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ok so i was just checking out kahi an ex-after school member bc shes married n has a rlly rlly adorable bby boy n i just thought of... father taehyung... can you imagine if he had an instagram like 80% of his posts would be bby posts, but he could also just make an insta just for his bby but imagine how often he posts there like thered be like 7 new bby photos posted everyday like ;;;; honestly i need more vids w tae interracting with kids its my life force his heart is so pure im,,,,

tbh I’ve considered doing like a youtuber!BTS as fathers purely bc of this shit, they’d be s o happy to show how cute the lil bubs are especially Tae bc we all know how tae melts around bbys he just met let alone bbys that are h i s, his entire account for everything ever would just be them, even the profile picture bc he’s just so in love I love tae with kids so much it makes my heart go o w bc it’s too cute

  • Riza: *wears a dress for Hughes' wedding*
  • Maes: That dress looks great! I bet it'd look better on Roy's floor.
  • Roy: ...Are you hitting on Hawkeye...for me?

So I saw a post with a nice little flow chart explaining how the Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses interconnect, but it didn’t connect all the houses, so, as the over-achiever that I am, I obviously had to make a full version. With color-coding,

I’ve seen this in a few different posts already so it’s not all that revolutionary, but the Hogwarts houses sort by personality traits - the brave, loyal, cunning, and wise. Ilvermorny houses sort more by your dominant function (what you do with your personality traits) - the adventurer, scholar, warrior, and healer. While some combinations will be more typical than others, every combination is possible. 

I took all the dominant traits listed under each Hogwarts house and divided them up among the Ilvermorny houses. This is all subjective and some people may believe some of these categories should be switched, but I tried to take as few liberties as possible. Some just didn’t want to work out nicely. For example, Ravenclaw split up perfectly. I didn’t have to think much about how to match up the houses. Gryffindor, on the other hand, was a bit of a nightmare. 

Take what you will from this, but I thought it might be helpful to people trying to make sense of a strange house combination or just to illustrate that the Ilvermorny houses are not renames of the Hogwarts houses.

Edit: Emotionally volatile = quick temper. It’s a phrase I saw on multiple websites so I used it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think of Draco and probably Ron as emotionally volatile.

(Inspiration from post by @allhailqueenmargaery and @violettsbaudelaires)

Heyo guys, I decided to post more unfinished art/requests! This one was a request, which I am gonna paste here, because without it you won’t get the context haha:

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Sooooo, do you think you could make a comic where adrien found out that marinette is LB and is trying to confess his love to her, but marinette rejects him until he can love marinette like he loves LB

btw, dont ask me why they’re dressed in clothes from the 1900s, I had just read jane eyre and could not help myself

↳ happy birthday, ever!

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me this morning when i saw i had 1k followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (WHAT)

ty guys so much im IN TEARS im honestly just a humble farmer tending to my crops making an HONEST living in my little cottage and u guys LIKE MY POSTS and it makes me feel so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! tysm to everyone that replies to my posts and interacts with me!!!!!!!! (& even if u dont ty for choosing to follow me thats such a cute thing 2 do) ur all cuties and i appreciate u all so much!! thank u ;_; i CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!! im crying


Lutteo → Random scenes (part 41)

hey folks just a PSA that when someone makes a personal post, it’s not there for you to reblog. the person that made the post just needs to vent or maybe have someone reach out to them, but it’s not there for you to showcase on your own blog, especially if it has nothing to do with you. it’s a personal post for a reason. 

just give it a simple like, maybe send them a nice message, and be on your way. thank you.

Hey guys! I feel freaking terrible for not uploading anything with these two lovelies lately but times been…. well you have your ups and downs i guess heh, and i haven’t felt like drawing them as much:( or when ive tried i didn’t get pleased at all, but i did this today and felt i had to post something for u guys c’:! Oh i also sort of made a redbubble account to make shirts and stupid stuffs like that…. eh… -embarrassed- But i have bad economy and im trying at least heh always fun if peoples likes what ur doing^^’! heh so this one is available there as well-

well guess thats all heh im trying to get back here but dang its difficult sometimes… motivation is a thing i lack XD heh well i really hope all of u are alright and thanks for sticking around! much love to ya all!

a quick summary of but mr adams

franklin: hey john you should write the declaration

adams: but people hate me, you write it

franklin: but john. fuck politics.

adams: ok good point. hey sherman you should write it

sherman: but im just a cobbler do i fuckin look like i know how to write properly

adams: fine. livingston.

livingston: but i have to go home to my new son

adams: reasonable.

adams: [ looks at thomas ]

thomas: no john i have to go home to my wife and bust my nut

adams: thomas what the fuck just write the declaration

thomas: my nut john

thomas: [ leaves ]


I had more gifts planned but I’m doing instead another project to thank a lot more people!

Till then though I have a few other private gifts to make. And these were done for the bestest people I talk to on a daily basis and that are amazing and lovely and all deserve the world.

They are:
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Thanks for putting up with me everyday guys <333 Heres to another year with you!

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As the anon that sent the first ask saying he shipped pedophilia, it's no exaggeration and im not the person who made the post. There are screenshots of his blog and I suggest you read the callout post. Just because many other people ship it doesn't make it right. They said it themselves, they made the post because they had a lot of stuff to back them up and if I'm correct didn't want to jump the gun.

Dude…it’s a cartoon, and people do this all the time in other fandoms,like gravity falls with dipper and one of the uncles or home stuck with Dave and his older bro(it’s not my cup of tea but I digress) But it doesn’t mean those people are flat out paedophilias! That’s just a ridiculous assumption in all honesty! sure, you don’t like the ship, but that doesn’t give you the right to accuse all of them as paedophilias and degrading them to the point of deleting their own blog! everyone’s aloud to do what ever the FUCK they want on their own blog, NO MATTER HOW OFFENSIVE OR DISGUSTING IT IS TO YOU OR ANYONE ELSE , THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT, as long as they don’t cause physical harm to anyone, which they aren’t.So just block em if you are oh sooo offended by what they ship, and just leave them alone


“How do you feel going up against your old team?” 

 “C9 looks really really good right now. I’m still friends with almost everyone on the team so it’ll be a fun match. I’ve never had to go against them, yaknow, me and sneaky goin’ at it, outside of soloq so it should be fun. I’m never gonna stop ganking bot"“

im kind of used to people being all judgmental about astrology and dismissing it as a woo-woo hipster thing but i had this conversation with this dude and the hypocrisy was just mind blowing

so like he’s a christian right and gets kind of offended when ppl make jesus jokes so i tried not to do that out of respect for his religion right? and then one day he’s Schooling me about how astrology isn’t real and people who believe in it are stupid etc etc. so i’m like “now wait just a hot minute, i don’t make jesus jokes around you or talk about how Christianity isn’t real even though i consider myself an atheist, why can’t you have the same respect for other belief systems?”

and he goes “well it’s not the same thing” and i just