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@academiix - nice studyspo pix. minimalistic theme. elite graphics + icons ~~

@academla - the most amazing #random ramblings as well as masterposts


@alimastudies - NOTESSSS

@aworkinggirlsbujo - how are you a new blog your original content is TEARWORTHY (and there’s so much of it too, so check this blog out!!)

@areistotle - hearts. i cant even explain just click that follow button

@aeristudies - also minimalistic theme. beautiful original posts. some exo here and there. rly sweet and energetic and cute


@artemistudying - love!! her!!

@amoebasisters - omg if ur a scienceblr u will love how cute this blog is

@baejoohyuk - v friendly + energetic + sweet. lots of kpop but also other v nice reblogs + things too

@beanstudy - ahhh their content is goals

@birdkostudies - really calm, refreshing, pastel and spring-themed blog

@biscuitpen - adorable blog (-: easy to navigate + sweet aesthetic!

@bookandcoffeelover - book aesthetic all around

@bookbaristas - tons of beautiful book original posts omg

@bookfully - the love of my life; beautiful note pictures!!

@bookworminabox - v nice book aesthetic

@bulletjournaling101 - if you’re bujo crazy, this is the blog for you

@caffestudy - original posts are to die for

@calligr4phy - if you like those cute little random posts from the blogs u follow, get on this blog. also bullet journal is amazing as heck

@castillos-co - reblogs the most amazing things,,,+ gorgeous selfies

@ciellene - i can’t omg her original posts–

@cinnamonandhappiness - eeee scrolling for days

@coffeesforstudiers - for when you need an inspiration/motivation/productivity boost

@collegerefs - for crazy kids on the pre-college/ college adventure

@csec-studyblr - rly cute original posts

@curious-studies - lot’s of cute original posts!

@designyoself - ahh random ramblings + studyspo

@determinationandcaffeine - self explanatory 


@einstetic - reALLY elite langblr omg

@eiucidate - gay love meet studyblr

@emmastudies - …do i even need a caption for this one

@em-spacestudy - so much content to queue from!!

@equaticns - SELF CARE + blue aesthetic ahhh

@essayinc - get those a-levels honey 

@fall-out-books - BOOKS, HONESTLY

@flaheistudies - …i cant

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@glossie - ahh i love reblogging from this!

@heather-journal - peaceful aesthetic(s)

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@historyandmemes - for all you humanities nerds who keep being told that ur subject is underrated…think again

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@hogwartsstudies - harry potter nerd!! check this blog out 

@homework-help-network - run by @rhubarbstudies and i!! a network of students trying to do well in school by helping and communicating with each other.

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@journalsanctuary - EVERYTHING (about ur bullet journal)

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@mels-studyblr - scienceblr! BEAUTIFUL  POSTERS AND NOTE HEADERS

@milkstudy - i cant,,,,help crying,,,,over the original posts,,,also milk theme is so calming

@mincrvas - v calm + rainy mood aesthetic original posts; also has a rly nice habit tracker printable!!

@minimaliststudy - ok so i actually love this blog so much? like the content???

@moanastudies - someone managed to combine my two favorite things into one blog


@notestudy - the best the best

@notesworthtea - more like notes worth thousands of dollars

@ohgigue - for poetry as visual art

@organizeandstudy - notes that will literally end your life on the spot


@pastel-highliters - omg i love these two; their original content is so clean and cute and nice

@paperandcaffeine - the aesthetic of all aesthetics

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@studyblr - url probably worth millions of dollars

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@studyingbookworm - i’m in love with queue

@studyingcom - calming study blog!! at least imo haha

@studyingdear - her graphics, icons, and original posts are amazing!!! im in love!!


@studylilium - LETTERING

@studylustre - literally so sweet,,, read over her answered asks lol

@studypeaxh - omg clean white aesthetic!!

@studypetals - graphics and bullet journals and washi oh my 

@studyplants - mildliner + note aesthetic

@studying-pterosaur -  content from all over studyblr

@studyquill - her notes omg + yt channel!!

