im louis tomlinson

A week ago you said to me “do you believe I’ll never be too far? If you’re lost, just look for me, you’ll find me in the region of the summer stars”.
The fact that we can sit right here and say goodbye means we’ve already won, a necessity for apologies between you and me, baby, there is none.
We had some good times, didn’t we? We had some good tricks up our sleeve.
Goodbyes are bittersweet but it’s not the end, I’ll see your face again

what i really want to remember at all times is how jay unrelentlessly supported all her children. she never hesitated to show her undying support in any way she can and made sure to always be there for them. she went through so much over the years yet she stood strong and blessed the lives of 7 wonderful children. she was their light and a safe haven. she would always have their backs, and in this time of despair i send all the love to her family and loved ones, though undoubtedly immeasurable to the abounding love she had for everyone. may you rest in peace jay.


He studies rainbows