im litt

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aksjsks i saw this text post on here and it was some girl that was like 'im so pure and innocent why am i placed on this earth ?' and apparently her boyfriend replied under and it was like 'you literally did the splits on my dick this morning' and i waS LIKE THIS IS LITT IM SCREAMING


I used to get upset and angry when people didn’t treat me the way I treated them. When I’d be there for friends but they left me in my time of need, when I gave people so much of my love and time and they didn’t reciprocate. I felt drained and frustrated. But now I’ve realised, it’s so freeing when you no longer expect anything from people. Do good, treat others well, love people even though you may get nothing in return. Life is about what you give, not what you receive. 

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what have you doing after u kiss litt?

im was hiding from Aki for kissing Litt and im still in hiding spot and dont know how mach i can stey hear it bean like 2 h im hear 

I hope Aki(@akilitt)is not gona to faund me hear 

Quick sketch because Mika would totally kiss Yuu’s neck at every possible moment to make up for sucking his blood for so many reasons and I’m into that