrapping himself around you as he mutters-

‘Shhh, Baby, Im tired, go back to sleep.’

The comment is quickly followed by a thud, and Namjoon groaning in pain as he falls to the floor, glaring back at you, but you’re too busy closing your eyes and proceeding to catch up on sleep.


mainstream-spirit  asked:

Its been almost 4 years sense I got away from my abusive ex boyfriend. Last year I was diagnosed with PTSD because of him. He raped me and abused me.. I recently found out he has my name tattooed on him and asks about me whenever he meets people I know. I haven't heard from him in a while but I'm so scared he might try and hurt me again. He's obsessed and unstable. Im terrified every time I leave my house and I have no idea what to do. Should I go to the police?

LAVENDER sisterhood answer:

Your suffering from PTSD and it will take time to re-calibrate. 

Your right in the middle. Some people will say your over-reacting because you’re out and he’s not bothering you.

THEN there is the opposite side, I never want you to doubt your instincts and if you feel that he is stalking you, just because you don’t have proof doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.

I have way to much experience with abusive men and they lie all the time about their motives and desires that you are always his property.  They get very manipulative and be surveillance you, and deny it all the way to court until you find solid proof. 

If you have the weird feeling he’s stalking you; I bet your right. 

ONE you need to go to a rape crisis center and get their recommendation of therapists.  You need connections with women who can get things pushed through your local police.  

When an advocate helps you file vs. you on your own -  not only does it make it easier but more credible in the eyes of the police. It’s also no longer your word against his word, whether or not you go into a shelter, you become a client, and a protected identity.  

A cop has a bigger since of duty to protect the woman when crisis center tells them directly this woman needs protection. 

There is some over re-acting because your body still feels ready and prepared for the former environment so expect others opinions.

BUT THEY have no idea how vindictive and manipulating an abusive man can get.  They will intentionally push your buttons up to the law and then swear to the cops their complete innocence. 

Use that cell phone, document everything, record everything. Even if it’s illegal to recording,  You can still play an illegally recorded infront of cop. that just means it can’t be used in court.  You never know what bit of info was exactly what that lawyer/police needed to slam dunk your side. 

TO HELP WITH your fear of being out in public

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'Time for Goodbye's'

It was late in November an kids were out riding their bikes, laughing an smiling while Mike an Will sat in mike’s basement.

Will looked up at Mike, coughing alittle. “Mike there is something I have to tell you.” Will said.

Mike looked up. “What is it Will?” Mike asked.

Will grabbed onto Mike’s hands an intertwined their finger’s together. “You know I’d never leave you unless I had to right?” Will asked.

Mike nodded. “Will? Are you okay?” He asked  moving his thumb side to side on will’s hand.

“Mike I’m not gonna be here anymore.” Will looked down.

“What? Wait as in your going back to the Upside Down?” Mike asked extremely concerned.

Will shook his head an held onto Mike’s hand. “As dying Mike.” Will began to cry.

Mike’s eyes widened an without hesitation pulled Will into his embrace. “A-are you sure? A-are you really going to die? W-will you cant go! You have to fight…Will I-I love you!” Mike cried.

Will looked up, his eyes on Mike’s beginning to shake. “Y-you love me? Mike for how long?” Will asked surprised.

“For awhile now.” Mike sighed.

“ it okay if I lay here for awhile?” Will smiled.

“Of course Will.” Mike rested his lips on Will’s head as he rocked back an forth.

Will slowly closed his eyes, letting the air flow within him until he was no longer breathing. His skin becoming cold an pale.

Mike held him tighter, knowing all to well that he had lost his best friend. “G-goodbye will….” He cried an screamed. His mom running down the stairs an eventually the ambulance was called. Mike hugging Joyce until the night was close to an end. 

ghost ! Dean

•he does the most bullshit things ever

•he sings which people just thinks it’s the wind

•he watches his sad mother cry about him

•he walks into people’s houses and turn on there t.vs and radios

•he grabs the people he hates hair and drags them across the ground

•he loves the face of fear on their faces

•he loves thinking he can fly near the moon cause he’s a ghost

• he watches he’s old videos to make sure that he did somethings amazing while he was alive

•whenever a year goes by he goes to his own grave he cries cause he realizes he’s really dead

•he watches his fan do covers of his old songs and it makes him smile lots

•he steals food even tho he can’t eat it

•but one day he was going to see his grave and he met this short figure was standing there as tears slipped from her eyes.

