im never going to get to sleep now

my god you guys have got it all wrong man, the best character in mother 3 isn’t lucas or claus or whoever the hell it’s salsa do i have to do everything myself

i cosplayed jeff (with a bazooka!) at anime expo this year, guess im gonna be lloyd for comic con on sat… i just hope my socks come in tomorrow…

I’ve been thinking about whether or not I should post this, but I figured that after two years of keeping this in my folders I might as well. There are two panels missing because I had no idea what to put there, which was one of the reasons I didn’t post it right away. Anyways, enjoy! (link to the song on youtube)

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SANA: Thank you for tonight Yousef. I hope Turkey’s awsm and that no swans eat you.

YOUSEF: Hahha. Me too man

YOUSEF: Are there even swans in Turkey?

YOUSEF: Fuck, now I’m never going to sleep

YOUSEF: i have to get up in three hours

YOUSEF: I’m just thinking about if you’re going to be with Stephen Curry this summer

YOUSEF: Please dont do that……

SANA: Hahaha

SANA: Ok I promise [heart emoji]

YOUSEF: [heart emoji]


((first: sent - second: read. this is the last part probably))


My Chemical Anx: pleass open the door

prince prat: I can’t right now. I’m a mess.

prince prat: I can hear you crying, what’s going on?

My Chemical Anx: im sl sorry for evrrything. i didnt mean ro ignkre your messages. i want to help you so badly but im iseless and i cant and im sorry

prince prat: Don’t say that, Anxiety. I’m gonna quickly refresh myself a bit and then I’ll let you in, okay?

My Chemical Anx: okay


logan!!: Roman has finally let Anxiety in. I’m going to head back to my room now.

Pat: are they okay?

logan!!: I am unsure. I think they will be, though.

Pat: that’s good! here, I’ll male breakfast for you!

logan!!: You don’t have to.

Pat: I don’t mind!!

logan!!: Well, then I’d appreciate it very much.

Pat: I’ll make you coffee as well, just the way you like it. I love you!

logan!!: Thank you. I love you as well, Pat.


Anxiety: thanks for convincing me to go to princey

mr serious: No problem. I trust that it worked out?

Anxiety: yeah im trying to get him to fall asleep now and its almost working

mr serious: That’s good. If he’s been having nightmares, make sure you’re comfortable dealing with Roman if he wakes up from one.

Anxiety: i will. the royal pain is actually quite comfortable so im gonna go get some sleep as well

mr serious: Huh?


[Why does this chat require a name?]
you’ll never know: prince has horrible bed hair

Roman: I deny that statement.

Logan: I would like to see proof of that.

patton: me too!!

Roman: Don’t encourage him!

you’ll never know: {bedhair.jpg}

patton: that’s so cute!!

Logan: Is that Anxiety’s arm around him?

you’ll never know: nope. shut up.

Roman: It is.

you’ll never know: its not my fault that you hug in your sleep

Roman: I do not!

you’ll never know: well, either way, i think we can all appreciate your not so princely sleep talking

Logan: Please elaborate.

Roman: Logic, why do you hate me?

patton: hate is a strong word! Imm sure he doesn’t!

Logan: I totally agree, with both of you.

you’ll never know: same tbh

Roman: Excuse me?!

you’ll never know: i said what i said.

[Roman has changed the chat name to “Anxiety is a backstabber”]

Bestfriends - Tate Langdon Smut

Requested: kinda ish but i kinda changed the plot bc the idea of best friend tate makes my vagina hurt (send me more requests)
Type: fluffy smut
Summary: you’ve recently moved into “Murder House” and quickly become very close with your neighbor Constance’s son, Tate. au where you’re having a sleepover with bestfriend!Tate when you accidentally make him hard and end up having hot sex with him

!!!!IMPORTANT!!!! this is predeath Tate, so he’s alive.
✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀
Moving into a new town, new house & new school seems scary, but not as scary as finding out you’re living in the acclaimed “Murder House.” The good thing that happened sine you moved in was Tate. He was your neighbor’s son, an from the moment you first saw him when you were helping yoour mom unpack the moving truck, you had to admit you had a little crush on him.

