im maya


arthur: maya :( r u still gonan love me when im an old man

maya: arthur!!!!! im going 2 love u forever 

arthur: but old :(

maya: but ur always gonna be my love no matter what

arthur: til we r dead

maya: ughl……. well ya

arthur: what abt when we r ghosts

maya: ok just blow out ur candles

pjo musical: the rundown

so i went to see the lightning thief with @angelicomma yesterday and um. oKAY GUYS GALS AND NONBINARY PALS LEMME TELL U ABOUT THIS MOTHER!FUCKIN! SHOW!!!! because it was SO GOOD this is just like. the short list of what i loved about it because oh my god 

prepare for the longest post ever 

  • the set was such an aesthetic? it was all very metallic like there was scaffolding and greek columns with graffiti on them? it was very chb and very nyc and overall a Blessing 
  • every time they needed to show a different location they’d do it with the lights so like there were these lights lining the scaffolding that would change color ?? in the underworld they’d flash red, yellow and orange and were made to look like fire and near the ocean theyd be blue and if they were talking about trees itd be green and! if they wanted u to focus on a certain part of the scaffolding it’d be a different light color than any of the other parts which was rad af
  • the overhead lights were used really well too like when percy was singing about being the son of poseidon or when there was water the lights would be blue and when they were in the forest theyd be green
  • there is an entire song about how they hate new jersey and how they refuse to die in the garden state. know this
  • the show was very low budget like oh my god it was great
  • they didnt make some of their own props so sally walked in once with a trader joe’s bag and also the most important bag in the world (containing the master bolt) was a fucking jansport 
  • their representation of water was just to attach toilet paper rolls to leaf blowers and turn the overhead lights blue like what even
  • they covered the first 4 rows in toilet paper at one point 
  • also they fuckin deca-casted everyone except for percy (chris mccarrell, the light of my life actually he was so good) 
  • jonathan raviv played chiron, auntie em, random chb girl in a bike helmet and braids (?), random tractor guy (?), a bus driver, a train conductor, hades, and poseidon and im probably missing someone. he had very distinctive characters for all of them not to mention horse puns 
    • “the gods are kind of dicks”
    • medusa’s eyes were just light up swim goggles
  • sarah beth pfeifer, who probably has the best comic timing ive seen ever, played clarisse, katie gardner, a fucking squirrel?, mrs. dodds, lotus casino girl, random camper assistant to mr. d, and thalia 
    • *chases annabeth down a flight of stairs with a sword while screaming* 
    • “for their sixteenth birthdays my friends all got cars. I got a fern and a mason jar!” 
  • they had the most roles and they were GREAT 
  • george salazar was such a wonderful grover and mr d oh man 
    • mr d’s whole gag was he’d kick a chair when he got pissed which was hysterical bc the camper assistant would start pouting every time and he also wanted to turn percy into a dolphin 
    • “grover, are you ever going to wear pants again?” “NOPE!” 
    • his solo song was about thalia and how he couldnt save her talk about EMOTIONAL he cried
    • dam jokes
      • we might have more drachmas if you didnt spend them on those DAM SNACKS” “HEY! IT WAS THE HOOVER DAM” 
  • let me talk about. carrie compere for like multiple hot seconds bc GODDAMN GIRL CAN SANG 
  • she was such a good sally. can she be my mom. she sang a song abt percy being special and wonderful and i got a lil teary 
    • “you saved my life, percy. It’s time i learned how to live it.” cryin g 
  • her silena was really funny? like very whiny but very funny.
    •  “every time i bring a boy home, my mom’s there in her nightie […] she steals my mascara and all my dates!” 
  • she also played sort of charon? underworld guide in this awesome gold dress (she looked SO GOOD) who smacked grover’s goat ass (?????) 