•"he didn’t even fucking release his 10th album, fucking cunt.“

•Dean staring at you for a long tips

•he brushes fingers against your skin like the wind 

•you turn ur head so fast and stare right into his eyes 

•"Dean ?“

•Dean bring more scared of you then Satan himself 

•you grabbing his wrist and he starts to scream but it only sound like the wind blowing against levees 


•"I’m dead.“ He whispered

•"lol so ???????“ 

•that how you two became friends 

•you would always come to his grave and just chat with him 

•people think you’re crazy 

•sometimes Dean would come to your room and watch tv 

•you waking up and throwing things at his body but like it goes through him 

•sometimes you feel this good feeling between your legs and you know it’s dean’s fingers 

•his ghost fingers feels like a cool object thrusting into your warm heat ( or dry I don’t judge) 

•he slipped one of his rings off his fingers and gave it to you 

• so theirs always a cold feeling around your feelings it reminds you of dean

•“Dean stop scaring my cat.“ 

•"he loves me" 

•"he looks like he wants rip your dick off.“

• your cat not fucking with him

• sometimes crying because your cat sometimes curls up besides his ghost body and sleeps there

• you sometimes sit on his laps and curl up to him and he would just stroke your hair

• you looking like you’re floating

• you sometimes would cry at night and Dean would come without you knowing

• Dean would make his Voice echo through the room to block all the noise you hate with his beautiful singing voice

• Dean would locks his fingers with your ones

• he loves the feelings of your smooth warm, veiny, life full hand dancing with his cold, lifeless rough ones

• he loves the new smells that lingers around your body

• he finds the tiny little bangs under your eyes beautiful then ever

• one day Dean came to your house with a new express you never seen before

•" Dean baby, what’s up and down ?“

•” I’m leaving.“

•"where ?!??!?!”

“To heaven .”

• you crying and running into his Arms and gripping into his jacket

• dean’s heart breaking

• you two going on out during the day

• taking to places he hasn’t been before

• laughing at his ghost jokes

• making a forte the size of your apartment

• but one day you were waiting for Dean to come over but he didn’t come this time

• Dean watched from the side before going to met God

• you going to his grave, beating on the ground as tears slipped on your face

• “ you fucking asshole, how dare you leave me.”

• Dean watching with a frown cause he can’t cry

• “ I fucking love you.”

•" I love you more, you stupid girl.“



When You’re an Idol & Fall Off Stage


 *he’s more than astonished when he watches you mess up and fall off the stage and immediately rushes backstage to see if your injuries were minor or not*

Originally posted by secrethideoutme


Him: “Whoa!”

*he definitely didn’t anticipate your fall and was completely taken aback, leaning back in shock, when you fell off*

Originally posted by luhanahs


*he was worried whether or not you had sustained injuries but once you had gotten up and announced you were fine enough to continue the show, he jumped out of his seat and cheered out of joy and relief*

Originally posted by krismehard


*doesn’t register your fall until seconds later where he then goes into ‘im-so-worried-please-be-okay-i-swear-you’re-never-going-outside-again’ boyfriend mode*

Originally posted by suhomysuho


*disappointed Lay is disappointed. He thought you’d be able to do the flip without a hitch and only begins to worry more when a stretcher is brought out to bring you backstage*

Originally posted by laygion


*feels extremely guilty when you fall because he had joked about you messing up the flip earlier that day*

Originally posted by essentyeol


*watched you in a disheveled state as you’re carried away on a stretcher. He visits you the minute he’s allowed to and doesn’t leave your side until you assure him you’re fine*

Originally posted by vancedam


*although you had announced to the crowd you were fine and continued to dance, you were limping for most of the time and Chanyeol carefully watched you, anxious that you’d fall again*

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek


*he was already backstage by the time you arrived in your dressing room, offering to help you with anything you’d need to do so you wouldn’t hurt yourself any further*

Originally posted by missdyoo


*he’s unable to do or say anything as he watches your knocked out form be carried backstage*

Originally posted by chumyeol


*he was in the restroom when you had fallen. When he got back, he was informed of what happened to you and wordlessly walked towards the entrance for the backstage*

Originally posted by daenso


*he wasn’t allowed to check on you because his group was up next but he asked every passing crew member how you were and if you were going to be okay*

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You always do this!“ He shouts, oblivious as to why I don’t like his new girl. 