…Or, maybe not so little. Okay, so you had a huge crushon him. The first time you saw him, you guys had very awkward eye contact, before he smiled as his cheeks flushed bright red. He started walking over to you and asked if you needed help unpacking.

“Oh, that’s very sweet of you, but I’m sure you’ve got other things to do. I wouldn’t wanna bore you with this junk all afternoon.”

Tate laughed and introduced himself. “I’m Tate, I live next door.”

“Y/N,” you replied with a smile.

Tate immediatey turned towards the truck and grabbed a box with your name scrawled on the side in Sharpie. “So, Y/N, why don’t ou show me where your room is?”

The two of you had spent the day bonding over your shared music taste, and even when the unpacking was finished, you and Tate ended up having so much fun that neither of you wanted him to go.

And, lucky enough, you had a couple classes together in school. Which was great for both of you, considering that Tate didn’t have a lot of friends either (which you really didn’t understand). And now, here you were, two months later, and the two of you were inseperable. So every day the two of you would walk to school, eat lunch together, and then walk home together. And on most days, you’d go to one of your houses and do your homework together. The two of you would sit together and listen to bands like Nirvana and Blink-182 while you did your homework. Occasionally you’d even end up in a position that most people would call cuddling– sometimes just sitting with your arms wrapped around each other or laying with your head in the crook of his neck, or even spooning. But so far the two of you were just friends. And although you maybe wished it was more than that, you didn’t want to push anything.

Today, Friday, Tate met you at your locker after your last period. “Hey,” he smiled, leaning up against the wall. “Do you wanna go to mine today? My mom’s out of town with some guy this weekend.”

“Sure. Can I spend the night? My mom’s working late, and I’ll be bored without you.”

Twenty-ish minutes later, the two of you arrived at Tate’s house. You laid back on his bed while Tate put in a movie. He danced goofily on his way bak to the bed as the opening music came on, and you let out a giggle and opened your arms towards him in a “stop being an idiot and come cuddle with me” gesture.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A while later, your eyes slowly cracked open, and you turned in Tate’s bed to look at the clock. 7:30. ‘We must have fallen asleep during the movie,’ you thought. You probably weren’t going to go back to sleep soon, but you figured you may as well change into what you were going to sleep in if you weren’t going anywhere in between then. You glanced over at Tate, who was still passed oout on the bed and shrugged. He wouldn’t mind if you changed in here, rght? I mean, he is asleep after all.

You pulled one of his T-Shirts out of his dresser, and started undressing yourself. Just as you pulled off your jeans and unclasped your bra, Tate rubbed his eyes and slowly turned over.

“Oh, shit, sorry,” you said quickly, holding the T-Shirt in front of your chest. “I thought you were asleep.”

“I-I, uh, sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he stumbled with his words, but you just giggled in response.

“Don’t worry about it.” You turned to face the wall, and pulled the shirt over your head. It went down to about mid-thigh on you,so you skipped pants. You walked back over to your side of the bed, and climbed under the covers. “Spoon me.”

“Um…” he looked nervous, but you weren’t sure why. You’d had sleepoers before, and you usally slept in jut one of his shirts if you were at his house. Plus the two of you cuddled all the time, so you weren’t sure what the problem was. “Uh, o-okay.”

You turned away from him, and he put his arms around your waist but didn’t let his body touch your backside. You frowned, and scooted back until your back was flush against his chest. “Oh my god, wait, do you have a boner?”

You turned around so you were facing him, laughing a little bit. “Stop laughing Y/N, it’s embarassing. Besides it’s not my fault the girl I have crush on decided to get almost naked right in front of me.”

You cuddled in closer to him and put your arm around his waist. “Just shut up and kiss me already.” You whispered. Tate slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to yours softly. His hands tangled into your hair and a few minutes later, the two of you were having a full out makeout session. You straddled him, careful not to break the kiss, and noticed his boner was even more prominent now. “Do you wanna… you know?”Tate bit his lip. “I do, b-but only if you want to. I haven’t really, um, done this before.”“Me neither,” You responded shyly, “but there’s no one else I’d rather be with for my first time.”

“Me too.” Tate smiled, letting one hand rest on your hip and the other one push a strand of hair behind your ear. You pulled your (well, his) shirt over your head, and you could feel your cheeks flushing. Even though he’d seen your bare chest just a little bit earlier, it was only for a second, and no one else had ever seen you like this before.

