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Chapters: ½
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments Series - Cassandra Clare, The Shadowhunter Chronicles - Cassandra Clare, Shadowhunters (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood, Background Clary Fray/Jace Wayland - Relationship, Background Isabelle Lightwood/Simon Lewis, Background Aline Penhallow/Helen Blackthorn, Background Tessa Gray/Will Herondale/Jem Carstairs
Characters: Magnus Bane, Alec Lightwood, Jace Herondale, Clary Fray, Isabelle Lightwood, Simon Lewis, Max Lightwood, Joceyln Fray, Tessa Gray, Aline Penhallow
Additional Tags: Childhood Friends AU, Fluff, Angst, Romance, im a total sucker for childhood friends au’s so, cheesy romantic tropes, Mutual Pining, oblivious idiots, Friends to Lovers, Happy Ending, I promise, mundane AU, alternate au


Tessa came and sat on the bed, giving him a pitying look. “If you’re that far in denial, it’s not even funny.” She said.

“What do you mean?” He asked, but somehow he already knew what she would say to him. His palms felt clammy.

“What I’m saying, you oblivious twat, is that the way you look and talk to and about Alec, is the way I look and talk about Jem and Will. The way Jace looks at Clary, and the way Simon looks at Isabelle.”


aka the Childhood Friends AU that I’m a total sucker for, and a whole bunch of other tropes stuffed in.

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