im moving to california

ok but real quick,,

imagine eddie surviving losing his arm and coming out of the sewers with one only one arm and it’s broken. richie would 100% be like “now you’re never leaving my sight, hell fucking NO you scared the shit out of me and now i’m your personal caretaker.” and eddie’s just like… ya know i almost died and i haven’t even lived a life with someone i actually care about so… yea im going to move to california with richie. and for the first few months richie is having to do EVERYTHING for eddie because he literally doesn’t have arms but richie is sO okay with that?? he’s just so glad eddie didn’t die that he gladly drops everything he’s doing to get cereal off the top shelf for eddie. and when he goes shopping he carries all of eddie’s bags without complaining once. of course, eddie absolutely hates it because he can’t do shit for himself, so when his cast is taken off he immediately starts learning how to do everything he used to one handed. richie even helps eddie learn how to do stuff one handed, and resists the urge to crack jokes about it because he knows it’s a sensitive topic and one day after eddie has been trying to make his bed for hours he just turns to richie and says “you’ve been so patient with me it’s… unlike you.” and richie just shrugs and says “guess i realized how much i took your presence for granted, i’d rather be doing a bunch of shit for you then doing nothing at all.” and eddie just 💓💗💘💖💟💘🌸💕💝

job update.
so a week ago I sent in my materials to apply to that game writing job and yesterday was the week mark so I sent a lil email just asking about the status. got a response today that wasn’t a no or a yes, just that they’re still going through the applicants cause there was a lot apparently. s o *crosses fingers* here’s hoping

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URGENT so im moving to california from missouri for college and im rly excited!! but i just bought two packers and a harness and want to take them with me but idk how to do that without my parents seeing. rn im hiding them under my bed but do you have any tips on getting them past my parents? theyre moving me in and out and im flying so its not like i can just stuff them in a bag. i just got them and spent a shit ton on them so i cant afford to throw them away either idk???? help???

Ryn says:

Okay so can you hide them within clothing or something else as you’re packing? Something that will go into a checked bag rather than your carry-on. Although there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t take them in a carry-on. Anything you could like hide them inside amongst other things as you’re packing that will either not be packed or unpacked in front of your parents or will be stowed as-is for unpacking or use at a future point. Inside a spare pillowcase or set of sheets? Inside socks? Or the harness if it’s possible to fold like fold it and put it in a poster tube with posters if you’re bringing those? Be creative! Best of luck moving! The first few weeks of college are a blast.

Kii says: I use a small bag to pack underwear when I travel, so maybe you could do that and stick them in there? Or possibly in a box of menstrual products or a shoe?

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And why is my favorite lesbian going?

im moving there bc it’s expensive as fuck to live in california and my mom wants to save some money and stuff so we can move back into a better place in cali later

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its popping up in different countries, New Zealand now has it!

so maybe it is hitting the timezones in the far east and moving backwards. if this is true then australia and more asian countries should see it next and just move west across the globe eventually. im in california soooo basically im last except for alaska and hawaii haha fantastic. 

hey all, me and patch are making a youtube channel! we’re going to be posting let’s plays, podcasts and maybe some drawing videos, nothing is up yet and won’t be for a little while because im moving back to california, but we should have something finished in a couple of months. 

for now we can only capture pc games, if you have any game suggestions go ahead and share them with us! 

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post ten facts about yourself and send it on to ten of your faves!! 💘🌸

ahhh thank u so much!! 🤧💞

1. i fucking love strawberries! i want some rn!
2. i would die for red velvet
3. i used to play volleyball but i quit in 10th grade and i kinda miss it sometimes
4. my favorite color is pink 💘🌸💕 (can u even believe it)
5. kinda tmi but i HATE sleeping with a shirt on, it’s near impossible for me at this point
6. my family is weirdly obsessed with hydroflasks?? i alone have two bottles and one cup and i rlly considered changing my url to hydroflasks
7. english and history are rlly tough subjects for me but im great at math!
8. i want to move to california in a year or two
9. i have a real bad phobia of snakes, like i can’t even look at a picture of one, but im cool wit most spiders
10. my left pinky toe has been broken for years and never healed correctly and it pops out and it’s pretty fuckin gross