One corner of his mouth lifted up in a smile, “You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” You leaned down to kiss him in response, tugging at the bottom of his shirt as a hint that he should undress too. He gingerly lifted you of of him and placed you gently on the bed. He stood up to undress, so you slid your panties off and tossd them with the rest of your clothes.“Oh, wait,” Tate mumbled, reaching into his nightstand for a condom.

“What, you expected this to happen?” you aske with a laugh.

His face flushed and you could tell he was embarassed as he answered, “Well, no, I-I just have the ones they give you at school… You know, just in case.”Once Tate was sully naked and had the condom on, he climbed on top of you, careful not to hurt you, and lined himself up with your entrance. “Are you sure you still want to, baby?”“Yes, I’m completely sure.” You assured him, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist.

Tate planted a kiss on the tip of your nose, and then started pushing into you. “You doing alright?”“Mhm,” you replied. You’d expected it to hurt more, but it was just kind of uncomfortable at first. “You can start moving.”

Tate started slowly, scattering kisses all over your collarbones and breats as he went. You could tell Tate was holding back so as not to hurt you, so you let out a quiet moan to encourage him. His eyes widened a bit and he bit his lip as he started to quicken his pace. You could feel a buzzing feeling start in the pit of your stomach, and you bit your lip to try and keep quiet.Tate must have noticed, because he mumbled, “Don’t hold it in, baby. I wanna hear all your pretty sounds.” 

Feeling your orgasm close, you reached down to your clit, and let out a loud groan. Tate started going harder and faster, noticing you were close, and you . “Cum for me, princess.” Soon after, Tate moaedn against your chest as he released into the condom. The feeling made your nails scratch down his back and your toes curl as you came right after.

The two of you laid there together for a few minutes, sweating and panting, and not sure what to do next. He rolled off of you, pulled the cover over both of you, and wrapped his arms around you. Tate turned onto his side and rested his head on his hand. “You feel alright?”

You smiled and tunred to fac him. Never been better.”“Good.” he responded. You cuddled into his chest, breathing in his scent, and closed your eyes.

“I… I, um…” you barely heard Tate say. You looked up at him, confused. “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too, Tate.” you smiled. “Now go to sleep, we gotta get up bright and early for a round two.”

hi guys !! im not sure if this is quite what you wanted but im not v good at wrting fluffy smut bc im a kinky little shit lmaooo anyway i hope this was ok!! and guess wHAT! IM FINISHING UP PART 4 OF KIDNAPPED RIGHT AFTER THIS, ITS TAKEN 6 MONTHS TO GET AROUND TO IT LMAO BUT ITLL BE POSTED TONIGHT! (if u wanna know when its posted u can turn my notifs on or shoot me a message and ill message u when i post it!!!) xx -l


I spent till 2am finishing this I’m so tired lol. BUT HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 2017 EVERYONE!! (or as Romancedy would say – Happy Hearts and Hooves day! ) 

I know its not the best editing but i’ll keep getting better! For now enjoy some Miss Romancedy lovin!

But sincerely love you guys, hope your day is fluffy be it with friends, family or your special someone :3c ! 

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Garlic Bread AU??

Okay so. It’s not as interesting as it sounds.

Basically, I was chatting with @radioactiveshits (Dri) months ago in the voltronofcolor discord chat, and I was saying how sad it’d be if I became a vampire and couldn’t eat garlic bread any more because it’s delicious.

Then things got out of hand.

Dri: imagine lance waking up from a nightmare where he became a vampire and couldnt eat garlic bread and woke up in a cold sweat
“keith listen i couldnt eat ANY garlic bread like not even microwaveable ones”
“lance its 2AM PLEASE”

“u rite”
then he hangs up and goes to call hunk
and keith can’t go back to bed and he wants to punch lance
starts craving garlic bread
“w h y”

Dri: keith lays there seething with rage until the sun breaks out bc he cant go back to sleep and wants garlic bread but doesnt want to get up

Me: texts shiro to buy him garlic bread

Dri: “keith its 5 am why are you awake”
lance looking at keith: now imagine NEVER being able to experience this


And then… we did The Thing that etched garlic bread au into our minds forever…

Me: pidge: /puts peanut butter on garlic bread
everyone else: /screaming in horror
pidge: /stares everyone down while chewing peanutbutter garlic bread sandwich monstrosity
lance: /starts crying

Dri: pidge: lance can you do me a favor
lance: ask keith if he can do it
pidge: if you dont do it i’ll eat my peanut butter and garlic bread infront of you

Me: lance: haha did i say keith i meant me yes what is it

Dri: pidge: (:

Anyways. That’s the ‘garlic bread au’. Which will probably end up as part of my HvZ au since I have Dri’s blessing lmao.


