im liking this feeling

i love looking at strangers because i really do believe there is something beautiful physically on everyone. every person has a striking feature and i fully believe that embracing the traits that make us unique only makes a person more appealing. i love strong noses, wrinkles, crooked smiles, birth marks, moles, scars, dark brows and everything that makes a person who they are. beauty is so diverse and subjective and thats what i love about it.

Triumvirate HC

When they were in high school they were near inseparable.

Courfeyrac was out as gay but his parents were rich and his uncle javert was on the police force so he got no shit. Besides, he was the perfect GBF so he fully used that to his advantage to not get punched and to protect Combeferre and Enjolras from getting punched.

Combeferre was out as gay to his parents but he kept a low enough profile in his dating life that no one questioned him in school.

Enjolras was not out to anyone but Courf and Ferre. not even close. He knew he couldn’t come out as trans until he got to uni. He did wear borrowed clothes to school and played it off as being a “tomboy” but people suspected.

Courfeyrac used his privilege as an out gay person who couldn’t be beaten up to try and push for things he knew would help Ferre and Enj feel more comfortable. He spoke out. The other two were incredibly grateful and proud of him.

For their prom Courf was put on the committee so the school could claim diversity. He pushed and pushed for a more inclusive prom but the school was having none of it. They had to draw the line somewhere. 

Enjolras was pushed out of the door in a dress he hated by his parents. Combeferre was boycotting and his parents were fine with that. Combeferre grabbed a change of clothes for E and they met up in the park to chat and look at the stars.

Courf may have been a drama queen but god knows he didn’t want to be at a shitty homophobic ball without his best friends so he turned up to help set up and stayed for approximately 10 minutes.

Because he was on committee no one even questioned it when he took the punch bowl into the back room. They didn’t need to know he was pouring a huge chunk into a flask. They didn’t question him when he grabbed three slices of cake and wrapped them up. They didn’t even question it when he left the building with a duffel bag and never came back. Final proof they really didn’t want him there.

He joined Ferre and Enj in the park and they ate the stolen cake and snacks and drank the stolen punch and talked about their future plans and how fantastic it would be to not be here anymore.

Eventually they ended up back at Combeferre’s house. Courf let Enjolras try on his suit and they ultimately have one of the best nights of their lives.

Just wanna say that basing the quality or chemistry in a ship based on IN GAME BATTLE SYNERGY IS STUPID AS SHIT AND MAKES NO SENSE. How well two characters being played by real people who all play differently work together while fighting in a fucking video game does not somehow make a ship “lesser” if they don’t work as well together as a ship comprised of two characters who DO synergize well in battle.

 The in game battle synergy and actual character chemistry writing wise are entirely separate and trying to justify harassment of others, and arguments that this ship you don’t like “is totally awful and makes no sense because they don’t synergize well in battle” is childish, lacks logic and I’d think people would have enough common sense to realize how fucking stupid it sounds. 

So saying Gency is a bad ship just because Mercy Pocketing a Genji doesn’t synergize as well as a Mercy pocketing a Pharah is stupid af and makes no sense because game and actual character are two separate things.

The reach in this argument is like…your arms must be made of rubber if you’re able to reach that far. You do realize it’s okay to dislike a ship for no real reason right?? No one is telling you that you have to like it, reaching for a reason so far that you come up with stuff like this that doesn’t even really make any sense is so silly…just, chill out man, stay in your shipping lane and we’ll stay in ours.

A very important question

Are you team “bellamy could hear clarke every day but couldn’t respond” or are you team “bellamy has no idea she’s still alive”

Tbh, I’m on the fence.

anonymous asked:

how about possession AU where instead of being evil spirits its just ghosts of long lost lovers who want to finally be united (and maybe bone down) and choose g and sid for *handwaves* reasons. and instead of being all ominous it just results in the team finding the two in compromising positions, talking like some sort of bodice ripper romance characters. also g would totally be possessed by the lady ghost. because imagine him swooning into sid's arms.

om g LOOOOL okay tbh when i first read long lost ghost lovers I immediately thought of a ghost who latches onto sid because Sid looks like his lover, and he thinks that his lover has finally come back to him (his lover died - either killed by angry townsfolk or at sea, i haven’t decided yet), and the ghosts sees geno as someone he must get rid of