    • “you know, bringing people to the underworld isn’t my only job. I also have a band. wanna hear a demo?” “not really?” “sorry, i can’t hear you over this SWEET ASS RIFF” 
    • We got everyone! we got kurt kobain, we got beethoven. any requests?” “um, do you have josh groban?” “we will.” 
    • “being a good kid gets you nowhere at all” bruh 
  • they couldn’t have a scorpion onstage so luke just. fucking stabs percy in the back??? 
  • He was also a really funny ares and gabe!! 
  • ok and my gal KRISTIN STOKES 
    • fun fact abt me and kristin stokes ….. so we were walking in the same direction after stage door and so me and @angelicomma just walked with her….to the train…. she gave us dessert recs…… and talked about the show (she’s so salty about how rangey her big solo is but trust me she was so good on that song) and also waitress with us…. it was the best experience of all time she is so nice and cool and was wearing jurassic park leggings how rad is she oh my god
    • her annabeth? was awesome? she was witty and tough and aggressive and i was ABOUT IT 
    • she called out sexism all the damn time 
      • “annabeth, i get it. do you know how many schools i’ve been kicked out of?” “yeah, percy, but when boys mess up they get a second chance.” 
      • “hey, annabeth, who’s your dad?” “he’s a history professor.” “i thought everyone’s dad was-” “a god? that’s my mom. sexist.” 
        • longest yeah boi ever 
    • the moment where she betrayed luke at the end??? YES GIRL
  • chris mccarrell was such a perfect percy i am elated 
    • “Tartarus? LIKE THE FISH SAUCE???!!!?!?!” 
    • *swings riptide like a lightsaber while making lightsaber noises* 
    • *packages medusa’s head* “To Mount Olympus. Signed, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.” “the gods will think we’re impertinent!” “*winning smile* we are impertinent.” 
    • *pouts* “i know how to hold a sword! like this!” annabeth corrects him and he swings it “oh wow actually that’s a lot easier” 
    • in good kid he was like? running around the stage and climbing the scaffolding and shit? and i cried??? the no mom line was the WORST i wanted to actually scream and his voice is so pretty 
    • and he was so shook by his own powers oh man 
    • he was just. so good at the twelve year old thing it was fantastic he was all fidgety and Dramatic ™ god bless
    • he loves sally so much!!! all the demigods were salty af abt their parents and he was just quietly singing like “my mom loves hugs and scary movies” and i just. screamed quietly
  • there were rlly cute percabeth moments too. 
    •  percy’s knocked tf out the first time annabeth meets him (she infiltrates his dream a lil) and he sings a lil song abt how she’s beautiful and stuff and he wakes up and she’s all “YOU DROOL IN YOUR SLEEP” shook 
    • she shows up at capture the flag (percy hasnt officially met her yet) and he points at her and was just “gasps YOURE MY DREAM GIRL!” and annabeth side-eyes him hardcore and he goes “UM. THE GIRL. FROM MY DREAM.” 
    • “the god is my mom. sexist.” “NO NO I LOVE GIRLS!” annabeth is shook yet again and percy panics and is like “I MEAN UM THEYRE VERY NICE” 
      • percy gets serious side eye from luke
      • it’s great  
    • when percy gets stabbed they almost kiss and then grover RUNS ONSTAGE “HEY! here’s your ambrosia percy” goddamn it was DRAMATIC
  • im definitely missing shit but oh boy it was so so good
  • i’d kill a man for that soundtrack  
  • if you have the chance (and the money) it’s just. such an Experience and everything i could have ever dreamed of. the cast is great (and theyre all so freakin NICE s/o to kristin especially). 
  • i’d highly recommend it!!! A+ 1000/10
Gakuen Bungou Stray Dogs - Translations!! Part THREE

Gakuen Bungou Stray Dogs is a school AU that the official anime Twitter came up with!

Have the third and final round! Translations were made by my awesome friend Maya @erochuya (Twitter) and yours truly! Enjoy~!

The question for part three is: Describe what you had for dinner tonight.