"I don’t like her! Is that such a big deal?” I yell back.

“No, but what I don’t get is why you’ve done this with every girl I’ve ever showed interest in.”

I run my hands through my hair in frustration, trying to hold back from telling him the truth, but it doesn’t work.

“You really don’t see it, do you?” I laugh, “I’ve questioned why you’ve never made a move, but now I know.”

He shakes his head, “What are you saying?”

“I have been there for you, girl after girl, sickness after sickness, without a single thought of leaving your side, and no, it’s not because that’s what best friends do, it’s because everyone around us knows I’m always going to treat you better than any other girl ever could, and I’ve been trying to prove that to you for months, almost years now, but it’s like I’m a rainbow trying to get a colorblind man’s attention.

—  E. Grin
Divorced with Kids

Niall: When you and NIall signed the papers you couldn’t believe it, your marriage got to his point where you two couldn’t stand each other, but that wasn’t the case, Niall wanted out. He wanted to feel 21 again going out, with no one to worry about to have fun. But you knew that you that wasn’t your life anymore; you had responsibilities and that was your children. The 3 of them, Iris, Nick, and Andy the youngest of the 3. It was Niall’s weekend and the kids were excited to see their father and you were happy as well, they missed their father. You pulled up to his house and helped the kids with their bags. They were all lined up as you closed the trunk, 

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natasha imagine / as requested

N: “you came for me?”

y/n: “of course, now come on!”

you both started running down the hall. you were in front holding her hand so you wouldnt lose her. The men who were chasing you started firing and one of them shot natasha in the leg. She fell the ground and you quickly moved her to cover behind the corner of the wall.

y/n: “are you alright? can you walk.”

N: “ugh.. no you have to get out of here. I’ll hold them back long enough for you to leave.”

y/n: “what? no! i didnt come all the way here to just leave you here again!”

N: “i know but this way at least one of us make it out. If you stay we both get caught.”

y/n: “im not leaving you!”

N: “you never hesitated like this with steve or or Maria or any-”

y/n: “because i dont love them the way i love you okay!”

N: “what.”

y/n: “thats right. i love you and im not going to leave you.”

you picked her up by her arm and carried her on your side. You threw a smoke bomb behind you and jumped threw the window. You then put out your wings that falcon had gave you and flew off holding natasha in your arms.

N: “hey since were being honest.. im glad you told me that because now i have the guts to do this.”

she leaned in and pressed her lips against your yours.

N: “i love you too.”

Cameron Dallas Imagine

I don’t do personals, or smut, but feel free to request :)

im having major Cameron feels lately so i decided to write a Cameron imagine :)

I apologize in advance for the fact that this story will tear your heart out of your chest.

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jeanniejewels  asked:

How about MC losing her memory of dating Ichiya, Eisuke & Mamoru from an accident? They have been dating for a year. Thanks!

Little bit of a crossover on men? I like it! Your welcome lovebug here it is!
Eisuke&Mamoru- Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
My Last First Kiss

WARNING: Minor violence (just talking about the accident)
Happy Ending

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Favorite Intimate Activity ~ With Visuals!!

Can you do a 4/4 preference with the boys’ favorite nonsexual intimate activity?

For: 2460donewithhydra

Of cooouurse :) sry if it’s bad, i haven’t written a preference in a long time, got too used to smut 


Cal - Cuddling ~ One of Calum’s all time favorite things to do was cuddle up with you. Calum was needy in the sense that he always had to be holding you in some way, shape, or form. His favorite was holding you in his lap, tightly wrapping his arms around your middle, you usually tracing the tattoos on his arm. Even when you were just lying in bed, Calum had you pulled against his chest, resting his forehead against your back, pressing kisses to your skin every now and then or writing out ‘I love you’ with his fingers on your back.

