im liking the black and white

*sighs* really? it’s just so much easier for yall to declare lorca a villain rather than deal with a morally ambiguous character with severe ptsd? is it really that much easier to be on a black-white spectrum? i mean michael is pretty much a morally grey character as well. she’s not a perfect cinnamon roll, she has her (pretty big) flaws and that’s what makes her character interesting and her storyline captivating. for fucks sake just learn to consume fiction that’s not simply good perfect uwu babies and bad horrible villains, oh my godddd

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The point is you came up on a post discussing how in light of how poorly these white women treated black people, the discomfort of their beauty rituals is nothing, and in hindsight, as a member of the oppressed, it's not sympathetic. You inappropriately defended the white women. And instead of listening to the oppressed, u keep defending white women. Yes, we're all humans, but in a world that doesn't treat us that way, it's naive and offensive for u to oversimplify it like that.

im saying that reducing those experiences to “discomfort” is fucked up, because of aforementioned massive health problems caused by those rituals. that matters. its significant


My Mom’s mist likely not going to be able to afford my Halloween costume that i wanted this year (i wanted to be spiderman) so im gonna have to improvise. I have the following:

  • Wonder Woman dress (costume from last year)
  • Riddler dress (potential costume)
  • Black+White Bandana pattern Capt America dress (how do i even make that a good costume???)
  • Possibly my shitty closet cosplay wanda maximoff aou outfit
  • Possibly yj Zatanna closet cosplay??
  • My harley quinn jeans+batharl shirt

Idk anything else thats easy so the end

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i love your black and white photos. I like the general visual of it and then I look deeper and its a world I dont know so im interested and i look deeper. this is rare. so many things are things ive seen and yes its a beautiful photo but im not mystified. i know what it is. you are photographing a world that I dont know. i went to art school 👻 and i remember the day i saw Millet paintings. Millet painted field workers when no one had painted field workers before. This is what you are doing ❤️

Aww, thank you. I think maybe I like black and white more sometimes because it shows detail better. Also, I’m in places, doing things, that are completely ordinary to me, but normally unseen or unnoticed by most. Not to be pretentious (intentionally) but I think there’s beauty, or at least bits of beauty, hidden in everything.


Damianos & Laurent,
The Power Couple,
Uniters of Kingdoms,

                                                T H E  K I N G S

when ur splitting really bad and u try to cut everyone off but they all know what you’re trying to do and they try to love and support u

Local Vampire Hopelessly Charmed by Adorable Ghost, More News at 10