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a thing i’m thinking about today:

harry potter, aged 23, visiting teddy and andromeda for his normal weekly cup of tea and w/e, and andromeda is in the kitchen and teddy’s run upstairs to fetch harry the latest game he’s obsessed with, and harry notices a leatherbound photo album half-sticking out of the bookshelf in the living room that he’s never seen before, and sort of idly takes it down, and it’s full of photos of the malfoys

photos of narcissa: standing stiffly next to andromeda, the two of them not touching, looking very dubious, and teddy’s ruffled head in the bottom left corner of the picture as he tries uselessly to leap up and wave; sitting very still in a high-backed armchair looking quietly pleased and possessive with teddy six months old and asleep in the crook of her arm; frowning intensely as she pushes rune cards towards a blithely chattering 3 year old teddy.

but most of the photos are of draco. draco asleep on the sofa with teddy curled up and asleep on his chest – there are deep grey circles under draco’s eyes and he’s waxy pale with exhaustion even in sleep, and teddy can’t be more than a couple of months old. draco looking horrified and holding a squirming pudgy teddy at arms length as teddy gleefully spits up what looks like some of his first solids on draco’s crisp white shirt. draco reading a copy of the daily prophet with a 2001 date while teddy crawls up over his back and hangs off around draco’s neck and blows spitballs in his ear. draco and teddy posed solemnly in andromeda’s back garden, draco straddling a broom, teddy next to him and almost beside himself with excitement on the toy broom harry got him for his fourth birthday. draco and teddy playing exploding snap. draco walking in a park next to andromeda with a fast asleep four year old teddy scooped up easily in his arms, snoring on his shoulder. draco in dark jeans and a soft, worn thin looking t-shirt laughing up at the camera while teddy advances on him with hands covered in brightly coloured paint.

harry had no idea narcissa and andromeda were in touch, let alone draco. when he hears teddy thundering back downstairs, he quietly closes the book and replaces it in the cupboard. it doesn’t have to mean anything. he testified at both of the malfoys’ trials. he doesn’t care about them anymore. he’s not even angry.

only that monday at the ministry, when he’s heading for auror hq, draco malfoy wanders past in his buttoned up formal robes clasped tight around his neck, frowning and haughty as ever over a file, shooting harry a swift venomous look as is his habit, and harry’s heart suddenly kicks into high gear.

Low Poly Guide

A brief and badly written tutorial on how I do low poly work as promised Ow<)/

//I’m very sorry to those just learning 3D, as half of this probably won’t make any sense. But if 3D was easy we’d see a hell of a lot more of it than we do, so never give up! It’s a tough area but you can make amazing things once you get your head round it, and there’s a huge array of tutorials already out there that can help you get started.//

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He’s lying in bed, highlighting a piece of work he doesn’t really understand for his English class. His headphones are planted firmly in his ear, softly playing beats into his mind as he tries to concentrate on the piece of 19th century literature in front of him.

The music turns on shuffle, the next song causing him to smile wildly as he remembered a certain short blonde dancing stupidly around his kitchen to the music. Just the thought of her made him completely forget his surroundings, wanting to be with her. He drew his attention to the rain that was tapping at the window and hitting the ground below it. The streetlights had become fuzzy, round balls of dim light in the midnight haze, the indigo sky clear of any stars.

A knock sounded at the very window, causing his attention to snap to the figure in the frame, just across from the bed he was resting on. Speaking of the devil, a Miss Maya Hart was shivering as he rushed to the window to open it. He smiled at her reckless spontaneity but it felt like it was slapped off his face as he saw her expression.

She looked small, her soaked hair clinging to her shoulders as she sniffled and climbed into his heated room. She wore a scared - or angry, he couldn’t tell- expression on her usually soft features which appeared harder than usual.

“Maya, what the fuck happened?” Lucas questioned, eyeing the vulnerable girl up and down, trying to decipher the best way to go about this.

“They know!” She said through gritted teeth as if it were obvious.

Knitting his eyebrows together, Lucas paused as he was about to pass her the blanket from his bedside. “What?” He asked, gently wrapping the blanket around her shoulders. She grabbed the blanket off of him and shook of his touch, shrugging her shoulders away from him.

