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If Love’s So Easy, Why Is It Hard?

Chapters: 15/? [Chapter word count: 6,715]
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Clarke Griffin/Lexa, Clarke Griffin & Lexa
Characters: Clarke Griffin, Lexa, Anya, Raven Reyes, Octavia Blake, Lincoln, Abby Griffin, Marcus Kane, Titus, Echo, Bellamy Blake, Monty Green, Jasper Jordan, Maya Vie, Harper, Emori, John Murphy, Gustus, Original Child Characters, More people show up down the line so I’ll add them as they come
Additional Tags: Modern AU, Romance, Fluff, Angst, Hurt & Comfort, Drama, Anya & Lexa are siblings, Lexa & Costia (Mentioned), Clexa Babies, Clexa, Family, Pregnant Clarke, Blood, Character Death, One of their kids eventually dies so…at some point it will get angsty.

The Griffin-Woods family seemingly has the perfect life, at least until Lexa’s (over?)zealousness as NYC’s top young prosecutor means she starts making some very dangerous enemies whose only goal is to remove her from the equation. By any means necessary.


Some things i’ve said in front of my tc:

‘I’m so wet’ - after spilling water on myself
‘I’m so lonely. Hopefully i would have met a guy before Valentine’s day’
'i love his daddy beard’ - talking about various celebs- my tc has a beard
'I like men who are older’- several times
'I like your beard’ - to my tc after he had it trimmed- he blushed

hello im very lonely :^) submitting twice bc im a loser n decided to add more

hi so last time i did this i lost touch w everyone because i suck™ woow so im going to try this again because why not. So im anika pronounced anne-nick-ah and im 14 and im from Canada
-prefer my penpal to be pacific time
-little bit about myself im a self depricating bean :’) like its actually concerning
-I love Panic! at the disco so if u fuck w them hit me up lets talk about it !1!!!1!!1
-please send memes i thrive on them we can send eachother memes or dog pics and rate them together lol im desperate
-i also like twenty one pilots
-a lowkey sneaker head
-anyone watch enjajaja ??
-i never sleep so basically we can talk all night or text eachother at like 3am
-i art
-im extremely ironic and self proclaimed asshole !!
as long as youre not homophobic, racist, we good fam :’))) maybe later we can send snail mail but
-i watch drew monson
gender doesnt matter tbh always wanted a dude friend**
-i also like tyler the creator
-cavetown !!!!
-im a big baby and a loser :’)
-not even a little athletic
-might give u my snapchat if we talk more
spotify @rosegarden!!
message me on my tumblr @dontwannafallinloveanymore

tinysweetscat  asked:

For the ask meme, please answer for 20. What's your favorite thing about acting? Thank you!

there are quite a few things i love about acting, i was drawn to it for many reasons and i continue to do it for many more,, I’d have to say my favorite thing is the feeling when I’m in role and I can feel myself as that person, thinking and feeling and acting like them, it was always easy to perform and just through the motions of acting but still feel like myself, but when I fully get emersed in a role and forget I’m even acting, thats when I feel I’ve been successful n I get sort of a rush from it

also I honestly adore the relationships I’ve been able to form and the people I’ve met through acting, I’ve had some amazing connections and worked with some incredible people and especially working in group performances, they become your family, I love my group of actors im with at college sm they’re all so wonderful and unique and lovely

I’d just be beyond grateful and honored if I got to act for a living I enjoy it so much ((sorry this answer got kinda long lmao))

Thank u v much for this ask and taking an interest!!

ask a thing~

  • me, before watching a new tv show: i'll just watch this show and like if i try maybe i can finish it in a week?? idk it seems fun
  • me later on: i've watched 30 episodes in less than 48 hours, i keep having dreams related to the show and i keep thinking of it during random parts of my day and i love these guys so much i need to protect them theyre my kids forever

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May I have a scenario with a loser drunk aho where is s/o is asked to pick him up and when she comes to the bar he's drunk off his ass and he starts praising her and touching her and she ends up having to take care of her bc he wont lEt tf gO (love ur blog im finally able to ask bc its never open and nOw i have forgotten what kind of scenario i want so :)))) lov u

Oh really?! XD. Either I don’t make proper announcements, or some people just have horrible timing! (I blame myself) I’m glad your request got in on time then! And I hope you like this! (Thank you for loving me ;n;)

This is not what you planned to do on a Saturday night.

You’d finally gotten a weekend off from schooling and work, planned to just relax and have some quiet time. Aomine had plans, or more like been forced, to study with a group of university students so he could keep playing basketball. But somehow.. that’d turned sour real fast and instead of studying, he’d wound up in the bar, drunk out of his mind.

