im missing you


I know this may be annoying old news to you, and it may seem pointless to bring up now, but it still holds a lot of space in my heart.

On November 14th of this year leelah alcorn would have been 19 years old.

Many people have forgotten, moved on. A lot of people see no point in holding her so close but I refuse to let go of her name. I refuse to forget until this battle has settled. Until i as a trans man don’t feel i have to tread so lightly just to avoid getting hurt for being myself.

She wouldn’t have wanted her death to be left behind, as she said herself; she wanted it to mean something.

To me it does. To me it will as long as I’m alive. And i hope it does to others out there too.

Maybe ill draw her, maybe something else but i will be dedicating November 15th to leelah because she has been always in my heart and in my mind for the past two years and i want to embrace that.

i miss you so fucking much i miss talking to you i miss being the one you held im sorry i miss you i hate that we ended up this way and im so sorry that every time you glance over at me there’s tears streaming down my cheeks. this is not the way i wanted you to see me, this is now how i wanted us to end up.
—  i just can’t hold myself together anymore, im falling apart.

imagine your otp ft. preath, krashlyn and… who? kellex? no i’ve never heard of them *sweats nervously*

Nothing else shines quite like she does, in the way she does.
—  Nicole Torres // she’s a firework