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Jeanmarco for the ship thing!!


  • How did they they meet? they first met in kindergarten during recess though it was more they just passed by eachother and looked at the other for a second or two before their friends pulled them away lol??? they were staring bc jean thought marco was really tall for a “6 year old” but marco was too nervous to say anything bc he knew he started school a year late so he was actually 7
  • Who developed romantic feelings first? it was probably jean because he really looks up to marco (in more ways than just height lol) you’d think it’d be marco but he’s just a really affectionate person which honestly doesn’t help jean’s case. at the same time though its not like marco had special feelings for jean that he could never put his finger on and eventually he couldn’t take it and searched up his feelings on google and the results were all like “10 Signs He’s Your True Love”/“What it Feels Like to be in Love” and marco just kinda,,, laid down w his face in his bedsheets for a while blushing really hard and “(muffled) AAAAAAAAAA”. marco’s feelings were more a slow build that peaked at around 14/15 which was around the time where jean just looked at him one day and “oh my god i love him am i gay?????”
  • Who is their biggest “shipper?” obviously not in the yaoi fan sense (ug h) but sasha and connie were both kinda “theyre just as close as eren and armin this is ridiculous” and they’d be dicks abt it like with invitations sasha or connie would adress it to jean and marco and the two would be like “we,,, don’t live together,,,” and sasha or connie would whisper to the other “yet”
  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances? even though jean wanted the kiss to be when they confessed their love like in cheesy movies but marco didn’t because he was a little nervous about it and for a while jean just kinda accepted the lil pecks on the cheek he’d usually do to greet him/say goodbye/etc. BUT AT THE NEW YEAR PARTY AT THE END OF THE COUNTDOWN MARCO JUST SWEEPS JEAN OFF HIS FEET AND GOES STRAIGHT FOR THE LIPS and it goes on for a bit longer than planned like,,, long enough for eren to take pictures and basically have the whole school find out lol?? after the kiss jean’s heart is racing but marco’s the one to pass out bc “holy shit i seriously just did that" 
  • Who confessed their feelings first? it happened at the beginning of their junior year bc they were getting nervous about college and stuff and being worried about being separated and marco promised to stay in the same state at least and jean was super relieved and said something like “i love you man” and marco was like “i love you too…” and jean was like “WAIT WHAT” and marco was like “WAIT WHAT” and then they talked it out a bit even though the anxiousness made them all sweaty and stuttering a lot even though if the other didn’t like them back they honestly wouldn’t have gotten that far,, after the talk kinda finished they just kinda looked at eachother and just started giggling,, and by a huge coincidence their senior year they both got accepted by the one college they could both apply for so its obvious which they picked >:^)
  • What was their first official date? since they were just dorky high schoolers in love the most of a date they got was “hey you wanna go to mcdonalds after school i skipped lunch to study so i’m starving” or “wanna sleepover for the weekend i got the new pokemon game" 
  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates? they’re usually really awkward so they avoid them,, like with springles they call out any sign of affection jean or marco show to the other, with reibert jean is carefully making sure marco isn’t makin goo goo eyes at bertl bc they both know he is one of the best soprano saxophone players in town (its rumored that a soprano saxophone is the only instrument that can make marco orgasm with just one note), with yumikuri ymir and marco are judging the other’s date, and with eremin jean and eren are just arguing over who has the cuter nerd
  • What do they do in their down time? they usually just watch shows on the tv or mess around on the internet or play video games heehee
  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like? they spent more time at marco’s house and marco’s mom kinda caught on with what was going on between him and jean and even though his family is really religious she isn’t bigoted, so it was just after jean went home marco’s mom was like "is he your boyfriend?” and marco was like “yeah,,,??” and she just nodded and smiled and said “he seems nice, good choice” and marco was like “um,,” bc he didn’t know he seemed out enough for his mom to notice (who is the same woman who didn’t believe ymir and christa were dating until ymir directly said “IM GAY”), the only thing they had to worry about was jean’s parents bc they’re the kind who’s like “you can talk to us about anything!!” and then say some gross hateful shit so you’re pretty much silenced. but one day marco went with jean to spend the night and jean went to come out to his parents and their reaction was just “sigh… if that’s how you want to live your life then fine” marco just stood beside jean like 😊🔪 
