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Truth or Dare

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Trigger Warnings: noooone

Hi :) can I please request a Barry Allen one shot where your kind of like an intern at starlabs and really shy and you only really talk and laugh with Barry and both of you have feelings for eachother but you don’t know it, and then one day Cisco and Caitlin like set you two up or something to get you two to confess your feelings idk? Something just really fluffy ❤️

a/n: OMG I AM SO LATE WITH THIS IM SO SORRY ILY SEND FEEDABAck please. I’m sorry it sucked it’s been awhile

     The elevator took only half a second to get to the ground level of S.T.A.R. Labs, but if felt like thirty hours. You were an intern slash assistant at said science laboratory working for Harrison Wells and his three adorable science nerds. One specific nerd a lot more adorable than the others. But that’s whatever, it’s not like he likes you back or anything. 

     That would be stupid.

     And impossible.

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