im louis tomlinson

ot4 as people from my orchestra pt 2

liam: principal viola player and conductors assistant! volunteered to play the part he’d never learned because someone was out sick; constantly making meme jokes, brought a big bowl of candy on halloween and handed it out to everyone; makes regular announcement at each rehearsal about the ‘e-board’ (“we want to hear your voices loud and clear! if you have any ideas on how we can improve, shoot me an email and we’ll chat :D”)

niall: second oboe, everyone’s best friend. smiles at everyone he passes in the hall, tripped over his shoelaces one time and laughed it off. never really practices but always plays flawlessly (???), hosts ‘orchestra parties’ where the group gets together at his house to eat cheese and talk about classical music, total nerd but absolutely gorgeous (and he doesn’t even know it!)

louis: bassoon player! volunteers with the youth orchestra because he’s a good person, always arrives early to rehearsal to help set up. also constantly cracking jokes, swears like a sailor, but adored by everyone including the conductor and music director (i have no idea how he does it). a total sweetheart to everyone except for the principal flute player, who he’s always flirting with shamelessly…

harry: principal flute player. wears the cutest outfits (im jealous of her wardrobe), always offering to help anyone who looks to be struggling with their things; not once have i seen her look upset but one time on the way into the building she started tearing up and put a hand over her mouth upon seeing a service dog; blushes at every compliment, waves away the conductor’s praise, and definitely into the bassoon player who’s always flirting with her (but will never admit it)

pt one is here

okay but

does anyone else get obsessed with a song to the point where you want to play it over and over again and then you get scared that if you play it one more time youll get sick of it and never be able to listen to it again and you can’t deal with that because it’s SUCH A GOOD SONG? because that happens to me more than i care to admit.

So, you’re telling me that Louis got to fall in love with Harry when he was like this

 And then got to watch him grow into this??

AND also Harry got to fall in love with Louis when he was like this

Then proceeded to watch him grow into this !!

And then above it all, their love has only ever grown stronger as well !!

Dan: It must have been incredibly emotional for you guys…

N: Yeah it was, watching him out there … first of all, that’s a tough song to sing and being out there on your own for the first time on the week that something like that happens must have been horrific for him. But it was a no brainer, we were all in America at the time, I remember I was in NY and I heard about it, there was no doubt that was the next thing I was doing. … So we all flew home and we didn’t want it to be like a whole publicity thing …

Dan:… No pictures

N: No we didn’t want that, we were just in and out, seeing Louis for what it was and just be there to support him cause it is a tough time you know

—  Niall answers Dan Wotton about getting together with the boys on X Factor last year afer Louis’ mum died.