Theirs was the love that was meant to be, but wasn’t meant to last.

Description: Lorna Morello is scared of thunderstorms, and a certain ex-junkie has become her only way of sleeping through them. Set vaguely in season 4.
Pairing: Nicky Nichols x Lorna Morello
Requester: no one

If there was one thing that freaked Lorna out (besides the constant feeling of impending doom that never wanted to leave her), it was thunderstorms. She knew it was irrational - the chances of getting hit by lightning was slim to none when she was outside, let alone indoors, but that didn’t leave her any less freaked out every time thunder rumbled in the distance, seemingly getting closer and closer with every round. It wasn’t a new issue - in fact, she’d lived with this since she was small and thunder first crashed around her. 

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  • me, standing at the head of a long table, around which several men in nice suits are sitting: alright boys i feel like shit anyone got any ideas for what to do
  • suit man 1: well, some of us were thinking you could kill yourself.
  • me: interesting concept.... no, that won't do... it would make my friends sad, not to mention we forgot my crippling fear of the void that awaits us all once we die. new idea, boys.
  • suit guy 2: you could try self harming maybe? that's just like suicide lite isn't it?
  • me, pulling out a pen and a notepad: ooh, im jotting that down right now, we'll save that idea and come back to it later. i'm thinking scratching myself til i bleed and punching a few walls maybe.. let's keep this flow going, guys, c'mon!
  • suit guy 3: you could get up and run away into the night, never to be seen again.
  • me, tapping my chin with a pencil: very tempting, very compelling, but it's cold out and i'm a bitch. i'd probably get tired at the end of the street.
  • suit guy 3: well then maybe instead you could try passing out in an attempt to sleep all your problems away?
  • me, pointing my pen at him: now THAT'S what i'm talking about! great work, i knew i could count on you!
  • suit guy 1: okay, hear me out... now i know you said you weren't going to kill yourself but what about instead you just get hit by a truck or something. accidentally.
  • me, rubbing my temples: no, that doesn't solve any of the previous problems with suicide... plus i don't think i can make myself accidentally get hit by a truck.... that kinda cancels out the accidental thing..... any better ideas?
  • suit guy 4: you could try taking responsibility for once and actually attempting to deal with your emotions in a healthy, positive way
  • me: HA! wow, serious suggestions only, man. good one though. anyone else?
  • suit guy 5: you could shut up forever
  • suit guy 6: you could punch a mirror
  • suit guy 7: you could rip out your hair
  • suit guy 8: you could die
  • suit guy 9: you could die
  • suit guy 10: you could die
  • me, sighing deeply: ... guys..... we've been over this

since the endless void of the summer holiday is upon us & im already bored i though id have a go at some archive moodboards ive never actually done these before so this could be interesting and ive been wanting to do something nice for my followers so anyway to enter

> mbf me
> reblog this
> send me an ask with a prompt this can be literally anything within reason the weirder the better (a song, a book, a colour, a vague nebulous concept etc…)
> works best if u reblog/post SOME aesthetic stuff but u don’t need to be an aesthetic blog to enter

i don’t know if ill do all of them depends on how many i get but ill try & do as many as possible

anyway thank u to everyone who’s following me i love u all & hope good things come ur way ♡

Let Me Go

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angsty af

Description: You’d always known Jungkook was bad for you, but you can’t bring yourself to let him go.

A/N- This contains unhealthy relationship type stuff so if you don’t like that don’t read x

“Let me in y/n!” Jungkook yelled as his hands continued to bang on the door loudly, the door shook under the sheer power of his fists.