Ash - Holding Hands ~ You were in love with Ashton’s hands, they were one of your favorite things about him. Ever since the two of you had starting dating, you were always hand-in-hand with the other. Whenever you were bored, you’d find yourself mindlessly playing with his fingers or dragging your nails over the back of his hand, making him whine for you to stop even though he secretly loved your fascination with his large hands. It had become a bit of a habit and a sense of security to you both. When you went to sleep at night, you were still hand-in-hand, your fingers intertwined and resting on the pillow between the two of you, falling asleep to Ashton rubbing his thumb over your knuckles and assuring you’d he’d never let go.

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Lukey - Kissing ~ Luke constantly had his lips on you. Although he was usually more reserved when it came to affection, Luke had no problem leaving a big wet kiss to linger on your lips when no one was watching. Even when people were watching, he’d wrap an arm around you, placing a quick kiss on your forehead or cheek, pulling back to see your smiling face staring back at his. When the two of you were alone, his shyness went out the window, letting his hands wander and squeeze at random while his tongue was tangled with yours or he was nipping at your neck, leaving faint purple marks from your session.

Mikey - Holding eachother ~ Since you could easily find Michael glued to his tv playing video games or on the couch playing on his phone, you always slipped in next to him to lay on his chest. You wouldn’t ever say it out loud because of how it sounded even in your head, but you loved laying on Michael’s chest. Your favorite was when he was shirtless or at least wearing a flannel so you could push the shirt out the way and get to his bare skin. Knowing how much you enjoyed laying on him, he never said anything, he would just stroke your head or hum softly to you. Your absolute favorite time was when the two of you would go to bed, you would cuddle into Michael’s side, his arm holding your waist as he would leave a kiss on your head, you rested your head over his heart, falling asleep to the sound of the beating, Michael always saying it beated just for you. 

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Bodyguard [Michael Clifford AU]

It was a large building.The Department of Agencies. Your father was the top of the top in the “spy” world. He was always called for missions over seas but that stopped two years ago after your mother died. Today, for the first time in ever, he called (more like ordered you) to come to the Department. Dressed semi formal, like a woman. You internally scoffed as you tugged down your pencil skirt that was way too short for your liking and tightened your side braid. You thought the whole conspiracy was ridiculous. If Australia just kept to their own business and other people kept to theirs, there wouldn’t be a need for this. Huffing, you checked your watch. 3:00 p.m. You marched to the large double doors. They were freshly polished, a strong lemon odor radiating from it. You wrinkled your nose before shaking your head and closing your eyes. No outbreaks. No arguments. A woman. A strong grown woman. Puffing your chest, you pushed the doors open only to be greeted by a woman with lustrous viridescent eyes and curly flaxen colored curls. “Y/N,” She curtsied. You awkwardly stood there. “Right this way,” She said, leading you to a double marble door. You touched the door, the straight marble cold and hard. The woman pushed the door open and there you saw your father. He was looking out the window. The room was like the shape of a pentagon with a typical mahogany desk in the middle, a rug in front and a book shelf to the far right. “Ahh thank you, Eve.” Your father smiled, crinkles forming beside his cheeks. The woman flashed him a smile before stalking off, the sound of clacking heels growing distant. “Y/N,” Your father grinned. You nodded shortly before sitting down. “As you know,” He started, sitting down on the desk. “That I am the leader of this agency.” You said nothing. You hated this side of your dad. The dictating. mono, general dad. As if you were one his clients or spies or whatever. “And my worries for your protection,” His voice grew limp. You furrowed your eyebrows. “Grow stronger everyday. So to put my worries aside. I um-” He fidgeted with his tie as he leaned back in his chair. “What?” You asked. He looked at you and quickly down at his clean cut desk. “I hired a bodyguard.” He said meekly. You didn’t say anything. The air condition came on and concidentally, you began to speak. “For what?! I’m not in danger!!” You exclaim. “Not yet, which is why you’ll be living in the Underground with me from now on. Iv’e sold the house and you will continue studies all guarded and safe with Michael.” “Mich-” A boy prowled into the room. He had dyed jet black and pale skin in contrast to his plump pink lips. He glanced at you, his grey eyes scanning. If it weren’t for the situation right now, you would be drooling. You clamped your mouth shut. “This guy is in training to be an agent. How old are ya bud?” Your dad asked, slapping Michael’s back. “19.” He said. 2 year difference. “Well, you ought to start packing Y/N” Your dad sighed. You abruptly stood up, not bothering to fix your irritating short skirt. Michael smirked, scanning you up. “if you think-” You seethed at your dad. “That i’m just gonna follow your orders and live my life under a rock and become an agent or something apart of this whole conspiracy. Then you are damn wrong because-” “I see your really into debate. We’ll sign you up for mock trial.” Your dad said, writing something down. You clamped your mouth, and bit your lip so hard you drew blood. “Is that what you wanted? All your life?” Your voice cracked. Your dad didn’t look up. “Your job-” Your voice was now shaking. “Was the cause of moms death. And I am only 17 years old but i am not just going to sit there and wait for something to happen. You gave me an order, im going to give you a choice. Its my life over your job.” And with that, you strut out the room.

