im motherly over it


((AU where Kanaya does hunt down troll zombies every day, and once everyone had finally gotten used to Aradia’s death, guess who shows up in the legion of the undead?))

((protip dont drag that last one))

You’ve heard of Aomine x Kise, now get ready for

Aomine x Kimura Ryouhei’s five-Kise harem The emotion representatives of Kise’s inner turmoil ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Aominecchi, honey, what on earth is this philandering behind my back?”

Im still not over how motherly Hinata and Sakura look in chapter 700. I mean

Now they are all grown up and beautiful and taking care of their little babies. Can’t get over this, they are beautiful mothers and nurturers and I just… Its so cool guys!! Im so happy for them!