“No” you screamed as you held back your sobs, desperate not to let him hear you cry. While he never seemed to care about anything, Jungkook had always been able to hurt you so easily, he was in complete control of your heart and he was always so careless with it. He treated you like trash then insisted he would change. It was always like this.

So of course, walking in to find Jungkook with another woman was not a scene unfamiliar to your eyes. But this time it was different, because just the night before he’d promised he’d become a  better person, he’d promised he’d stay faithful to you because he loved you so much. You should have known every word of it was a lie.

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Today’s the day! Now or never.
My Xanax helped me sleep pretty good and this morning I’m trying to take it easy.

Im going to get up and start getting ready for work (I go in later today). I’m going to eat breakfast here at home and go over my curriculum for the day. I don’t want to rehearse what I’m going to say just want to make sure I hit my points. Ah.

First time uploading my own style on this account warning for style.

  Just want to say that thank you so much for the support I’ve just came back from LIFE.COM and it is really relaxing to be able to work here again(so much I’ve recently kinda put away my other ask blog oops…)

  Please understand that I don’t hate you if your answer isn’t immediately answeredˊˋ Mun’s not that good at quick draws and I’m slowly getting to it. I don’t skip questions or delete them unless I am offended and I will make sure to speak up about it too so no worries guys! (Also my tendency is never to close inbox so also no worries on that regard) 

  Now I’m going to head to bed, the inbox symbol makes me so excited to wake up every day… thank you guys.

  Have a nice day, nighty for people who are also sleeping ^^

Flirtatious Sister - Derek Luh Imagine (Feat. John Swift)


Hey gurl hey,can you do another Derek imagine but where Swazz is your big brother? 💖💖





I was walking around in my black under armor spandex with a oversized t-shirt, that was my older brothers. My older bother an I have a pretty good relationship, he is super over protective of me like most older brothers are. My first boyfriend cheated on me and John beat the shit out of him. He left him with a broken collar bone and one hell of a black eye. 

I was excited because my brother was having his friends over and I love to flirt with Derek. Call me a tease but it sends tingles through my spine when I can see how much of an effect I have on the boys. Ive started with just innocent flirting with Derek and he does it back. I choose Derek as prey because he thinks he can flirt with girls, sleep with them and leave them. If he thinks he can do that with me he has another thing coming. 

Since Im a natural flirt this will be easy getting revenge on Derek. And when I say revenge I mean it. He slept with one of my best friends last year then never called her back and left her wondering what she did wrong. Now I’m going to leave him like that.

I skip down the stairs invited by the smell of weed, I prance into the living room and sit down on Derek’s lap. 

“Find another seat Y/N.” John says through gritted teeth. 

“Im perfectly fine here.” I say moving around in Derek’s lap causing him to let a low groan out. 

“Yeah, she’s fine here.” Derek says gripping my waist tighter. 

“Whatever.” John says rolling his eyes probably too high out of his mind to care.

I turned around so I was facing Derek and took the blunt from his lips inhaling the smoke then pressing my lips to his exhaling the smoke into his mouth. I lean back to pull away from his lips but he grabs my face holding my face to his. He blows the smoke out the corner of his mouth when he opens it and slides his tongue into my mouth before I feel my self being pulled off of Derek. 

“I need to talk to you.” John says holding me by my waist, my feet not touching the ground. 

He drags me into the kitchen and sets me on the ground. Crossing his arms and staring at me with an angry expression. 

“What the hell are you doing kissing one of my friends?” He asks staring at my smirking expression. 

“I’m just teaching him a lesson.” I say crossing my arms as well my smirk growing bigger. 

“I dont know what game you are playing but you need to be careful. If he hurts you I’m going to beat his ass.” John says his expression becoming harder. 

“And what if I hurt him?” I shot back an evil grin growing across my face.

“Y/N. Please be careful.” John says shaking his head back and forth in a disapproving notion. 

“I always am.” I say brushing past him.

“I don’t even want to know.” John says causing me to laugh. 

I walk back into the living room swaying my hips and I sit next to Nate, this time I’m trying to get Derek to be jealous. I place my hand on Nate’s chest slow stroking up and down his torso. 

Nate leans over to me and whispers in my ear, “If you trying to get Derek jealous thats not going to do it, let me show you how its done.” 