Y/N, its lunch now.” Eve yelled. You didn’t respond. You kicked open the door from your room and walked to the canteen. Its been several months since your dad sent you to the Underground which was literally underground. It was a sort of haven for incoming agents that were part of the organization. As promised, he signed you up for school and you’ve been getting all your lessons. As promised, he made Michael never leave your side. Which you didn’t mind. Over the past months, you developed a strong liking towards your bodyguard. It wasnt just the way he held himself, or the way he looked. It was the way he talked, the way he smiled, the way he concentrated, the way he made you laugh and feel like you werent the daughter of super important figure in a dangerous buisness throwing her life away underground. He made you feel whole. Real. Important. Not a shadow. But of course as all unrequited crushes come by, you doubt he liked you. In fact you had an assumption he fancied a fellow agent/bodyguard named Clary which you didn’t mind. Clary was pefect. Perfect height. Perfect movements. Perfect smile. Perfect laugh. Perfect everything. And you were you. No one bothered to befriend you as they all thought you were stuck up, being the daughter of the lead of the organization. But you really werent. You were just a law geek, music loving, chocoholic teenager. But they wouldn’t listen to you. Only to the rumors. You opened the white double doors to the canteen and kept your head down as you walked. Heard she shagged every boy when she was in high school. Keeps asking for her daddy to buy her a mini van. Wont stop whining. You ducked your head even farther as you picked your tray of food and sat in the far corner. Michael had his break times and you could tell he enjoyed them immensely. He didnt need to sit by you at lunch and you knew who he sat by. He had 3 close friends who were also agents here: Calum, Luke and Ashton.  You were closer to Calum out of all of them (despite Mikey being your bodyguard and all). He would always crack a joke when he saw you in the corridors and always flashed a cheeky smile at you. You gazed at Michael for a second. He threw his head back laughing at something Luke had said. You shook your head and kept your head down. You picked at your food and continued to blare music through your headphones.  Comin out from above. A little something- You gasped slightly as you saw Clary make her way to Michael’s table. He shifted aside for her to sit down, his cheeks lightly pink. Clary threw her hair back, letting out a melodic chuckle as she sat next to him. You increased the volume, shoving your mouth full of peas. Your eyes never left their table.  And it’s only because I don’t ever wanna see you in love. You looked back at your tray, aggressively eating your food. Suddenly a boy sat in front of you. He mouthed something but you furrowed your eyebrows.  But I know that you’ve been coming off strong lately- You quickly hit pause and pulled out my earphones. The boy had a light smile on his face. “I’m-I’m sorry what?” He beamed and then chuckled. “I said, ive never seen somewhat eat their peas so aggressively in the 18 years ive lived.” You flushed bright red making him laugh. He stuck out his hand. “Ben Tothers.” You smiled, shaking it lightly. “Y/N-” “I know who you are-” Your gut felt as if it slipped to the pit of your stomach. He must be here to insult you about being stuck up. “I’m in your debate class.” he quickly said as if he were reading your mind. You smiled again only then noticing how attractive he is. He had rich brown eyes that seemed like the most trustworthy eyes you’ve ever noticed, sandy hair and olive skin. “Say, you wanna head to debate early? I know your like General Mongomery’s favorite-” You coughed obnoxiously. “Am not!! She totally despises all my arguments and evidence. Its like if I say one sentence like I like soda, she would disagree.” Ben threw his head back laughing and shaking his head. “Your joking!! You may think that when you agrue but literally, her face softens and she gets all interested. She might as well be infatuated with you.” You wrinkled your nose in disgust making him laugh again. “I mean we dont have to go if you dont want to.” He said quickly. You shook your head quickly. “I’d love to come but um-” You cast a glance at Mikey’s table to find him looking at you already. He had his chin leaning on his shoulder as he looked behind, his eyes glistening with an unreadable expression. He didnt tear his gaze off you. Clary lightly touched his shoulder, He still didnt turn away. You felt your heart picking up pace and your hands sweating. Clary furrowed her eyebrows and shook Michael making him look back at her but casting a quick glance at you. You furrowed your eyebrows. What was that? Butterflies began to form in your stomach. You shook your head. He’s into Clary. You cast a bright smile at Ben. “Lets go.” 

