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Hamilton Songs Badly Explained

Alexander Hamilton- “This kid (the main character) is a poor genius orphan.

Aaron Burr, Sir- “these best friends are polar opposites and kind of hate each other”

My Shot- “the new kid is about to save all our asses”

The Story of Tonight- “shit is about to go down for freedom we should remember this”

The Schuyler Sisters- “rich is fascinated by poor, three sisters break the rules and get hit on”

Farmer Refuted- “we are mad and want blood”

You’ll Be Back- “i am going to manipulate the living shit out of you to get what I want”

Right Hand Man- “we are not doing good, get the new kid NOW”

A Winter’s Ball- “horny men go sex hunting”

Helpless- “we’ve known each other for three weeks, let’s get married”

Satisfied- “i should have married my sister’s husband”

The Story of Tonight (Reprise)- “we’re single and sad”

Wait For It- “life’s a bitch and so is hamilton”

Stay Alive- “i’m supposed to take orders from THIS asshole?”

Ten Duel Commandments- “well this is foreshadowing”

Meet Me Inside- “oh shit”

That Would be Enough- “im pregnant so don’t die”

Guns and Ships- “America depends on 2 immigrants”

History has It’s Eyes on You- “what the fuck do you mean im important?”

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)- “wait that’s it?”

What Comes Next?- “entire country is confused about running a country, begins suffering”

Dear Theodorsia- “awwwww this isn’t gonna last long is it”

Non-Stop- “dear lord man, GO TO SLEEP”

What I’d Miss- “you missed a goddamn motherfucking war you ass”

Cabinet Battle #1- “DAAAAMMMMNNNNN”

Take a Break- “the ‘Listen to Your Wife’ song

Say No To This- “okay i know this looks bad… and it is i feel Regret i’m so sorry”

The Room Where It Happens- “shady shit”

Schuyler Defeated- “goddamn it burr”

Cabinet Battle #2- “men argue about helping people they’re in debt to”

Washington On Your Side- “leading politician loses upper hand and becomes hated”

One Last Time- “jk guys I don’t want to do this”

I Know Him- “the dude that talked to me a long ass time ago is my boss”

The Adams Administration- “bye Felicia”

We Know- “how to blackmail a politician”

Hurricane- “man says goodbye to his career, is sad”

The Reynolds Pamphlet- “never gon’ be president now”

Burn- “you done fucked up”

Blow Us All Away- “if you’re going to duel, duel responsibly”

Stay Alive (Reprise)- well, that went terribly and now i’m lowkey crying

It’s Quiet Uptown- “man mourns son, Emotions commence”

The Election of 1800- “popular politician indirectly dictates the next president”

Your Obedient Servant- “morals get in the way of life”

Best of Wives and Best of Women- “couple has an ordinary conversation in early morning”

The World Was Wide Enough- “this started out so upbeat what the fuck happened?”

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story- *uncontrollable sobbing*

Which one?

Sorry this is kinda late. Finals are coming up and im kinda stressed. Ill try to get more fics out soon. promise. So this was a request. I hope you like it. 

 "Um miss? Your Bag is uh moving" Your head snapped up and quickly grabbed your bag. “Oh um thanks must have been the wind” Before the lady could say anything you scurry off to the bathroom. 

Opening my case you begin to scold my little niffler. “Newt. You can not be doing this. We’ll be in New York shortly. Please stay calm Newty” You found newt In a forest next to a river. he was injured and starving. You took him in and nursed him back to health. Now hes your traveling companion. He may be quiet a pain but you love him. Walking back out to the deck of the ship you take a quick peak inside your case. 

Newt was gone! little bugger. You run around the ship searching for him. You see him sneaking up on a young man with a case similar to yours. The man spots him and grabs him. 

 "NEWT!“ The niffler and the man look to you. "Im sorry but are you talking to me Miss” the man spoke up “Of course not im talking to my niffler” “Well um This is a very fine niffler. He seems to listen to you very well” “It doesnt stop him from escaping” The two of you laugh and begin to talk more about magical beasts. 

 "Well it was great meeting you mr…?“ "Scamander, Newt Scamander” “Oh so thats why you turned. oh my i feel so foolish now” “Its quite alright miss…” “L/n, Y/N L/N” Both of you smile at eachother before heading to customs. Which turned out to be quite a problem but you both made it through fine. Before you start to walk away Newt grabbed your shoulder “Um Y/N would you maybe like to come with me? I mean i know we just met but i have loads of other animals i would love to show you” Youre quite shocked as you had only just met Mr. Scamander but you find yourself saying yes anyway. 

 The two of you grow closer the more you two talk. Newt begins to admire your interest in his creatures as in school, he was deemed the freak. You were completley amazed at his knowledge of magical beasts and wanted to learn more. 

 "Newt, can i ask you a question?“ 

"yes y/n”

“Can i be your apprentice?" 

 His eyes go wide and he stammers, telling you it could be dangerous but ultimately agreeing. "YAY! thanks Newty!” You hug him not realizing what you just said and did. You quickly let go as he begins to turn a shade of red. “s-sorry Newt. Newty is what i call my Niffler and sorry” you look down in complete embarrassment. 

 "Its quite alright Y/N, i like that name" Newt teaches you a great deal about his creatures and soon enough you almost became smarter than newt. Almost. There was only one problem. You had began to fancy newt. He was quiet, awkward, and he loves animals. He was awkwardly charming and it made you feel all fluttery inside. Like a swarm of billywigs were flying in your stomach. You finally decided to tell him. 

it was getting harder to keep your feelings to yourself. You find him caring for the nifflers. Both of your guys nifflers got along great. “Newt, theres something i have to say…I really really like you” There’s silence that broke your heart. 

