im lost

I crave your intamacy. I want to feel your skin pressed against my naked body, your tongue piercing my neck with its soft, yet vivid tip. Outline my body with its wetness. I want you to make my body tingle with excitement, while I’m dazed and lost in the physical feeling that you give to me. The sensation you give my entire body as you slip in gently. Touch me. Make me scream.
—  @alexiscpeckham

This isn’t a positivity post. I’m mid panic attack and I don’t want to hide things from you all. I want you to know we go through the same struggles you do.

I’m taking real steps towards my name change, but I’m having second thoughts. Having such a masc. name is making me feel pressure to be more masculine because of the weird reactions I get from people. I’ve been wanting to take T recently, but only because I want to validate my name. I’m embarrassed to say my name in public sometimes, which is exactly the reason I’m changing it in the first place. I might like a more androgynous name. I like Wren. 

I don’t want the accepting people in my life to think I’m flaky or fake for changing it up again. My friends don’t want me to be swayed by society, but I live in society. Society affects me. I can act like I don’t care what people think, but it matters. I don’t want to be so visible. I don’t want my name to stick out like a sore thumb. I want to live life and be proud of my name and identity. I’m struggling.