im never going to leave your side

im never gonna leave because you are my medicine when you’re close to me


here are some photos from last night!

last night was my 5th time seeing taylor at gillette. it never really hit me until she was (yet again), 5 feet away from me- how crazy it is to be able to say that this one person is the one who changed everything for me. she makes me happy, shes the reason for my past, present, and future in music. and most importantly- no matter how many times i have/and will get to see her, im never going to get over the fact that she is the most amazing performer and still blows my mind after seeing her multiple times. taylorswift thank you for being my #1. i will never leave your side. 💜

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Can everyone please just stop fighting ! It's really hurting people who aren't even involved and I know she did something bad but I'm worried that if this keeps escalating she'll do something really bad to herself ! Im not saying I'm supporting either side but I just want this to stop , it's making me want to leave the fandom out of fear , I'm becoming scared of people in this fandom, not just cus of this but a lot of things as well... I'm not having a go at you , I just wanted to tell someone

Please listen to this person right here^^^^

Everyone stop fighting, you know how much your stressing everyone out? You are hurting people you dont even know, mark would never want this.

Drop it. Stop fighting what good does it do?! JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT THE PORN THING AND IT WILL FADE, dont keep rebloging it, dont keep talking about it, just stop.

I know everything has been so trying these days. Everything is so expensive, hard, dragging, constant, and terrifying. Just never stop, okay. I love you with everything that i am. Even with the pain in the ass parts. I know lately youve been wanting to choke me out because ive been such a rollarcoaster on top of everything else going on at work and in your head. Im never going to leave your side. Idk i just love you and i want to make you happy. Even when you feel like thats impossible.

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Its 12:17 and I was thinking about how great nature documentaries are when high but I can not focus on them sober. But now I'm thinking about you cuz I am looking at your blog. Mostly wondering about your financial situation which is none of my business but like I live in the LA area too and the cost of it has been killing me lately.

Hello! Now I am wondering who you are as well because why aren’t we friends if you live in the same area? My financial situation is currently under control because my parents won’t let me leave their side in central california and are helping me with rent until im mentally stable enough to go back to LA. But normally, I struggle hard. Real real hard. Living on your own is never going to be easy. You gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.


I believe time will come that i’ll be able to understand why these things are happening right now. And i know that i am going to be thankful to this.

I just dont understand why.. after all of the things that happened its you who find it hard to get back to our relationship. I wanna know everything for me to understand.. i can feel that there is more to this that youre going through. Pls enlighten me. Im here to help because i meant what i said to you that i’ll always be at your side… but you wont let me.

But at the end of the day Im still praying that after this chaos we’re gonna find our way back and never leave each other again because we learned and realized that our love for each other are greater than our failures and differences.

Going home

Im scared bout leaving on tuesday and its going to be hard but i so want to go home.
I want to get back to being us.
You me and the kiddos.
I want to be able to do wat we want,eat wat we want,say wat we wanna say… i just want our lives back.
Today and tomorrow going to be hard but your by my side and youll never know how much that means to me.
If your anything like me you cant wait to get back home and be free to do wat we want…. ive loved having you here and i can never thank you enough… but lets go home

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And looking back at the way he talks to exo l saying he'll never leave now feels like a lie to me and i just need to release this because i really feel bad thinking this way because i love tao and i want hom to be happy but deep down inside i have to admit i really feel betrayed :( :( how do you feel I need to hear your side on this

dear, it ain’t wrong to feel that way. that happens when you expect too much from someone. and regarding him planning the album before he even left, nobody knows. but it was clear to us that he tried to stay right? he wanted to stay in exo but just like any other person, he probably got tired after trying so hard. i personally felt devastated when he left but i guess there’s nothing we can do now but support him right? if you really love him then just understand him (if he ever failed your expectations) and be happy that he’s doing well on his own. i have other friends who felt that way and if you want to talk about it even more, you can go off anon. anytime. im here. :)