honestly when we moved back from california i thought to myself ‘im never going back lmao fuck that place’ and now i have him and half the time its where i wanna be

alright so,

Im in a coffee shop right now, using this free wifi (which is so sick) and i just need to write, idk why… I’m not even good at it but its therapeutic to me so im doing it. Ive been living in california for almost 3 months now and im not dead..yet. I dont own a pair of shoes. my friend imiko let me use her blue ones, shes so nice. and i live out of my friends car, he went to indo so he just let me use his…umm ya what else hmmm i ate spam for dinner last night..i lost my credit card, i dont own a surfboard…i slept under a tree today and right now at this coffee shop I’m telling this lady about my life, she wont stop laughing. i told her i lost my medication and that i dont even know whos underwear im wearing.. they kinda look like shorts though so basically everyone in this coffee shop doesnt know that i am wearing only my underwear here besides this lady.  btw i am not on drugs, everyone thinks i am. i asked her if shes married and she said yes. i told her i want to be married and i told her that i need a husband to help me. she started laughing again and said “i dont think a man makes things easier” so i decided im going to save up my $ and backpack all through south asia next year. oh and im moving to fiji this winter. yew!!!! but im still california…homeless….so if u have a car, and a extra credit card and a house…holler at yo gurl 

Nice to meet you - Nate maloley series (part 1)

I just used a name in place for you because I didn’t want to keep writing y/n because sometimes I forget so I hope you still enjoy! 😩

Hey I’m Charlotte, im originally from California but my mother wanted to move to omaha for a job offer. I didn’t really mind the move because I was tired of California but what’s bothering me is that I had to leave all my friends, and let go of my position as president of asb. That really sucked because I was starting to become social again but now having making new friends in a whole new state isn’t going to be easy for me.

“Charrlote lets go! you’re going to be late for your first day!” my mother yelled.

“Coming!” I yelled back.

My mom and I drove to my school, she dropped my off and I made my way around campus looking for my classes. 1st bell rang and I had Chem first, I went to class and my teacher sat me in the back by myself, well I thought by myself, but then these four boys walked in

“Maloley, Gilinsky, Johnson & Wilkinson why are you all late?”

“Sorry Ms.D, it’s Friday” the one named Gilinsky said then they all laughed

“Yeah yeah yeah take your seats.”

The one who had the last name Gilinsky sat in the front, The other one wilkinson sat behind him, Johnson sat two seats Infront of me and The one with the last name maloley sat next to me.

“Hey” he said

“Hello” I replied

“how come I’ve never seen you before?” he asked confused

“I’m new I just came from California”

“What’s your name?” he asked


“Nice to meet you Charlotte, im Nate, Nate Maloley”

“Nice to meet you.” i replied

“can I see your schedule?”

I gave him my schedule and he looked at it for a couple minutes

“We have 1st, 3rd and 6th together”

“haha nice” I said

“why don’t you meet me here after 4th and I can show you around?”

“yeah sure”

“alright sounds good”

the period when on and you noticed he kept glancing at you and you tried to not make it seem like you noticed.

but then you turned to look at him and he smiled and you smiled, you felt butterflies but you tried not to think anything of it.

**skip to 4th**

the bell rang and before I was outside the room nate was already standing there waiting.

“Hey Charlotte”

“Hey nate”

“Shall we get going” he suggested

you nodded your head then followed.

it was quiet for a little but then you guys started started to get comfortable and you both opened up a lot.

“Hey Charlotte I know we just met and everything but since it friday would you like to hang out tonight, you know just like me and you maybe dinner or a movie or something?”

“Yeah sure, what time?” i asked

“how does 8:30 sound?” he replied

“sounds great” I said

“want my number so I can text you the details?” he said

“haha nate if you want my number just ask”

“sorry I didn’t want to seem to pushy or awkward”

“no your fine here you go” you chuckled

you hugged him then walked away, you felt super excited for tonight but you tried not to get to head over heels for him. You barely just met.

HEY GUYS THAT WAS PART ONE OF THE SERIES HOW DO YOU LIKE IT SO FAR??????? 😁😁😁😁 let me know so I know whether to finish the series??? 👌👌👌😁😁😊