“Riley and Farkle. They know about us. About you and me Lucas.” She whispered, her eyes meeting his as he looked on in confusion.

“And? So what?” He grinned, tapping her jaw with the pads of his forefingers. She lifted her chin off of his fingers, diverting his affection as quick as the speed of light.

“Maya? What’s going on?” He asked. She looked towards the puddle she was making on his bedroom carpet, the evening’s shower’s remains being left as a present of a sort. She thinks through her words, deciding that what she was feeling needed to be addressed, her heart racing at the thought.
She deeply sighed, her chest rising then deflating in a slow but sure rhythm.

“I can’t be with you Lucas. I can’t keep doing this - whatever ‘this’ is. I know we’ve always said that it’s just two friends. But friends don’t do what we do and you know that, I know that- Lucas don’t.” She interrupted herself as she snatched her hand away from where he was intertwining their fingertips together.

“I don’t want you to kiss me anymore. I don’t want you to hold me in that way that makes my stomach flip because I know that the feeling isn’t mutual. Lucas, stop lying to yourself and stop lying to me. Don’t say you need to if you don’t and stop calling me those names. We aren’t together, Huck. You’ve heard it from everyone, we’ll never work out together.” She was choking on the last few words, her voice a little hoarse from the lump forming in the back of her throat.

He’s not sure what to do. He doesn’t know what facial expression to wear, or what he should say. His eyes pull downwards, his forehead creasing as he looks as the tiny, soaking girl in front of him who just rejected every part of him he gave to her. But, he knows Maya too well. He knows that an insecurity in the back of her head nagged and nagged her until she truly believed that her best friend/ boyfriend/ friend with benefits didn’t love her, even though he told her 50 times a day.

It had kept her tossing and turning end on end of nights, doubts plaguing her thoughts.
It wasn’t that she didn’t trust him, she guessed it was she didn’t trust herself enough to let someone come that close and break down the barriers that she had spent her whole life building and guarding so carefully that even her sunshiney brunette bestie believed that was the real Maya.
And he begins to laugh.

This time it’s her time to look confused, looking up at the howling boy beside himself with laughter. She doesn’t understand. His laughter subsided and he took both her cheeks into his hands like he had only 2 years ago. Everything had changed since then, but his hand felt so familiar, like home after so long. Her breath hitched a little at the warmth between them and he began to speak, looking her directly in the eye (she melted just a little more than she would like to admit under that sea green gaze).

“Maya. I will always, truly, deeply love you. No matter what excuse you want to make up, no matter what you want your little head to believe, I will love you until all the nights turn to days and all the weeds turn to flowers. It’s okay to be scared, I’m freaking terrified to be honest with you, but you mustn’t believe what you or others tell you, okay? I love you, and that’s enough for us.”

Then he brings her mouth closer to his own and plants a soft, delicate kiss onto her smooth lips, his warmth passing through her as she felt her knees go weak.

He pulled away and she let our a little sneeze, but her smile was bright enough to light up Times Square. He wrapped an arm around her as they fell back onto his bed, pulling her closer so she could snuggle into him.

“Who told Riley and Farkle anyway?” He wondered out loud.

“Zay.” Maya hissed his name, squinting towards the ceiling as if it were the big mouth himself.

“Oh I’m gonna kick his flat ass real hard.” Lucas chuckled, tapping her on the nose as he rides to reach for his phone, dialling the mischief maker’s number. A voice picked up on the other end, undeniably Zay-like.

“Heyyy Man chill. I said do you wanna hear something about Lucas and Maya, they said yes! Not my problem dude, now let me get back to my soaps in peace - i don’t need y'all’s actual drama.” The pair chuckled as they heard him stumble across something in his room.

“Holy mother of God I can never get any peace around here. Good night lovebirds!” He sang joyfully.

“Goodnight Zay, I’m still gonna run your ass over though.” And with a small yelp from the other line, Lucas hung up, smiling at Maya once again.