  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it? the first argument they had was because jean got in a fight w eren (like 80% of all their arguments lol??) but they got past it simply by marco making jean apologize and coincidentally armin and mikasa did the same with eren
  • Which one is more easily made jealous? jean is but hes just a needy person?? and he wont try to cut marco off from everyone bc that’s just toxic and abusive af, but like if marco laughs at a joke someone makes or something jean will run up like “MARCO!!! MARCO LOOK AT THIS MEME ON MY PHONE!!! i’m so funny aren’t i funny please validate me”
  • What is their favourite thing to get to eat? on laid back days where neither of them want to cook they love to order sushi but that can get kinda expensive so its more a delicacy thing
  • Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position? its actually kind of both??? jean is the cuddler because marco is a warm person and marco just likes to have jean close,,,! jean usually likes to lie on marco’s chest and just listen to his heartbeat and jean will whimper by impulse when marco tries to get up w/o him knowing (marco isn’t sure why jean likes hearing his heartbeat so much, its not like anything happened in the past where he’d need that reassurance,, right? :’^) )
  • Are they hand holders? even before they started dating they’d hold hands just because, that’s literally it they just wanted to hold hands though when they were crushing for each other they’d hesitate for a second then they’d blush a lot hehehe,, jean still blushes a lil when marco reaches for his hand because affection is his weakness
  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances? if that means literally sleeping together, their first sleepover was in 1st grade and they didn’t even get to their sleeping bags they tried staying up too late and just fell asleep on the couch resting their head on the other. but going by the sexual meaning it was when jean turned 18 bc a couple months prior marco innocently asked “is there anything special you want for your birthday??” and jean thought for a minute before making this awful smirk and we all know what he said afterwards,, tbh though neither thought it was as awkward as they thought it’d be but marco woke up to his mom walking in to wake him up to clean the house bc he held jean’s party and was like “why’s there all these clothes on the floor??” and marco was like “i just,,, haven’t cleaned my room in a while i’ll get to it in a second!!” and gets out of bed with just a tank-top and boxers on and his mom is just like “… okay…” and leaves, but marco’s just confused there was no comment on the fact he was sleeping next to jean, who’s looks like he’s just missing his shirt but under the bedsheets he’s missing a lot more clothes 
  • Who tops? they like switching a lot. though,, if there’s one role one is better at than the other, marco is one hell of a power bottom lma o
  • What’s the worst first they’ve ever gotten into? the first time they saw the other sick was one when jean drank too much at a party and got sick armin was just like “aren’t you going to help him?!?” marco was already getting really squeamish and he was like “UHH NO THANKS” and after it was all done they sat on the couch and marco just rubbed jean’s back while jean looked down at the floor feeling really embarrassed that he let that happen to him 
  • Who does the shopping and the cooking? marco does the shopping but he usually takes a long time to get everything bc he gets stuck in the aisle with candles and pretty smelling soaps and for cooking they both cook its just who wants to cook more
  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness? marco is simply because messes tend to bother him and he’ll get kinda fidgety until he does something about it
  • Who proposes? jean proposed first but marco had a ring for jean so the both had cute lil engagement rings :3c
  • Do they have joined Bachelor/Bachelorette parties or separate? they’re joined bc they pretty much have the same friends so it’d just be a waste to do two parties
  • Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids? jean chose connie and marco chose armin for their best men but there weren’t other bridesmaids or groomsmen
  • Big Ceremony or Small? it was kinda small?? there wasnt too many people but they had it in the city?? so it was small but at the same time it was a big party
  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where? they dont go anywhere too fancy, they just rent a house by the beach thats close to the boardwalk but isnt directly on it
  • Do they have children? How many? theyd have like 4 kids and when the kids were little theyd walk like a lil group of ducklings from oldest to youngest wwaahh