Nate places his hand on the inside of my thigh moving it up and down ever so slowly. I make eye contact with Derek who has a tight scowl on his face. I smirk to my self but he can’t see the slight curve since we are currently sitting in a dark room clouded over by smoke. 

Derek grumbles from across the room and I turn to Nate andean my head in his shoulder playing with his long slightly curly hair. I look back to where Derek was originally sitting but I see an empty spot. 

“Im gonna go to the the bathroom.” I whisper to Nate and he just smirks. 

I shake my head and start walking down the hallway. I was about to turn into the guest bedroom when I felt an arm wrap around my waist and yank me into my own. I squeal out since I was quite surprised by the sudden action. 

Derek throws me on the bed and immediately climbs on top of me. He attaches his lips back to mine and moves quickly. 

“I want you so bad.” Derek whispers in my ear. 

“I know, but you can’t have me.” I say pushing him off of me and grabbing my shirt that some how he managed to get off of me. 

He lays on the bed dumbfounded. Then stands up abruptly and runs over to me forcing me against the wall. “Oh don’t you worry, I always get what I want and I want you.” 


Ayeeeeeee back on the imagine wagon, another one shall be up tonight!

See you later my arty people 


soo ok I’ve been tellin myself im gonna start eating less to loose weight right? but I’ve never actually done it and I’ve been getting angry at myself b/c of eating

but now I have a stomach virus that makes me throw up congealed blood and everything that I eat and I can’t go to sleep at night and it hurts to move

so now the only thing I can eat is crackers and juice

*griffin mcelroy voice* funny how life works out some times yeh ?

Tour - A JB imagine for my fav

Sorry I was thinking all day!!!! Hm how about an imagine where I don’t want Justin to go on tour because I’m not used to him leaving me and idk you can make up the rest IM BAD AT MAKING STUFF UP THAYS WHY I DONT MAKE THESE THINGS AHHHH


Ilysm btw :))


requests are ALWAYS open !!!


Originally posted by beautifullguys

“You’re going on tour?” I ask , totally not expecting those words to leave his mouth.

“Yeah babe, I just found out today” He replies , pulling me closer to him

“For how long?” I asks , mind blown at the conversation .

“Maybe three months? I don’t know , its all for promoting the album” He states and my mouth drops .

“Three months? When do you leave?” I say , trying to remain calm .

“Next week?” He says , and I turn to face him .

“Youre joking right? This is some sick joke youre pulling” I accuse , and he shakes his head sadly .

“Im sorry baby. The album comes out soon , we need sales” He tries to explain , but I don’t hear anything expect for next week . One week .

“So , youre leaving next week for three months?” I clarify , hoping my ears were deceiving me .

“Will I even get to see you?” I ask after he nods his head .

“Ill fly you out to visit. Id even let you come with me but youre in the middle of term exams and I don’t want you having to drop any classes for me” He says , and I sit up , holding the sheets to my chest.

“That’s my decision Justin. I want to go with you” I say , pleading .

“I know youre saying that now , but I also know how important school is to you. Youll regret it” He says , and I groan , knowing hes right .

“Weve never been apart for that long” I say softly , my voice shaking .

“I know, I don’t want you getting upset though okay?” He says and I shake my head at him .

“How do you expect me not to get upset? Im going to be alone. You know how scared I am of being by myself . And im going to miss being near you , sleeping with you , snuggling against you. “ I mumble , resting my head on his chest , his heartbeat drumming in my ear.

“I know baby , but we’ll figure something out . You can stay at Kendalls house maybe? And well call and video chat every night . Itll be like I never left” He tries to reassure me , and I sigh .

“Yeah except I wont be able to physically touch you” I say , my fingers trailing up and down his chest and stomach , before intertwining our fingers .

“This sucks” I add , and he chuckles .

“Trust me , im going to miss being with you too.” He admits , and I smile slightly .

“I don’t want you to feel sad about this Justin . This is good news . I was just caught off guard I guess” I say , realizing how selfish im being .

“I am excited , I just wish you could experience it with me” He says , and I nod in agreement .

“And Im not too happy about not being able to have you whenever I want” He adds and I gasp , slapping his arm .

“What a perv!” I tease , and he laughs .

“Just teasiiiin. Or am i?” He says and I roll my eyes .

“Youre such a guy”