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i still think about boysbe a lot

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What do you think of mlp. Because that shit is lit.

funfact: mun’s first fandom was mlp and i was like 10 and it was great also i KNOW there are like 6 blogs covering this crossover and i’ve forgotten their names please tag them i need to know who they are. was this ask ironic?i cant tell

I used to get upset and angry when people didn’t treat me the way I treated them. When I’d be there for friends but they left me in my time of need, when I gave people so much of my love and time and they didn’t reciprocate. I felt drained and frustrated. But now I’ve realised, it’s so freeing when you no longer expect anything from people. Do good, treat others well, love people even though you may get nothing in return. Life is about what you give, not what you receive. 

ITS YA BOI!!! back at it again with the fluff

This is based off that shunkeith parenthood au i wrote for @sednamode‘s birthday c’: those can be read here (or here, on ao3)

i’ll probably post this and like two others on ao3 tomorrow!
Edit: Now on AO3!


Keith scrubbed past the bubbles on his arms, bottom lip sucked between his teeth in concentration. Warm water splashed as high as his elbows, soaking his shirt and the counter with the waves he created.

Hunk passed by to press a kiss against the nape of his exposed neck, his ponytail having been tied up and out of the way at the apex of his skull. His nose scrunched up at the tickle, and he splashed Hunk with a few suds, catching a nearby Shiro in the process.

Shiro leaned away, a startled laugh escaping into his coffee. Steamy hazelnut flooded his nose, and he cracked a smile as he regarded the two of them.

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If it makes you feel better, you know you're taller than me being like 3 inches shorter than you.

obsidianlover said to boodles-art::’) I’m 5’, shortie club!

galactic-spacebunx said to boodles-art:Emma I’m 4'10 help,,

hbhdfs yes,,,,, the shortie clu b,,,,,

scrumptiousbagel said to boodles-art:Why is everyone so sm o l jes us. Everyone here is like 5'2 or lower and I’m here being a tall heck

cats-in-a-trenchcoatt said to boodles-art:Smol bean, I’m 5'7

thesmallestquinn said to boodles-art:YOU’RE AN INCH SMALLER THAN ME AHA

inkilisk said to boodles-art:HA ALL OF YOU ARE MICROSCOPIC COMPARED TO MY 5’7 SELF


Quick sketch because Mika would totally kiss Yuu’s neck at every possible moment to make up for sucking his blood for so many reasons and I’m into that