@studyrelief - omg the clean aesthetic

@study-with-joy - my homie edwin’s original posts are so cute omg

@study-with-jules - new studyblr friend!!! tons of great original posts!! (srsly check her blog out)

@studywithzayn - progress, not perfection

@tbhstudying - literally stole my handwriting from her. love u, seo <3</p>

@the-study-buddies - STUDY SQUAD– i’ve always wanted a squad like this, this blog literally makes me so happy

@thisiskillingmetbh - ok im jealous of the original content it looks like she dont try why cant i do that 

@timelesspossibility - pocstudyblr! studyblr + feminism and everything in between.


@undermydarkhat - queue-tiful content

@universi-tea - ahhh graphics and studyspo and college and more

@wingedhoney - ah;;h,, crying over the angelkin aesthetic

@world-of-moana - MOANA.  NO EXPLANATION NEEDED.

@you-had-me-at-e-flat-major - if you like memes, (pt 2)

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guysguysguys yknow what i just realized?? 5sos are in the studio and making new music. for us. with new concepts and lyrics and music videos, which leads to interviews and more pictures of them. and then all of us are going to get excited, waiting up late at night to hear new singles until the actual album is released. and so many cute edits are going to be made throughout the fandom, and we’re all going to get excited together and love this goddamn band and its going to feel like a family again. its going to be about the music instead of their personal lives again. AND THEN A NEW TOUR ?? all the friends you’re going to make at their shows while waiting for them to perform. all the videos that are gonna be posted, all the guitar solos and fan projects


ellie-eat-world  asked:

ok so can you explain how mary came back in supernatural? bc i stopped watching it before that happened but im actually really damn interested on how she's back and what happened!!

Hello, my old friend!

I don’t recall when you stopped watching so…

Dean got the Mark of Cain to defeat Abaddon, the hottie of hell

Originally posted by nerdangel

But The Mark was making Dean all murdery though

Originally posted by blurryfandoms

Oh and Metaron killed him but he came back as a douche!Demon

Originally posted by jensenwearingbearboxers

Short term romance with Crowley, which Dean breaks off because like he’s his own demon and stuff.   Sam and Cas, intrude and save douche!demon.  Get Rowena to remove The Mark, oh wait, this is Rowena and she is like water in the Sahara

Originally posted by supernaturalpuding

She’s a witch, Crowley’s Ma, she’s ambitious and funny and forward thinking and she has no time for anyones nonsense

Anyway, removing The Mark was a big no no, because it was originally Lucifer’s tattoo of yayness (curse) after God trapped his sister for trying to like, eat the world or whatever:

Originally posted by koryuoftheriverflow

Anyway, she is a strong confident God who is like ‘bro, you betrayed me and kept me locked up for like…forever’.  And decides to END him.

Chuck doesn’t wanna, but then he sings us a song after Metatron calls him yellow and stuff and decides to fight Amara with the help of Team Free Will, the demons, heaven and this dude:

Originally posted by altrium

Oh yeah, and Lucifer totally slipped inside Castiel with Castiel’s consent because otherwise Lucifer would have slipped into Sam, because Lucifer was all ‘Dude I can help you defeat Amara and save the world’ (to Sam).   But he was full of it and mostly just wanted to wear Sam.   Sam is not okay with it (Lucifer wearing Cas), but he also sees the bigger picture and is kind of relieved it’s not him.  Also Cas has free will and has the right to choose just like Sam did

Dean is not okay with it

Originally posted by mishacollinsisntreal

That’s Lucifer, riding Cas, riding some angel

Anyway the Avengers Assemble (God, Team Free Will, Lucifer, Rowena, some other witches, angels, and demons) and lose.  Like asses handed to them.  And God is dying

But Amara wants the D from Dean (she actually wants it from Chuck but Dean has been closer this whole time and she’s still kind of mad at Chuck).   Note this wasn’t sexual but was kinda incest undertones, so much longing yayy

And some older lady explains love and stuff to Amara who has second thoughts

Maybe murdering every living thing is wrong?

Originally posted by godshipsit

Then Dean strolls up with like a death bomb inside him ready to kill them both.  But like also ‘Maybe murdering every living thing is wrong?’.   Like, I mean….copying the lady Dean, and Amara was already thinking it, but okay.  It worked.

So Chuck and Amara are like ‘fuck this universe’ and stroll off into the sunset together, but not before Amara is all ‘I’ll give you what you want most in the world dude’.