 "um y/n, Who are you talking to you?“ You look up and see a niffler and a lanky British boy staring at you confused. "You, human newt” “Oh that makes my much happier, because, i think i love you too” You run up to him and give him a hug 

“Maybe i should just call you newty, or newt salamander to make it easier to tell you apart” he chuckles lightly “Okay, what ever makes you happy y/n” If yall have any request hit up me ask box. 

if you want ill start doing ships too. because i ship everything ever created ever. no joke 





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6. - Feel Bad About It; Can't Live my Life Without It.


Today was not a good day. 8am, wearing nothing but a pale pink leotard, my pink pointe shoes, bun slicked back tight and my motivation no where in sight. My feet hurt from working the night before, my back hurt from all the standing I had been doing and I didnt have an ounce of energy.

Ballerinas of all types of perfection stood around me as we all stretched and prepared for the first lesson of the term. My gaze roamed each and every single one, eyeing out their figure, posture, form, hair and every last thing you could think of.

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So as you can see I’m doing another follow forever!! This is for me hitting 2k, 1k, and 2.2k And since i hit three milestones this one will be longer and totally different from my other ones. So lets go :)

For 2k I will be listing everyone i follow

For 2.1k I will be highlighting my faves and mutuals

For 2.2k I will be giving a description for a few of my friends

Mutuals - Italicized
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All 3 of those things will be my friends.


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amylillian22 Hi! i haven’t talked to you in a while or have had the time to read your imagines and whatnot but i plan to free up my schedule soon (like tonight) to read them and catch up. You are probably one of my favorite Teen Wolf blog and i love you! 

kissableirwin Hi hi!! I love you and you’re amazing and i love your blog and i looove it when you tag me in  your audio cover posts because o m g you can sing and i love your voice!!! Keep making them and keep tagging me!! 

magconsmut Okay so i know you followed me like a year or two ago but i still cant believe that you follow me. I know i havent talked to you in a while. im sorry. but you’re still one of my favorite magcon blogs and yeah! Love you!

omahasquadislife Hi hi hi!! Okay so i am in love with your blog and your blurbs and your writing and you in general and you are absolutely gorgeous and you’re doing great with your blog and i always think about your blog, but ii have to avoid it also because you will kill me with them nate and swazz feels and keep doing what you’re doing because thats awesome and your doing it right because you have so many people who love you (including me) and you’re just great and yes. great. great. perfect. on point. on fleek. yes. that shit i like it. your blog?? yeah thats the shi ti like. sign me the fuck up because YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH

mattismysmile Okay so where do i even begin with you?? I have no idea so i guess ill just go for it. You are literally the best person ever and i love you. I talk to you about anything and everything and you are one of the best people in  my life and on tumblr. You my friend are one of a kind and very special and loved by sooo many. and every possible nice thing can anyone can say to another is what i have to say to you. My vocab isnt that big so just imagine a lot of really nice heart warming loving comments are here. I love you💞💞💞</p>

nofearinthedarknesss You are amazing and i love you and just know that i will never stop talking to you and you have made a friend for life. You can never get rid of me now. You are stuck with me until the day that i die💕💕💕💕. 

nathanmontgomerymaloley first of all, Roomie, No i did not forget your birthday. i have spent the last 3 weeks thinking of what to do for your birthday and i came up with several things but nothing worked because i cant write, or sing, or draw or do anything that involves talent, and i was trying to think of something before your birthday came and then it came and i still didnt have anything for you and i thought of doing this follow forever for you but i had already planned it and it was suppose to be a regular surprise and it felt wrong trying to use this as a birthday present but i dint forget and m still working on making you something because i wanted to give you something when i said happy birthday. so give me a few more days and ill have something for you i promise. But also you have a friend and roommate for life. You also can not get rid of me and im in your life for the rest of eternity. I will be with you in our next 100x plus infinity lives💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖.

txrinxy Tati, I love you and i miss you and i hope all is well. The last time we talked things werent all that great and i hope everything is okay and better now. i love you to death and i really miss talking to you. For the longest time you were one of two people who were my only friends on here and for that im forever grateful. You talked to me and became my friend when i had no one. So thank you. I love you a lot for that. I hope everything is okay and you’re doing great. 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

sidemenbanter Oh man, where do i begin with you. I’m not sure, so i’ll just start off with, i miss you! I havent talked to you in some time and i miss talking to you. For a while you were my only friend on here. Earlier this year from January to about mid-May you were literally my only friend. On tumblr and in real life. When i had no one you were there. always. You were one of my best friends and i still consider you one of my best friends. I will never forget you and i am forever grateful to you for being my friend for almost two years now. I want you to know that i love you and i miss you and you will always have a friend on here. I will always be here for you. Whatever you need. whether its to talk or vent or just need someone to listen to you. I will always be here. Whenever you need me just message me and if you still have my number text me. Ill answer you. You will always have a friend and someone who loves you and wants you around. Even when you feel/think that no once cares or loves you and you think anything like that just know that i think the complete opposite. i love you and i would miss you and i do care and i do notice. Ever since we stopped talking my days have been weird but by the time i think about messaging you its always waaaay late and i never know if you’re on or not. And i shouldnt be making excuses, but i do care and i promise i will start talking to you more. I’m serious though, whenever you need someone message me. Anytime of day/night. ill answer you back. Also you can never get rid of me. The only way you can ever get rid of me is if you tell me to leave you alone and get out of your life, and until those words come out of your mouth you are also stuck with me. Also thank you  thank you thank you thank you for being my friend when i had no one. At one point i only had you and Tati as a friend you two were my best friends and you two still are. Nothing will ever change that💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙.