im missing like 5 of them

Back when Jack and Kent first started dating, they set a date to come out, draft day 2014. They’d be in the league for 5 years and everyone would be distracted by who got picked first rather than pay attention to them. After that it became like a mantra, whenever they missed eachother and wanted nothing more than to go on a real date they’d text it “2014.” Whenever they wanted to kiss eachother or hold hands in public, they’d whisper it, “2014.” It reminded them that they wouldn’t have to hide forever. When they won the memorial cup, holding it high above their heads, and Kent wanted nothing more than to kiss him then and there. But instead he dreamed of 5 years from then, being on the same team, with the Stanley Cup, and finally kissing Jack for everyone to see. Instead, he won alone. He had a great team, and it was more their victory than his, but they didn’t matter because they weren’t Jack. He went to the kegster, drunk, and angry, and sad, not because he hated Jack, but because years ago they had made a promise, and he knew it wasn’t realistic to keep, but on lonely nights or in crowded rooms he found himself whispering “2014″ to keep himself calm, even for years to come.

YJ talks about how they had to perform on Golden Disk with 5 members "The 5 of us thought, shall we not do the stage? Why did we come?" YJ: Even though 2 members were missing, it felt like 4 members were missing...Bam talks about how they had to stand as 5 in Jeju for M Countdown without Jackjae and he said it was so empty..And that if it was just 5 of them (in the future), they shouldn't go on stage

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Please like this if you post mainly any of the following and i will check your blog out:

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13) Any multi fandom blog tbh

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I like when you reblog old things. I've been following you for almost 5 years, and I certainly don't see every single edit you've ever posted. When you reblog them I get to see ones I've missed! I really like it

well thank you so much! the reason i do that is to keep posts moving and the blog active, also because i like not just posting recent photos, so i reblog photos from things years ago, but im glad you like it!<3

Hc of the Day #7

I’m so bad with daily things huh? I missed yesterday

Jyushimatsu and his clothes!

Jyushimatsu’s clothes have a special meaning to them. When he wears certain things its used to gives him a break.

For example, Jyushimatsu always wears 3 very well separated outfits. 1 in which his comfortable hoodie swimming trunks and flip flops.

He wears these to act like himself in a comfortable manner. 

Then there’s his baseball uniform. Its for, well, baseball! Yet he also swims while wearing it. This outfit is kinda like his athletic and activity wear. Something he can use without worrying about it getting dirty as all hell and something that he feels comfortable doing all his sporty activities outside with.

Lastly the third one is his jumpsuit and traffic cone. He always has his face covered and likes to use the cone as a hat. Yet he has a special use for this. The jumpsuit zipped up Is to cover his face nose down of course but it’s to hide his mouth. When he wears this he doesn’t smile. It’s for days he can rest! Sometimes it’s one of those days to calm down and daydream. Sometimes it’s to go with Karamatsu and sing their hearts away. 

The cone is (in his imagination) to keep in all his thoughts. All his “power” so to speak. The cone is there to keep people from knowing what he’s thinking when he’s most vulnerable or not himself.

wizards97 replied to your post “someone in the tags of that post i just noticed said “im not autistic…”

can ppl just let autistic ppl be themselves for like 5 minutes without them butting in and laughing at us lol like we are just trying to make each other laugh and be happy with one god damn post. just fuckin one

god forbid we try and make each other feel more comfortable through humor without ppl being like “haha yeah!! stupid autistics” and completely missing the point

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hi, i'm the anon from last night who wants to get high and talk about cats! what is your favorite cat-related memory? if you can pick one :)

sdljgaksglj i wrote out this long thing that was super emotional but i accidentally exited it and now it’s gone.. ugh

but all my favorite memories are cat related.. i like bragging about this, my parents live in the country so we would always have stray cats aroujnd and we always adopted them and taken care of them… we’ve had over 20 but never more than 5 at once. lol

i guess my fav memory would be meeting my cat roo.. he’s 16 now and i miss him every day.. leaving home/him for college was really hard… he is really attached to my fam’s yard like that’s his territory so i would never make him be an inside cat or anything..

he is honestly the reason im alive, like no joke, no hyperbole… it’s true when i was hated by every kid in school and my parents were being awful, at least i had roo.. and his true unconditional love.. he’s a great cat …. and now im crying lol

here’s a pic of him i took recently

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Name: kathleen i guess

Nicknames: most of my nicknames are ones i only like certain ppl calling me

Zodiac Sign: leo (s/o to my child Regulus lov u miss u)/pisces moon/cancer asc

Height: 5′2

Orientation: queer

Ethnicity: american i guess???

Favourite fruit: grapes maybe? or pears. or strawberries. or watermelon. or raspberries or cherries. kiwis if someone else peels them, im really into ambrosia apples atm. oh and pineapple, but only on pizza. bananas are a good daily kinda fruit. ok yeah this is getting away from me i like fruit.

Favourite Season: fall

Favourite Book: everything except harry potter i hate those books; i just found out there is a graphic novel in The Lunar Chronicles ‘verse so I’m PRETTY psyched about that I just went and bought it.

Favourite Flower: mmm gonna go with the cliche roses

Favourite Scent: rosemary bc it sort of smells like the sea? so really i guess the sea.

Favourite Animal: wolves; unicorns mythological (or i mean werewolves obviously)

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea or cocoa

Average sleep hours: uh 9 ?

Cat or dog person: both

Favourite fictional character: um.

Dream trip: somewhere pretty where i can only talk to people i like and have lots of fic to read and comfy chairs

Blog created: idk a while ago now

Number of followers: yikes im not sure

What do i post about: ….when did i become a harry potter blog pls @ me

Do i get asks on a regular basis: noo send me asks

Aesthetic: id say go to my tagged/aesthetic but it’s mostly just lesbian moodboards; high femme stuff; the moon; drowning; astrology

Favourite band/artist: yikes idek atm. taylor as always??

Fictional characters I’d date: i feel personally attacked by this question. (but sirius, obviously)

Hogwarts house: slytherin/hufflepuff secondary

i’m tagging anyone who wants to do this!

Big Bang Round 5 Wrap-up!

Huge shoutout to all the participants!

Here are the posts in case you missed any of them. Please leave kudos and like/reblog to show support for the super-talented artists and authors :o)

“Last Song”: fic by anothergallavichlove & art by mckmlkvch

“Strangers”: fic by im-a-fearless-girl & art by lollesy

“Catch Me, If You Can”: fic by elfydwarf & art (and more art) by gallavichisforever

“amas veritas”: fic by echo1317 & art by mckmlkvch

“All I Think About is You”: fic by lady_of_the_flowers & art by corriver

“Something Wild to Run With”: fic by samoosifer & art by theunforgivngminute

“The Sound”: fic by thegameismoriarty & art by crimsonswirls

“Across the Hall”: fic by gallavichisforever & art by jelybeanssassypants

“The Long Way Home”: fic by livefortoday_dreamfortomorrow & art by mckmlkvch

“Test Run”: fic by the_rat_wins & art (oh my god. there’s so. much. art. !!!) by loftec

“I’ll Do It All For You In Time”: fic by zankiefanatic & art by corriver

“Yes or No”: fic by am-stram-gram & art by seekintroubles

“Iron & Blue”: fic by ifuckinlikeit & art by crimsonswirls

“I’ve Got Blood In My Eyes For You, Baby”: fic by whatsthattoughguy & art by ghostofgallavich

“Fuckin’ Acrobats”: fic by carrey & art by loftec


soooo… HELLO THERE 😊 im starting a new journal which I made to keep track of stuff & to motivate myself! ik I’ve been mia for super long I haven’t been posting any original posts & I feel rly bad about it 😪 tons of things gg on right now w my dance night coming up rly soon & im quite stressed out bc I missed 1 week of lessons due to an expedition but I haven’t even tried catching up 😭 & I have a pile of hw to do so yes im stressing out but I’m still kind of lazing around which sucks!! I borrowed like 10 books but I’m only done w 1.5 of them 😅 my holiday hw was to read 3 chinese books & 1 english book related to feminism but nope I haven’t done any of that….. rly need to get myself together but I’m just so tired? wish me luck in completing all of these!!!!

I finally made it to 500 followers and decided to do a follow forever. Thank you everyone for getting me to 500! Below are some super cool blogs that make my blog and tumblr experience so great!!


Here are my friends and their super rad blogs

aph-hamburger, officialtycutio, the-one-true-martyr, shinygallades, mudkipxqueenraiikyuu, gaogamonspsychiccherryblossomartisan

Other really cool blogs. 

