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look at this baby swim!

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this 100 gal proves that you can never have too big of a space for a betta.

the kind of people who tell other people confidently “bettas naturally live in  shallow unfiltered rice paddies, so that makes it okay to stick a betta in a 1 gallon unheated and unfiltered bowl” are cLEARLy ignorant to the fact that what they are referring too is a shallow FIELD of water, often spanning up to 500,000 acres and UP.  That’s TONS of gallons of water!

with the heating and filtering argument that many people try and put up, just do a little research and it turns up that the native habitats of bettas are at a steady 71*-80* in temperature. The filtration comes from plant roots pulling out harmful pollutants in that body of water and many other factors playing part in this filtration making life sustainable.

sticking a betta in a bowl IS basically the same as sticking a cat in a small box and expecting it to thrive and live out its full lifespan, imagine overfeeding or starving this cat and making it live in its own feces, its not a pretty picture and yet people think its okay! “because fish can’t talk or make noises to tell us that they are suffering and fish can’t feel pain and..” blah blah blah i don’t want to hear it, if you want to stick a living organism in conditions that reduce them to simply surviving, you shouldn’t be giving advice to or arguing with people who know much more about caring for bettas (and other animals for that matter).

some pet owners are misinformed and uneducated when they buy a pet, and I admit yes a lot of people have their heart in the right place, but really don’t know how to provide the best for their pet, take me for example, my first fish was a betta and I had him in a vase. he lived (or should I say “survived”) for a couple months, and i clearly had no knowledge on how to take care of a fish, but I really loved my fish, and had I been educated on how to properly take care of my betta, he would have thrived and lived a happy life (SIP blue).

I know that no matter how much I type or state facts to people who don’t want to listen, I can’t change everything in one night.

but I became a fish mommy over the course of a couple weeks. I wanted a betta, and I originally wanted to get a 1-gallon unheated unfiltered tank, but I watched the review on a video for a small tank and saw people commenting about how it was abuse to keep a fish in such a small bowl and talking about the minimum tank requirements. I started doing research and it completely opened my eyes. I also started to see the cruel mistreatment of bettas more and more and it made me sad. So even though I know I can’t educate everyone, the comments on the videos of bettas in bowls and on many posts that show bettas in cruel conditions can really make a difference, hell it turned me into a fish mom of four.

sorry for spelling mistakes and grammar or syntax errors or punctuation errors and just overall weird writing its late and ive been typing for a long time my passion for bettas has made me type this and do research for the past hour help 

Welcome Aboard Chpt. 4

Summary: “You! Stay behind and let them go free, but wait until we are a far distance out. That’s an order! And you! Take the beloved prince to Captain Lester’s quarters. He would like to meet him.” Dan could swear he heard the smirk in the pirates voice. He stiffened. Captain Lester? The same Captain Lester who was said to be the deadliest pirate that sailed the seas? Dan finally realized why the ship was familiar. It was the same ship that had invaded, looted, and sunk over 38 of their own ships in just one night.

Dan knew he was definitely going to die.


Dan Howell is a Prince who gets kidnapped by none other than Captain Lester, the deadliest pirate to sail the seas.

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Dan heard the door close loudly behind him but didn’t bother turning around, he knew it was Captain Lester. He continued doing his current task of folding the Captains clothes and placing them neatly into the wardrobe. The Prince heard fast footsteps coming towards him and the next thing he knew the wardrobes door was slammed shut and he was spun around and pushed against it.

He stared wide eyed at the Captain. Had he done something wrong? Dan trembled.

“Wha-” Dan started to ask when a pair of lips crashed into his own. The Captain was kissing Dan, and kissing him forcefully. His brain was telling him to pull away, but he didnt. He kissed back. The knob from the wardrobe was digging into his back, his pulse was racing, but his full attention was on Captain Lester’s lips moving against his own.

The Prince disconnected their lips, and immediately The Captain’s lips were attacking his neck. He tried to cover a moan that escaped his lips when he felt The Captain’s hands run up and down his chest.

Dan suddenly felt himself being picked up and thrown backwards onto the bed. He watched as the Captain stripped off his shirt and pants, and pulling off his as well. He felt heat rush to his lower abdomen as he glanced at the Captain’s bulge. He gasped when he felt hands on him once again. He felt his heart beating in his throat.

“What are you doing?” Dan gasped out.

“Something that needs to be done.”

The Prince’s eyes shot open. Beads of sweat forming all over his body. He looked around the dark room and spotted the Captain fast asleep right beside him.

It was all a dream. He hadn’t actually kissed the Captain.

Dan collapsed back on the bed his heart still racing. Had he just had a wet dream about the Captain? What is this supposed to mean?

He tried to fall back asleep but he couldn’t stop questioning himself. You’re not supposed to like Captain Lester that way! You’re not supposed to like him at all! Do I like him in that way or was it just a crazy dream? This is the man that took your life away from you!

Eventually he felt himself dozing back to sleep.

Dan eventually got used to the schedule of the ship. After spending a week on board he knew what would happen and when. They ate two meals, breakfast and supper. They always had large amounts of food, that surprisingly tasted good. He was starting to tolerate Louise, Pj, Chris, and Zoe

He spent most days in the captains office with him. He was usually just asked to go get supplies and other random little chores.

One night he was asked to eat dinner with the Captain, instead of the crew. When told this Louise and Zoe smirked like they were in on something he wasn’t. He was given a new outfit to change into that was a little more revealing than he would have liked. He pushed his hair back out of his face for once.

He walked into the living quarters to find the Captain at the dining table. All thoughts left his mind as he just stared blankly at the man.  

“Prince Daniel. How nice of you to join me.” He smiled at him.

“Not like I had much of a choice.” Dan said slowly sitting across from him. 

“Very funny your highness.” Captain Lester smirked.

Dan stared at The Captain, and he always felt taken aback at how handsome the man actually was. His hair was laying flat across his face like it always was, but it appeared to be clean. He still hadn’t shaved but Dan found the stubble look to be quite attractive, especially for the Captain. His eyes were this beautiful shade of blue that Dan felt himself getting lost in.   

The Prince thought back to his dream and how much he enjoyed it. He couldn’t stop himself from thinking these things. What would Mom and Dad think? They probably wouldn’t even notice. He felt himself sit a little straighter at the thought of his parents. They didn’t even know he was gay. Doomed to a life of marrying a beautiful woman, instead of what he really wanted. Doomed to a life of nothing he wanted.

“So Prince Daniel, you must be hungry, I had my-” Suddenly Captain Lester was interrupted when the door swung open and Pj rushed in the room.

“Captain! We spotted a ship!“ 

Chapter 5 

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