im like a stub

u ever think abt how like, roberta is Jewish, and so is stephan.
Rachel plays a ukelele,, and stebo does too.
Reighlyn thinks her antagonists aren’t all bad and steroid… hmm
I see nothing wrong with a character u create to be a slight reflection of u, but like?? RS is SU and and I feel like she is so invested in seeing herself in him that it disallows him to feel lasting consequences of negative actions, do anything remotely wrong, and have 50million powers.

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I had an extra ticket to my show and I sold it for $40 instead of the usual $29 just because of handling. Selling it for hundreds of dollars or even a hundred is unfair. There are so many fans who can barely afford a face value ticket. Some people need a concert to stay alive. It's unfair that people just buy them up. How about they buy stuff that won't hurt fans? I hate scalpers. I can see if you really need money asking maybe 20-30 more, but not more than that.

yes yes i agree with this so hard

i swear if i ever win the lotto im going to buy out sites like stub hub and giveaway tickets for free because everyone deserves to see their favorite band at least once