im never coming home

My Fire Emblem Heroes Team! ★★★★★
I put Roy as my leader because I’m an asshole to people in Arena


iwadai week - day 7: home

reincarnation au (avalanche by walk the moon)



朔間 凛月 ☆ 瀬名 泉

you know in interstellar when they reach a planet with so much gravity or whatever that time moves slower relative to time on earth? so when they come back to earth everyone they knew is either dead or really old????

imagine that but in voltron with the paladins and their families………

i wish their were like sensory sensitive scary houses. like ones without flashing lights or loud noises. just like. cool designs and stuff you can touch thats all haunted house themed without the lights/noises/etc. even actors in costume that are spooky but dont rely on jump scares? and you could ask them about what its like to be the creature they are (ghost/demon/etc). the only time ive ever been in a haunted house was for a report for my journalism class in highschool and when i went i had to go before they opened, asked them to turn on the lights and the sounds off and no actors and i had to walk through it with my father. it was nice but i only got to experience the decorations and not a cool immersive experience. i wanna experience the spookiness without having a meltdown. idk i just feel jealous that all my friends get to go haunted homes/haunted corn mazes. it makes me feel like a stupid little kid and i hate it


go to her | part two

part one

luke + reader
word count: 1171

writing masterlist / request/ask/feedback

summary: (inspired by the aria x ezra x nicole scene in pretty little liars) luke’s ex calls him and you answer and delete the call after so he doesn’t know but something happens to her and he blames you.


he took it from you, eyebrow raised questioningly.

“it’s a plane ticket. and the hospital information. i called down about the room number but they wouldn’t give it to me because i’m not family but i’m sure you can ask her parents about it when you’re there.”

luke’s mouth opened slightly in shock and he pulled out the papers from the envelope before looking back at you. “i don’t-” you cut him off before he could protest.

“go to her, lu. i know it’s driving you crazy not being there for her.” you took a deep breath, willing any emotion away from your next words. “you love her.”

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