Poof, Mary

Originally posted by godshipsit

And they all lived happily ever after

But not really because Sam is getting kidnapped as Mary poofs back and Lucifer got knocked outta Castiel’s socks but he is still out there.  Which honestly, mortal enemy, brother on a suicide mission AND being kidnapped?  Poor Sam


A situation where the trio go to Rad’s home planet to obtain an item, visit his family, or just because (*shrug*), but every other inhabitant is 2-3x larger than Radicles. This of course brings up a few questions to his friends, much to his dismay.

K.O: Um,Rad? Why is everyone here so much… taller???

Radicles: Uuuuhhhhh t-t-there’s no reason! No reason at all! It’s just that Im …kind of a…*cough cough* a runt

Enid: *laughs her ass off*

do u ever just get the overwhelming feeling that you’re no one’s best friend? sure you’re friends with some people but they’ll always pick that one person over you and so will everyone else for someone else. they might consider it maybe for a second but they won’t pick you in the end and you know it. if so hmu we can be best friends please

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1. Your hair i love it its amazing and youre so beautiful 2. You haven't really posted much in a while you okay? Maybe you're just chilling? Or have you got a suprise up your sleeve and going to make us drown in feels?

!! thank you so so much my friend, i really appreciate it! and i know,, im ok, thanks for asking! just kind of busy and depressed and,, idk how to describe it. i hope i can feel good enough to post more stuff here soon but,, i just havent been feeling motivated enough, just going through some stuff. thanks again though!!! :’)

internet best friend for hire pls !!

I just need an internet friend who I can Skype looking really bad, barely talk, sit on my phone, and make random ugly faces at. Also, lets me send them randomly bad selfies on any social media. Does not ignore or get bored of me. Lets me fangirl when needed. Is not an ashton or Louis girl because then well have a problem. Actually cares about me. Does not just suddenly stop talking to me. Randomly tag each other in posts. We make a joint accounts, maybe. And just end up ruling the world together pls.

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Your yikes post is the dumbest shit ever might as well have made a post explaining the meaning of the phrase "uhoh" as the equivalent to shitting your pants in the homewares section of Best Buy like how did you look st that post and decide the world needed to see it

hey man im not saying the post is good but did you have to be so mean about it dude im just trying to have a fun time and make jokes for my friends and sometimes i make stupid posts and get callouts and thats ok too but this isnt a callout man this is just a like mean review. this isnt even the review this is like the mean “gotcha” snippet u see on th rotten tomatoes website bfore you click on the full bad review. like the best buy simile? iconic. im so high. love you

Accidental Ch 5

Here it is at last! I wish I was a consistent writer but that just ain’t what ya signed up for when you read chapter one. This is a pretty heavy chapter, trigger warnings listed below. Your mental health is more important than my fic!!!

tw for: dissociation, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, implied/referenced eating disorder, implied/refernced emotional abuse

“Yeah, mom. Ok. Bye.”

Evan hung up, taking a deep breath in and exhaling loudly. Just like he was supposed to. He’d just gotten out of therapy, and even though it had been a week since Evan had met Connor, he’d artfully managed to avoid the topic of his mental breakdown and new friend for the whole session. He’d also managed not to cry, but that wasn’t going to keep up for long. Evan’s mom was working a late shift before class, and wasn’t going to be able to pick him up.

And to Evan, that meant only one thing:

He had to make a phone call.

Balling up his fists to keep them still, - freak, just stand still, you’re not normal, that’s what they always told you, you’re not- Evan quickly sat down on the curb in the deserted parking lot and pondered what to do.

You could go ask your therapist, part of his brain nagged, the part that had the rational thoughts normal people would have - you’re not normal, freak, what did Connor say to you, he’s not the freak, you’re the fu-. It was like that part of his brain wanted him to have an anxiety attack. Evan allowed himself to blink, once, - normal people don’t have urges like that, you’re not - but refrained from moving anymore than that. He would do what his dad and all those doctors had told him, nod and say thank you… no, that was something else. When people helped him, he had to do that… what was it, what did he have to do, think, think, think!

Evan, take a deep breath.

