im listening to panic at the disco

things with sharp edges & bullets in nazis, swearing by pushkin & tolstoy & trotsky, armor & arrows & black widow stings,these are a few of my favorite things

Murder Spree | A Warfstache Playlist

1.Rose-Colored Boy / Paramore 2. Bubblegum Bitch / Marina and the Diamonds 3. Alphabet Boy / Melanie Martinez 4. Young and Beautiful / Lana Del Rey 5. Control / Halsey 6. Party Poison / My Chemical Romance 7. Bad Girl / Avril Lavigne w/ Marilyn Manson 8. Let’s Kill Tonight / Panic! At the Disco 9. Million Dollar Bills/ Lorde 10. Money / That Poppy 

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{Reaction} Got7 finding out you like Panic! at the Disco

`can you do a got7 reaction where their s/o loves the band panic! at the disco (like he/she sings often their songs etc ) ^^ thanks ♡

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Jackson Wang

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Jackson: *Pretends like he doesn’t care but he actually loves to hear you sing.* “Singing that again? You should sing Got7 songs” 

Mark Tuan

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Mark: *Joins in with you* “Casual love affair~” 


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Bambam: *Starts fanboying and dancing as if he’s watching you at a concert when in reality you’re singing into a hairbrush in the living room.* “I love you {y/n}!” 

Im Jaebum/ JB

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Jaebum: *Watches with a smile on his face.* “You’re so strange, Jagiya.” 

Park Jinyoung

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Jinyoung: “Apart from the whole thing being off key, you’re doing great Jagi.” *Teasing you - actually loves to hear you sing.*

Kim Yugyeom

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Yugyeom: “I could listen to you sing all day Jagi, and you really need to introduce me to more bands that you like, the music is lit.” 

Choi Youngjae

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Youngjae: *Dances around the kitchen with you as you shout out the lyrics to Panic! at the Disco.*

anonymous asked:

who is your favorite band/artist? at the moment mine is MIKA

oh my god dude u just sent me into infodump hell mode here we fuckin go

ok so as of now my favorite band would probably be glass animals, because holy shit their stuff is so intricate and complex?? like the overall musical texture is just a+. i can listen to their songs over and over again without getting tired bc like literally every time i hear something new its wonderful

but liKE I FEEL LIKE IM LEAVING OUT SO MANY MORE THAT ARE ALSO MY FAVORITE BANDS/ARTISTS so here are some honorable mentions in no particular order

  • Gorillaz: would die for all of them. the new album literally killed me and then rose me from the dead
  • Nine Inch Nails: great music for going AAAAAAA!! strangely, also good music for crying
  • Panic! At the Disco: Beebop Eureka is the only man ill ever love
  • Bush: Also good AAAAAA! music. strangely powerful though??
  • Radiohead: there was a post that i saw on here once that said something like “radiohead makes music for people who are afraid to ask for ketchup at mcdonalds.” to this day its the truest statement ive ever read
  • Arctic Monkeys: this band always slips back into my life at the weirdest times and i just roll with it 
  • Foster the People: My favorite band in sixth grade. i still love them to death. torches will always be sacred to me
  • The Offspring: from my edgy phase (which im still lowkey in)
  • Nirvana: I was blasting smells like teen spirit while driving past my old middle school and it scared the shit out of the sixth graders. A+ music
  • Weezer: Shout out to the cute girl that got my gay ass to listen to this one
  • Pierce the Veil: And this one too
  • The 1975: Look shes really pretty and wonderful ok dont judge me
  • Two Door Cinema Club: I listened to them because the album cover for tourist history has a cat on it. i have no regrets
  • Grouplove: Good summer vibes. their music always cheers me up
  • Twenty One Pilots: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I have no excuse for this one

Based off of Nicotine by Panic!at the disco 

Bucky Barnes 

my cramps are so bad but its aight im fine its fine everything is fine 








Everything about you was intoxicating. Your lips, your body, your touch. Bucky couldn’t get enough of you. Steve kept telling him you were no good, that you would only break is battered heart. He didn’t listen, he never did. The thing that really got Bucky was the fact you always smelt like nicotine, despite never smoking. The tart smell drove him crazy, he loved it. 

“Buck, you need to stop seeing them.” Steve tried to get Bucky away from you, you were destroying the man. He wasn’t sleeping, he spent his days wandering the halls of the compound waiting for you to call him, only to leave him hanging again. 

“I love her, Steve.” He did, he really did. He loved the thought of you, the mere thought of you made him want to cry out. You thought it was a wonderful sick game. 

“They’re ripping you apart.” Bucky smiled at Steve’s comment”

“I enjoy it, them tearing me apart. It makes me feel alive again.” Bucky’s faced turned sinister and Steve left the room. He couldn’t believe this was happening to Bucky. 

That night you met up Bucky, a masterful plan on your mind. You had the man on a leash, he would follow everything you did. You loved it. Having him begging for you to pay attention to him, desperate for attention. He was pathetic. 

“Hello, James.” You whispered in his ear, feeling the goosebumps raise on his skin. 

Your lips traveled from his ear to his neck, leaving soft bites that left the man gasping. His fingers twitched at the feeling of your sticky lips on his skin, he craved the feeling of it. Your hands moved over his broad shoulders, feeling ever ripped of his muscles. Your cold fingers found his arms, the cool metal of his left made your movement freeze for a second. You couldn’t wait to finally destroy him. 

His fingers found yours and he whipped you in front of him, pushing you down on his lap. His movements were rough and fast, before you knew it you both were only in your undergarments. Bucky picked you up and practically threw you on the bed, making you gasp. He had never acted like this before. 

“Whats with you?” You asked the man standing before you, your breaths coming out at a rapid pace. 

“I’m tired of you,” The comment left you speechless. Bucky crawled on top of you, his lips touching every piece of your skin that he could find. His hot lips were a heavy contrast to your cool skin, you enjoyed it. 

“What do you mean?” You let out tiny gasps as his teeth nipped at your neck. 

“You’re a fucking drag doll, you exhaust me.” You felt his smile against your skin. 

His lips finally found your and you let out a whine. He groaned at the sound and pushed his hips against yours. He moved them at a steady pace, the tiny piece of fabric on your underwear and his was the only thing keeping you apart. The feeling of his crotch rubbing against yours was almost too much to bear. 

“Please, Buck.” It was more of a demand than a beg, he wasn’t having it. 

“No, tonight I destroy you doll.”