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  • character:[has the same height, personality type, birthday, eye colour, etc. as me]

i think the worst thing about having a twilight phase when i was 12 is that i had learnt the dialogues by heart and they have been seared on my mind so at night when all is dark and quiet and i can’t sleep i randomly remember the dialogues and then they fucking get stuck on my head all night long and all i can think of till 6 am is  ’how long have you been seventeen?’ and ‘a while’ the voices won’t stop pls save me

there’ll be a point in life when you’ll realise that the things you once loved are now trivial, that you start caring less and less about what will happen in your future.

so kids please enjoy everything you have now at your fullest. don’t wish for more or less. cherish every person in your life and every little thing you have. spread happiness, because reaching that ‘dull’ peak of your life can happen any moment.

hello friends ive been seeing a lot of “well the 100 may be rascist but at least its great for women! feminisM!!!!!” posts on my dash today and id JUST like 2 tell u that THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS ‘THE 100 MAY BE RACIST BUT ITS GREAT FOR (WHITE) WOMEN’ AND ITS 110% NOT FEMINISM

ohh i want to send u each a stick of my favorite incense it’s so niiice and that’s all i know how to do with things i like is to forcefully share them with people i like lol 


(RIP me this took soo long)

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We frightened. And why did we frighten? We were large, as large as we pleased. We smelled of blood and earth and strong tea, the smells clung to our fur, bristles, robes, bled from our cute, ran from our eyes and our noses.

And our eyes were like fire. We stood behind our master, he made sweet conversation. His lips never lied, though our truth smelled of earth and animal fur dampened by rain. And of course he came first in line, for he smelled of river water and cotton and sandalwood.

We told stories as we walked, long stories and short ones, often filthy ones from the mouth of my closest brother. He smelled like sweat and used such filthy words to make my master blush and fume. I told stories of my mountain, my kindred, the vast and jagged walls of my kingdom. The sandy priest spoke wistfully of the marvels of heaven and the depths of the Liúshā-hé. And our master, he told us all the scripture he knew until we could chant with him to the crisp morning air and the deepest night skies.

A few times, late at night by the light of paper lanterns that bobbed to our footsteps, he spoke of his own life. “Not much to tell”, he had said the first time we asked. And yet as he came to trust us, he began to speak more and more of the monastery he had left behind. He spoke quietly, trying not to sound too fond. But he described the view fro the fall so beautifully, the houses, the green of the river, and we could hear the longing in his throat.

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got a dark fic in my head just now that I will never write. What if the Ghost somehow made and illusion of mabel right beside dipper when he was talking to it. Dipper just goes, "OH WeLP GUESs that's THAT" and frees the ghost. Ghost runs off and "Mabel" and Dipper walk off. Mabel vanishes before dipper and dipper realizes that he has been duped. He goes to the Northwest Manor but finds everyone dead. And it's all his fault.

Tokyo Ghoul x Bleach Opening 1 Crossover [video]

this is really messy and i forgot her glasses but i had to do somethin besides hw or id implode sO  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Okay people, lets take a moment and look at some pictures from the Oscars, shall we?

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Example 4:

Now… Do you honestly think Scarlett Johansson thought it was creepy, or not happy that John Travolta kissed her cheek? Because honestly THE REST of the photographers pictures don’t look like that at all. Lets do ourselves a favor and don’t always jump to conclusions. Okay?