Right. He could do that.

Evan, count to ten.

He knew his numbers.

Evan, make the phone call.

He swallowed.

Evan. Boys. Don’t. CRY!

As if his body was on autopilot, Evan pulled out his phone and dialed a number. He didn’t even know who he’d called. He tried to steady his voice as the phone dialed and rang, wondering who would pick up.

“Hello?” a familiar voice answered.

Evan’s breath caught in his throat.

“Oh!” Connor heard a garbled voice over the end of the phone. After a stretched pause, he heard more words just as he was about to hang up.

“Sorry, it’s just, I um, kind of need, a ride? I mean, it’s fine if you don’t want to, or you’re busy, or anything like that, I know it’s late, it’s just my mom can’t come to get me and you were the first number I typed in, I wasn’t even thinking -”

“Dude,” Connor cut in, trying to make sense of his friend’s rapid-fire words, “Of course I can come get you. Where a-”

Connor caught himself, knowing that anymore speech would be hard for Evan. He related; phone calls were a bitch.

“I’m gonna send you a location request. Can you share your location with me?”

Connor heard a squeaking noise that sounded somewhat like a yes, and then the beep that meant the call had been terminated. Feeling slightly worried, Connor shouldered his bag and headed out to the car.

He wanted to reach Evan sooner rather than later. Why?

Because he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was running out of time.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Evan fell to the curb and put his head in his hands. He tensed his body, fighting the urge to move with all his willpower.

A loud ding! caused Evan to jump, slowly reaching to check his phone - it’s not going to hurt you, idiot, freak, you’re a fu- with his left hand and standing. Remembering what he’d told Connor, Evan clenched his jaw and accepted the location request.  Immediately, a text was sent.

ConnorM: on myw ay

Evan didn’t respond, sinking once more to the ground and shutting his eyes in an attempt to escape the bright lights and loud noises that were pressing into him on all sides. Breathing deeply and trying to slow his racing heart, Evan didn’t know how long he sat there before he cracked his eyes open and dimly registered a vaguely familiar blue car pulling into the parking lot. In a moment, he had managed to recognize it as Connor’s and had straightened himself up, attempting to look like he had purposefully sat on the ground rather than collapsing.

He took a deep breath.

It was one car ride.

He could hide this.

Connor pulled up.

Connor could tell from the moment he pulled up to the curb something wasn’t right; he could see it in Evan’s fidgeting hand and red-tinted face. But he didn’t mention anything.

He did, however, start the car along the road home, chasing the lingering sun in the sky.

Evan didn’t know where they were going. He was trying too hard not to puke. He found himself retreating into his mind. If he didn’t feel, he couldn’t hurt. He knew where he was, but he wasn’t there.

He knew where he was.

He knew where he was.

He knew…

He knew where he…

Where was he?

Connor’s knuckles tightened on the steering wheel as he exercised much self control as he could muster to avoid going over the speed limit. He chanced a glance at Evan, who had crawled into the backseat when the car had first appeared. Connor was too tired from another sleepless night to notice the faraway look in his eyes and the stillness of his body, worse symptoms that a red face had been.

Get him home, Connor thought, training his eyes back towards the road.

No no no no nononono, Evan thought. He had felt this before. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t feel, he- he thought this was what he wanted but it never was, it wasn’t- it was- it-

Connor looked up once more when he heard small sounds coming from the backseat of the car. He gasped softly, narrowly avoiding panic himself, as the sight that met his eyes.

Evan’s body was rocking slightly as sharp breaths and whimpers came at irregular intervals.

“Shit” Connor muttered. It seemed to be becoming a regular occurrence to say that in Evan’s presence. He glanced out his window, looking for a place to pull over.

Evan heard his name, but it was distant, and soft. He wanted to hear it, to respond, but he couldn’t, everything was too muffled and it was like he was gagged, and blinded, he saw only through a haze of white, and it was too quiet, and far, it was too quie-

Hands grabbed his shoulders, and through the haze surrounding him he heard his name again, but clearer this time. He pulled open his eyes - had they been closed? - and was immediately blinded by sensory input. He screamed, but whether it was inside or outside of his thoughts he couldn’t tell. He squeezed his hands tighter over his ears and fell farther into his head.