It might’ve been 20 minutes of you and Ben fooling around with useless arguments in the classroom. Like discussion about taking panties away and having underwear replace them. You threw your head back laughing, unable to catch your breath resulting in a laugh where there was no sound. Ben was doing the same thing till you snorted. He suddenly calmed himself and you quickly did too. “Did you just-” He snickered. “Snort?” You flushed deep red making him laugh really hard and you join in. Suddenly there was a knock on the door making both of you  trying to quiet your laughter. You peered outside to find Michael against the wall, his foot pressed against the door. “Can I talk to you, Y/N?” He asked, his gaze on Ben. You looked at Ben and he furrowed his eyebrows at you making you shrug. Your palms began to sweat as butterflies began to swarm your stomach. You slouched against the wall across from him. He closed the door, leaving Ben inside. “Who was that?” He asked. You shrugged. “A friend.” You mumbled. He sneered. “Its been seven months, I called bullshit” You furrowed your eyebrows and frowned. “Excuse you,” “He seems like a boy to get in your pants.” You scoffed. “You have no right to talk about him like that,” “Aw how cute, protective about him already?” You took a step closer to Michael causing a ghost of a smirk to etch on his lips. “You would know how to make more friends if you were not such a douchebag!!” He stepped closer to you, making you back against the wall. “And you would have knowledge about this how exactly? If I don’t recall, I was legitimately the first person you talked to here.” He cocked an eyebrow, taking another step to you. One more step and you would be crushed against the wall. You could feel buzzing in your ears because of the close proximity. “Because I was forced to go here!! If you don’t recall, I had friends, love life, and oh wait an actual life.” You scoffed. “I dont see why it matters anyway because this is the first boy-friend who actually befriended me and took interest in stuff I like. Like debate. Whats it to you?” His eyes darkened and strode towards you. He grabbed your upper right arm, firmly but not tightly. He towered over you, his breath fanning your face. Internally, you were melting but surprisingly your knees weren’t giving up and you kept eye contact. His eyes looked at you back and forth as if her were trying to find something. HIs chest heaved, brushing against you. “Whats it to me? You wouldn’t know because you don’t know whats it like to train all your life and suddenly be with someone for several months and develop-” “Michael?” He let go of you and turned around to see Clary. Your heart dropped to your stomach. Never have you felt a rush of emotions in a span of 50 seconds. “We were going to head for ping pong before guarding hours start. You wanna come?” She asked. Michael and the rest of the bodyguards always had a free hour after lunch while you had debate. Michael stuttered for a second. “U-Um y-yeah. Lets go.” He quickly looked behind you, his eyes still dark. You looked away, feeling like a kicked puppy. Whatever he was going to say, you didn’t care. You didnt care anymore. From now on, you decided, that you would try to get rid of your feelings for Michael. It couldnt happen anyway. One being, why would he like someone two years younger? Two being, he could risk his job. Three being, your dad wouldnt approve.

“Y/N!” Ben burst through the door, an exasperated General Montgomery behind him. “Wha-What?!” You exclaimed. “Your father! He’s been captured by the SYCO agency.”


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Part 2