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have you done a top 5 eyes in exo?

I’m not rlly a person who pays much mind to eyes actually like they’re all pretty! Eyes are just pretty. But I am So Soft for JD’s eyes. They’re so nice and dark and sparkly and his eyelashes are just unfair. He literally has ardell’s demi-wispie false lashes, but like, naturally. So anyway here’s 5 JD eye pics you didn’t ask for instead.

Hello there!

Recently i’ve hit 1k followeeeers!!! which is absolutely crazy cuz I really don’t think i’m good enough to have many followers like that so i’m kinda shookt. But nways, a lot of good things happened since I created this blog and i’ve got so many friends and y’all are so nice with me so thats it, my first FF. Mostly of these are REALLY great creators and they’re very very very nice, so if you’re new to this fandom, they’re a MUST FOLLOW. =)

☆ - favorites creators  ♡ - mutuals 

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Kpop mutuals

hey guys ♡
I recently made this new blog and i don’t know anyone so i need new people to follow. Like/reblog this if you post any of the following:

Monsta x
•Block B
•Kpop in general(i’m always looking for new bands to stan anyways)
•Just wanna be mutuals, im looking for friends tbh

If you like/reblog i’ll check out your blog and most likely follow you. If you follow me i’ll follow you back and we can go from there.
(The ones in bold are what i’ll be posting most) Thanks guys♡

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Who are your fave writers on this site?


First of all, you may want to check my rec page, there I put my fave fics of all times and you can see how much I love the writers who wrote such wonderful pieces of art by the endless screaming in the tags lol

Secondly, I wanna tell you that all the authors I’m about to tag are a gift from the heaven and they all have their very own peculiar way with words - not only they are talented and hard working, but they are also incredibly creative and I still can’t wrap my mind around how effing good they are :’)

Look, they all could write a book and I would throw my money at them in 0.23 seconds cos damn they deserve it. Please, go check their blog, I promise you won’t regret it, for all their fics have the perfect mix of amazing plots and breath-taking style <3<3<3

So, without further ado, here we go!!!!

@inktae (queen of angst and fantasy, go find your tissues cos anonnie you’ll need em ok), @vankoya (can literally write anything, from smut to si-fi to crack, and you can only love the intricate way of her words), @yoongihime (fluff princess - quite literally, a soft bunbun among the hell of angst that this site is), @wonderer-ru (THE DETAILS!! THE EMOTIONS!! omfg ok look she could be an actual writer for what I know, cos her technique is amazing), @gukyi (ma lovely pal, I still can’t get over the way she can portray Jimin and Tae So Well), @sonnenfuchs (the coolest person I know and her smut is lit), @meetevil (my horror sis!!! If you are into angsty horror jesus you seriously need to check her blog!!), @thules (dear lord, her stories always make me cry, and I utterly fell in love with the Jimin from her fantasy), @bxebxee (the queen, THE GODDESS of smut ok? I love her cos her fics are both hilarious and super credible) and least but not least: @mysweetkittae (I’m still in awe for how wonderfully she can portray the psyche of her characters bye) 

I hope this can help you find some new writers to love anonnie ^^

(cos damn hell I sure do)

*sends you much love*

i need more blogs to follow

please reblog if you post:

- hannibal/hannigram*
- mads mikkelsen
- hugh dancy
- star wars/kylux*
- harry potter/fantastic beasts
- aos or tos star trek/spirk

im also looking for new mutuals (just a heads up, if i follow you it will be from my main blog @velvethorns)


I hope everyone is okay with me posting regular selfies (well they’re not really selfies but oh well) since I don’t have a phone to access SNOW. I did have a SNOW account though, and I miss it so much :”( This is for the Bias Selca tag (i think i did them all tho?), the “Bias-Filter Tag”, as well as for the SNOW sticker and filter tag thing(?). I hope you all accept my random, weird selfies (snfckjdbfkjs) feat. my messy basement and little sister Autumn [yes, we are Summer & Autumn :)].

I was tagged by @yoonjsung @parkji-hoons @minhwangs [and also others, I think, but I can’t remember :”(]

I’ll tag @kpoppoopie @sweetbabygirllor @godkimsamuel @dearestguanlin @wannawrite @wannaoneioi @wannabl @kimjaehwanswife @yue-hwa

You guys don’t have to do this btw ^ ^ SORRY FOR PERMANENTLY STAINING YOUR DASH 

{I was also low-key considering posting an old picture of me and Autumn but idk}

happy belated birthday jjhoa ;w; i loved eva’s design so i decided to draw her!! thank you for being my mutual aaaa ;ww;;;


Looking for more kpop blogs on my dash

Hey guys!