Evan opened his eyes briefly and whimpered before constricting his hands over his ears and becoming even stiller than before. Connor just worked on pulling the smaller boy gently out of the car and onto a blue blanket he’d set under a tree in the pitch-dark park he had stopped at.

Once Connor had gotten Evan propped against the rough willow bark he pondered what to do. The boy was as still and quiet, and though his eyes were tightly shut, you could tell that if they were opened there would be a glaze over them. Then the muffled words started again.

Evan had been reaching, harder and harder, to get out of his mind. He remembered now, he was with Connor, and Connor needed to know he was okay. But breaking through the first wall of defenses meant he was open to attacks.

Images flooded Evan’s mind, of the things he tried to forget but never really did. It was his dad, drunk into a stupor and he was violent, but in a quiet way, because his violence was words and not knives, it was the whisperings of screw up from him and poor parents from everyone else.

It was his mom, crying quietly, and Evan running away.

It was the constant waiting rooms, the doctors confirming a diagnosis and his mom smiling for a split second and his dad screaming, asking for a cure to fix his broken kid.

It was a few simple words.

“Get it together.”

“I’m sorry-” Evan whispered.

Connor decided to go back to his first instincts. Cautiously, he put his arms around Evan and began rubbing his back and rocking slightly. It felt like their first meeting, except now it was dark and rain was coming down in heavy sheets and Connor was beginning to care about the kid he had cradled in his arms.

“Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorr-” poured out of Evan’s mouth like a mantra at a mile a minute. Connor just continued to quietly shush him, gently wiping away rain mingled with tears with the pad of his thumb.

“Break out of it, Hansen,” he whispered.

Suddenly, Evan heard five words with clarity.

“Break out of it, Hansen.”

He shot up and out of his mind and looked around for a few seconds before immediately leaning over and dry heaving- there wasn’t anything in his stomach in the first place, seeing as he couldn’t even remember the last time he had eaten.

Connor looked down at the smaller boy with a start.

“Stupid question, but are you okay?”

Evan knew he couldn’t lie anymore. He obviously wasn’t okay.

“Panic attack, followed by dissociation, ending in flashbacks. How was your night?” Evan tried to sound funny, but his voice came out scratchy and wavering.

Connor swallowed thickly.

“Can I hug you?” he said, dropping his walls for a split-second.

Evan nodded, not trusting his voice. Connor pulled him gently into a hug, and the tears Evan had been doing his best to hold in came pouring out onto the chest of Connor’s gray hoodie.

“Evan, bud- Evan. W-who did this to you?” Connor muttered, his words muffled in Evan’s hair.

“I guess… I need to start from the beginning.”

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so, pronouns. (pls read this)

Ok so, some of you may have noticed already, some of you might not have, but I’ve recently changed my pronouns in my blog description from “she/her” to “she/they.” I’ve been thinking about this for… quite a while now, and I think I’m finally to a point where I can be a bit more open about it.

I don’t really have a label for how I feel rn. Maybe that will change, maybe it won’t. I’m still trying to feel things out for myself, figuring out what feels right and what doesn’t. Sometimes I’m ok with being called a girl, being called “she” and “sister” and “daughter.” Other times I’m not. I know there’s names for this, but I’m not ready for one yet.

“They” is always fine. “She”… isn’t always preferred. Don’t feel bad if you mess up, it’s still something I’m getting used to myself. It doesn’t… hurt? per se if someone uses the wrong pronoun, just Wrong, I guess. I’ll try to keep my description as updated as possible with what I’m ok with for that time. Like I said, sometimes things are ok, sometimes they’re not.

Words like “dude” and “bro” and “girl” (in the context where it’s used like “dude,” rather than a descriptor) are still completely ok by me. I’ve always seen them as kinda gender neutral anyway.

I’m probably not articulating myself the best here. This is very new territory for me and I’m very nervous about all this. Like I said, I’m still trying to figure everything out. Thank you for reading this, and if you have any questions or anything, I’ll do my best to answer them. <3

After this is posted, I’m going to change them from “she/they” to just “they/them” because that’s how I’m feeling right now. If/when it does go back to “she/they,” know that then it’s ok to also use ‘she’ pronouns. I hope this makes sense?

