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Kpop mutuals

hey guys ♡
I recently made this new blog and i don’t know anyone so i need new people to follow. Like/reblog this if you post any of the following:

Monsta x
•Block B
•Kpop in general(i’m always looking for new bands to stan anyways)
•Just wanna be mutuals, im looking for friends tbh

If you like/reblog i’ll check out your blog and most likely follow you. If you follow me i’ll follow you back and we can go from there.
(The ones in bold are what i’ll be posting most) Thanks guys♡

In the words of Jungkook, “I’m not good at taking selfies.” 

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anonymous asked:

who is one of the nicest bloggers you know on here?

I’m blessed with so many nice bloggers tbh and I can’t pick anyone but I’m going to try. I’m just going to tag people I talk very often or just cross thru my mind.
@bagginses ; @novxcaines ; @melisandlre ; @strangerhypnosis ; @ronweasleyi ; @eggogorgon ; @elevnns ; @mcavoy ; @dqrthvader ; @jimhopps ; @dadharbour ; @promiseleven ; @alexsummerrs@ruvenreyes ; @m11kee ; @eggo-loving-eleven ; @eggo-my-leggo ; @jimparscns

Looking for more kpop blogs on my dash

Hey guys!

So I recently got back on tumblr after abandoning (lol) my old accs. Mostly cause I thought I could finally get away from this black hole of a fandom called kpop, but no it is not possible my friends. Anys, so my dash is super empty and so im looking for kpop blogs! Like / Reblog this post if you post any of these groups and ill check out your blog. Btw, Im also looking for mutuals so it would be nice if you guys followed back too! :)

  • akmu
  • astro
  • b1a4
  • bap
  • black pink
  • big bang
  • btob
  • BTS
  • cnblue
  • day6
  • dean
  • eric nam
  • exo
  • f(x)
  • gfriend
  • got 7
  • ikon
  • infinite
  • mamamoo
  • monsta x
  • nct
  • pentagon
  • red velvet
  • seventeen
  • sf9
  • shinee
  • snsd
  • super junior
  • twice
  • victon
  • vixx
  • winner

  • kdrama
  • kdrama actors
  • fan art
  • aesthetics

The ones in bold are the ones I stan the most. Lol i know its a lot but this multifandom shiz thing got me confused as hell. Ill follow the blogs I find interesting. Make sure to follow back too kkk. Annyeong!

okay so

hi so this is a new blog and im only following like two eggs so im looking for some blogs to follow and maybe create some mutuals woohoo

if you post

twenty one pilots


panic! at the dsco

the 1975



aesthetic things

writing type things


teen wolf


ya books

the raven cycle

quotes and stuff

sunsets i love sunsets

plz reblog or like and i can check out you out??/sorry if i’ve annoyed anyone

graphic design is my passion

hi hi hi! guess who just hit 600 followers and wanted to whip up a little appreciation post for her lovely mutuals? seriously y’all are fantastic, thank you for making this awful website so much fun to be on. <3


agentace | anime-trashu-chan | anteikure | aomxnes | a-piece-of-trash | ask-kofuku | asunaflash | bakingmouse | basedhideyoshi | buttercondom | c0mettrail | cannibals-candle | chelletheturtle | chensenjebsenjensen | chr0matus | dickssp8jr | ezlob | garrchomped | grey-witch | halofirstforheads | hana-noona | hawlyllama | hideyoshi-n-agachika | hmukuroo | ikihiyroi | irlsaria | i-sabellas | japanesecartoon | kenkanekl | kittysamuri93 | kristiemarieeee 


littleladysugar | lord-kel | mackabooty-and-cheese | magsuoka | makenziesummer | malacophonousme | mamadao | megnotegg | mizukiakabayashis | momochizabuza | mr-ilostmyglasses-oda | murasakiyaoihandsatsushi | nanaser | nisheinoya | oikawasparkles | onii-sandwich | panicatthemovies | preserumbrooklynqueers | raggedy-martin-ovaries | razzmctazz | romaniagirl1992


sadaharus | sayyakamiki | scienceofsterek | senza-correre | sevintran | shcrktooth | sitacvisses | skull-kid-with-a-spoopy-mask | sousuckit | stricting | sugawarakuoshi | superpaleandweird | surveydorks | thatoneblackfangirl | thedorkamongus | thorreos | tropicanopes | unravel–ghoul | venucifer | violentsyllables | violetwarskies | xaviers-schoolof-rock | yachiii | yanderechild | yatoismygod | yatono | yatosucks | youre-strong-clem | zetchan

hey!! rb and tag what you post

and ill check u out!! im looking for mutuals/more people to follow

  • steven universe
  • stranger things
  • legend of zelda
  • atla or lok
  • voltron
  • scenery (forests, cities, sky)
  • aesthetic (pastel, pink, yellow etc)
  • flowers or plants
  • dragons
  • witchy stuff
  • knitting, crochet, weaving, or any other textile craft
  • tasteful, diverse nudity or nsfw
My dash board is rlly empty and im looking for mutuals so pls reblog/like if you post:

• Supernatural/Destiel
•Captain America/Stucky
•Bucky/Sebastian Stan
•Misha Collins
•Basically anything marvel
•Fanfic (of any of the above mentioned things)

Looking for anime blogs to follow!

hi everyone!! majority of the people i follow have been inactive now so i need more people to follow to keep my dashboard. 
so reblog if you blog..
-shigatsu wa kimi no uso
-kyoukai no kanata
-owari no seraph
-tokyo ghoul
-new animes such as kiznaiver, bungou stray dogs, etc.
-anime sceneries 
-or any other anime in general.

im also looking for mutuals, if you follow me ill definitely follow you back. i hope that we can be friends!! :D

need more blogs to follow

im looking to follow around 50-100 new blogs so if you post any of the following

  • the 100
  • teen wolf
  • marvel
  • star wars
  • htgawm
  • game of thrones
  • funny text posts

reblog this post and ill check out your blog! you don’t have to follow me, but im mainly looking for mutuals so im more likely to follow you back that way ^-^