So I recently got back on tumblr after abandoning (lol) my old accs. Mostly cause I thought I could finally get away from this black hole of a fandom called kpop, but no it is not possible my friends. Anys, so my dash is super empty and so im looking for kpop blogs! Like / Reblog this post if you post any of these groups and ill check out your blog. Btw, Im also looking for mutuals so it would be nice if you guys followed back too! :)

  • akmu
  • astro
  • b1a4
  • bap
  • black pink
  • big bang
  • btob
  • BTS
  • cnblue
  • day6
  • dean
  • eric nam
  • exo
  • f(x)
  • gfriend
  • got 7
  • ikon
  • infinite
  • mamamoo
  • monsta x
  • nct
  • pentagon
  • red velvet
  • seventeen
  • sf9
  • shinee
  • snsd
  • super junior
  • twice
  • victon
  • vixx
  • winner

  • kdrama
  • kdrama actors
  • fan art
  • aesthetics

The ones in bold are the ones I stan the most. Lol i know its a lot but this multifandom shiz thing got me confused as hell. Ill follow the blogs I find interesting. Make sure to follow back too kkk. Annyeong!

WinWin Soulmate AU

Originally posted by nct127

Soulmate AU where one of you gets a letter saying when you guys will meet and the other gets a letter saying where you guys will meet

  • WinWinnie is so cute and savage at the same time.
  •  I love it.
  • lets start
  • you had just gotten your letter a few days ago
  • you were so thrilled when you got your letter
  • you just didnt expect the date to be so soon
  • and before you knew it, the few days you had to prepare yourself flew by
  • youve always heard stories of people missing their soulmate
  • and this is something you did want to happen under any circumstances
  • “y/n itll be ok youll be ok im sure youll meet your soulmate”
  • “ahh yeah i guess im just over thinking it. im just so nervous, you know?”
  • your friend johnny met his soulmate, ten, a few years ago 
  • johnten forever sorry not sorry
  • “cmon y/n ill take you to the ice cream shop”
  • so yall go to this ice cream shop and have a good time
  • but youre still checking your phone every minute
  • looking around the shop with anxious eyes
  • “y/n calm down everything will be ok”
  • johnnys words soothed you but youre still shaking in your seat
  • “im sorry im just so anxious and im so afraid that im going to miss my chance”
  • “you wont miss your chance ill help keep an eye out”
  • you guys sit there and wait until you guys are done with your ice cream
  • “y/n we should go its a nice day”
  • so you guys get up from your booth but as you turn around, you run into someone causing their ice cream to be smeared all over your shirt
  • “I am so sorry!”
  • “no no its my fault i got up too fast!”
  • as youre talking to this guy, johnny is waving his arms to get your attention and pointing at his wrist
  • at first you were confused
  • but then you realize that its time
  • “um this might be a weird question but are you supposed to meet you soulmate here?”
  • “actually i am”
  • “really because im supposed to meet my soulmate today”
  • he stopped wiping the ice cream off of you and he looked you in the eyes and hugged you
  • but you immediately pushed him off
  • “woah woah woah youre going to get ice cream all over you”
  • “i dont care”
  • and he hugged you again
  • he whispered in you ear
  • “ive been coming to this ice cream shop everyday for the past two years and everyday i came i was so worried that i missed you but im so happy we’re together now
  • he tightened his hug on you and let you go
  • “im Sicheng but everybody calls me WinWin”
  • “ok WinWin im y/n and im looking forward to a life together with you”
  • “the feeling is mutual”
  • ok im done
  • i love winwin
  • such a cutie
  • thanks for reading!!
  • bye bye!!

hi so im a new kpop acc and im looking for blogs to follow/mutuals!! please LIKE/REBLOG if you post any of the following and ill check you out!

• bts
• got7
• seventeen
• exo
• vixx
• monsta x
• ace
• astro
• up10tion
• blackpink
• pristin
• dreamcatcher

other groups are fine as long as one of the above is the majority of your blog! im always open to new groups~