It was Imayoshi who called you, having met the group at the same place. When you arrived, he gave you a sheepish smile, lightly patting your head while Susa tried to keep Aomine sitting up straight.

“I’m sorry ____-chan.. We’d ran into them and unfortunately couldn’t keep him in line..” 

You were about to say something when you saw Kasamatsu of Kaijou dealing with a very drunk and whiny Kise. That would explain why your boyfriend had wound up being at the bar. The blonde can somehow drive everyone to drink, with his persistence and overbearing personality. Shaking your head, you let out a sigh, rubbing your face to try and keep yourself sane.

“It’s fine Imayoshi-senpai.. It’s not like I had anything planned anyway.” you then walked up to your boyfriend, who’s eyes brightened the moment he saw you, and jumped at you, almost knocking you on your ass hadn’t Susa been there to help.

“____-c-chan!! Did y-you c-come to *hic* join us?!”

With the help of Imayoshi, you stood up, dusting off your clothing as you glared at him, “No. I’ve come to take your stupid, drunk ass home.”

Before you could say anything else, he wrapped his arms around you, a hand trailing down to sneak into your shirt, pressing lazy kisses to your cheeks. This not only made you blush, it irritated the fuck out of you, given how he was SUPPOSED to be studying. 

You gave a wave to the older males, ignoring Aomine’s words and cries of ‘I wanna stay l-longer! _-___-chan should get drunk too!!!~ I-It’s lots of f-funn!!” and placed him in your front seat, buckling him in.

As you started up the car, he leaned over, resting his head in your lap as he directed his gaze at you, causing you to fluster more when he gently brushed your chin with his lips.

“Have I ever told y-you how b-beautiful you are?”

Keeping your attention on the road, and somehow getting back to the house safely, you unbuckled the two of you, and just as you were about to open the door, his arms laced around your neck, cheek rubbing yours as he mumbled,

“____-chan smells good..”

You tried to get out of his grasp, but he wouldn’t let go, being his stubborn dumbass nature, and you just dragged him that way, ignoring the warmth of his breath on your neck. You managed to get to the kitchen, grabbing water and the pills, knowing he’d probably need them in the morning, and helped him into your bed.

As you turned to leave him, he reached out and grabbed your wrist, navy blue hues sparkling with unshed tears as he gave you such an adorable look, it made you weak in the knees.

“D-Don’t leave m-me ___-chan!! I-I need you!! P-Please don’t go!!”

You almost fell when he actually started crying, and this literally was a sign he was out of his mind, and very, very drunk. You couldn’t help but laugh, sitting on the edge of the bed as he laid his head in your lap, curling around you like a cat seeking attention from its master. 

You ran your hands through his hair, pressing a couple kisses to his sweaty forehead every once in a while, eventually landing on his cheek.

“Daiki.. you’re drunk.. I’m not going anywhere, okay? You need to get some sleep…”

“S-Stay with me!”

You blinked, face flushing as he leaned in more, his grip tightening around you,


“Sleep b-beside me!! D-Don’t let m-me go!”

You could only sigh at how clingy and cute your boyfriend was when he’s drunk. You then helped him out of his clothes, since they reeked of alcohol, making you slightly dizzy, and threw them in the bathroom before hopping into bed. 

He then snuggled up to you, pressing more lazy kisses to your throat, shoulder, neck, and cheek, even attempting to give you a big, sloppy one to your lips but ended up hitting your nose instead, making you laugh at his blush.

He buried his head in your chest, tangled his legs together and immediately found himself asleep, soft snores filling the air. You could only smile at him, pressing one last kiss to his head, before feeling sleep overtake you as well.

Although it’d been a nuisance to deal with his whining and attention-seeking behaviour, It was nice to see a vulnerable Aomine Daiki.. It was entertaining to receive blackmail material the next morning, accompanied by a picture of him dancing on the bar in high heels.

Suffice to say, he was no longer studying with those guys, and chose to spend those days with you, realizing not only would he learn, he’d get rewarded for being a good student.

Selfie tag?!?

Im such a loser and i hate myself. Ive been tagged so many times by so many people for this and i never do it… please enjoy these trash selfies of me 

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5 months today with this big homosexual. Pfff man oh man i can safely say I’ve never experienced a relationship so happy, healthy, communicative and supportive. I really suck at words and getting my message out but man oh man do i love this boy. Im never afraid to be myself, to talk about my thoughts, to talk things through with him. Im beyond happy, if only i had more words to describe how i feel but even then i probably still wouldn’t be able to. Happy 5months loser :>