(oh, and irl friends, if any of you see this, please just keep it between us, and on this blog. I don’t think I’m quite ready to talk about this on my main, or anywhere more public than this yet,,)

(pls do not reblog)

i read a post about how jack and winnie are from the same era and i cried thinking what if they were childhood friends

hey can someone please make a positivity post that says its ok to wear a crisp pink button-up if youre a man? my friend bought me this shirt from h&m, YES ITS A MENS SHIRT, but all the models in h&m ads look kinda gay and i caught my friend listening to marina and the diamonds once so needless to say im a bit worried about this. the shirt is dark pink so it looks more metrosexual than anything and it has very sharp refined tailoring. can i get away with wearing anything other than khakis with it? please hurry with the positivity post because i am shirtless right now and my nipples make me self-conscious

dearest followers

im using my friends phone to type this in math so it will be quick and to the point but basically my parents put me in a bad situation. my queue is set up but i want you all to know that if i do not make a text post saying otherwise before tomorrow morning, i will be gone for a few days until i fix things! the queue will post fob actively but keep in mind i will not be here. i love you all thank you so much for not being angry 

hi there!, im jen and im a new simblr, um im going to be posting my Houston Legacy and also edits and stuff. Anyway please reblog this if you post sims 4 maxis match because id love to follow you all and make some new friends hahaha pls talk to me. i love food and legend of zelda and binge watching tv shows and yeah im not interesting. ok bye ily 

ok im literally about to get on a long ass flight rn & im finally posting this cos it has been on my to-do list for way too long & it’s v overdue think of this as like a follow forever/long appreciation post for my beloved mutuals & friends. im making this cos ily all and u have all in some way you don’t realize really helped me not dread coming on this hellsite every day so in no specific order here goes!

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anonymous asked:

Are there any blogs on here you'd recommend? I want to make a history blog soon so I want to know who to follow ❣️❣️

ok im just gonna list history blogs that i talk to daily/often so if youre not here and we’re friends i still love you but youre either a)not a history blog or b) we dont talk too often

@believeinjohnadams maja is my lover & id die for her, shes A Serious History Blog, so she’s good for facts & sources

@asexualtallmadge and i have matching lams icons, she posts funny stuff about seth numrich being an honorary lesbian & id die for her i love her

@sonofhistory & @sunshineapollo the ultimate dynamic duo! presley & warren are my favs & i love them so much

@bitchistory is a bundle of sunshine& she posts current political stuff which is nice bc im clueless 90% of the time, i love her

@favoritefightingfrenchgoth is the funniest person on this website & i dont know what id do w/o him i never am sad when i look @ jack’s blog id die for him

@cold-inmy-professions laura is my best gay & she has really good content & she also likes the 1960s!! i love her we facetime daily

@iafayettes & @little-lion-rampant another duo that i love. seriously the Most Organized blogs on this site

@skywing206 & @steuby have the best art. i would seriously die for alex & t already knows her lams art is my favourite

@spinhistory is another one of my favs & all his crack ships are hysterical

@nathanhales sophia is an angel & id seriously do anything for her

@benjaminrush sandhya is my fav i am literally in her bio when u click “john laurens”

apologes if i forgot anyone like i said this is if you’re a history blog or someone who talks to me often (at least twice a week & i have bestfriends who arent history blogs) but i also have soo many more blogs i love so yeah maybe i do a part two

🌼 Spread the Joy! 🌼

Like the @acnlcommunity, I want to do something to help spread some love! There’s been a lot of hate in a lot of communities recently (for blogs, artists, views etc.), and it’s ok to say how you feel, though sometimes it gets taken too far… So I want to dedicate this post to positivity! :3

I’d like you to either reblog this/make a post on what your community has done for you in a positive way (e.g. I’ve made loads of great friends on here and when I’m in an extremely depressed mood, you’ve all lifted my spirits!), or tag someone to let them know that they are cool/kind/a good artist etc. Even just an ask or IM, take a moment to make someone feel good - you may even get one back!!

Thank you to each and every one of you on here, I lova you all, you’re always welcome (unless you’re here to cause hate, of course), and have a wonderful day/night! (^o^)/