Here are some really cool blogs that I follow. I highly recommend them all!

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Sorry in advance if I missed you. I did most of this based off memory.

yo but im kind of excited for 5sos to go back on tour. no more drama about their personal lives at home but just some good old fashion fangirling about muke moments, guitar solos, michael’s sweaty face, luke’s voice cracks, calum’s arm veins, and ashton’s biceps yah feel?

I’m so mad that f(x) were never able to perform Red Light on the year end major award shows in 2014/5. I know it was most likely cuz of their hiatus and the struggles sulli was having but still, just 1 performance would have been enough to show how awesome they were in that era. Especially after seeing them perform the Rock version of it at their concert! The whole world missed out on the killer Luna solo and im still upset. YouTube it now. Love yourself.

Imagine befriending the boys and like you’d have movie nights with them and they’d call/video chat you every night while there on tour and they’d fly you out to them as much as they could because they missed you so much then when they’d pick you up at the airport they’d rush over to you giving you a big group hug before taking turns hugging you tightly and when it would come to cal he’d pick you up you being way shorter then him he’d spin you around before placing you back on the ground he’d rest his hands on your waist kissing the top of your head as he whispered how much he missed you even tho it’s really only been a good two weeks since you saw each other so you’d all be heading back to the car you and cal lingering to the back of the group he’d nudge his hand to yours causing you to glance down before looking back up at him with a small smile you’d brush your hand to his and he’d entangle his fingers with yours giving your hand a light squeeze he’d slightly tug you closer to his side making you stumble a bit over your feet and bump into his side making him chuckle softly your cheeks turning a light shade of red he’d glance down at your small frame causing you to look up at him he’d lean down kissing your forehead ‘you’re adorable, princess.’ you’d all hop into the van that was taking you back to the hotel you and cal sitting in the back. You’d be driving for a bit the boys chatting rather loudly about nonsense while you looked out the window admiring the view when you’d feel cal rest his hand on your knee he’d slowly slid his hand up to rest on your upper thigh a smug smirk pulling across his lips as he contiued the convo he had going with the boys you’d glance down at his large hands before looking back up at him with a slightly concerned look ‘Cal stop, the boys are around!’ you’d hiss only causing cal to slip his hand to your inner thigh glancing over at you he’d shoot you a wink before tracing small circles on your inner thigh causing you to suck in a breath ‘Calum!’ he’d only chuckle and lean back 'come on baby girl’ he’d keep tracing circles up your thigh inching closer to where you needed him most ’-i know you love it.’ he’d growl out in his raspy voice as he ran his fingers over your sex causing you to bite down on your lip roughly 'you have to be quiet baby girl you don’t want the boys to hear you.’ he’d say with a smirk as he continued his actions rubbing small circles over your sex he’d lean in closer to you 'I’ve missed you so much, princess.’ he’d whisper nipping at your neck slightly you’d let out a breathy moan causing cal to grin as he pressed his fingers a bit rougher against your core 'Mm you’re so naught, letting me play with you while the boys are in the same car.’ he’d tisk as he placed soft kisses to your neck he’d rub wider circles to your core causing you to throw your head back in pleasure and bite down on your lip roughly trying to not make any noise. As you inched closer to your release he’d pull his hand away from your sex causing you to let out a frustrated groan 'Calum’ you’d whine only causing him to chuckle 'Don’t worry princess when we get back to the hotel I’ll treat you like a queen.’ he’d wink as he intertwined your fingers with his.

im gonna be real like when some of yall are so pretentious abt hating 1d now and condescending towards those of us who miss ot5 i felt some type of way its like :’) how do you expect me to not miss them the purest thing in the world was jus taken outta my life so abruptly??? like that was my life??? how does that mean i dont care about zayns happiness tho like why is missing ot5 and wanting the best for zayn mutually exclusive but anyway im psyched for this next 5/5 album so

XF Fic Roundup Nov. 29 - Dec. 5

Welcome back!

Here are this week’s X Files fics, ficlets, fic-like headcanons etc. I probably didn’t pay as close attention this week as I should have, so it’s very possible I missed a lot. Just message me links and I’ll add them as soon as I can (which probably won’t be until much later tonight)!

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