im like a lawyer with the way im always trying to get you off


Character(s): Reader X Changkyun, also a sassy medical examiner Hyungwon

Genre: fluff, borderline!crack/humor, also like there’s a dead person but i prOMISE THERES NO ANGST

Warning(s): rough sex, slight!exhibitionism, dirty talk

Length: 6k

Summary: In which lawyer Im Changkyun makes you want to spontaneously combust.

You like to think you have your life together.

Proud, reassured, confident. Not necessarily arrogant, but aware of your capabilities. You graduated at the top of your class from one of the best universities, an extremely successful lawyer, and you’ve already made a name for yourself in the field. Be it battling out cases in court, patching up negotiations over a mahogany table, or waking up at ungodly hours of the morning to sit in during police investigations, you’ve accomplished more than enough to have you more than satisfied with life.

Really, you shouldn’t have anything to complain about.

But a little thorn in your side goes by the name Im Changkyun, all cocky smirks and self-assured ease.

He gives you something to complain about.

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Never Letting Go

Characters: Sam Winchester, Y/N Y/L/N, John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mary Winchester, Y/N’s parents

Pairing: AU Sam x Reader

Warnings: Character death, mention of alcohol abuse, John being a bad parent, Dean being an awesome brother, mention of domestic abuse, mention of rape, mention of character death - None of it graphic!   

Word Count: 1200ish

A/N: So this turned out way different than I planned. Sorry I didn’t include Destiel after all Beka. I promise I will make a drabble out of that moment we talked about at some point.

This is written for @impala-dreamer One Prompt for All Sam Challenge. The prompt was “I promise I won’t let go”

Also I aimed for fluff which I clearly missed by a mile. Apparently I can’t write Sam without some degree of angst! Sorry!

Thanks to the always amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing this.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Sam Winchester was like a lost kid when he met Y/N. He felt guilty for all the things his brother had sacrificed for his happiness, so much so that he was starting to doubt Stanford Law was really what he wanted. You see, Sam Winchester didn’t come from an ordinary family. He came from a family with a father that blamed him for the death of his mother while he took everything he felt Sam did wrong out on his older brother Dean.

When Sam was 6 months old, his mother had taken the eyes off the road for one brief moment to look back at her crying baby. Just long enough for the car to sway into oncoming traffic before a honking horn made her overcorrect, steering right into a huge oak just a few miles from their home. Sam didn’t remember any of this of course, but his four year old brother did. Before telling the cops, Dean did something no kid should ever have to do. He unfastened his brother’s seat belt and carried him from the wreck before the vehicle caught fire. He saved his brother’s life, but Dean never saw it like that. He remember the smell of burning flesh and his mother’s screams. More than that, he remembered the dead look in his father’s eyes; the hate he looked at his baby brother with, when Dean told the police what had happened.

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anonymous asked:

Could I possibly very much ask for you to do the body guard post with got7 please? Not that it will matter lmao but it's my birthday tomorrow so if you do I will literally die of happiness your blog is my life lol but if it's too much of a hassle don't worry about it and keep doing yo thang B)

since it’s your birthday tomorrow, i am honored to accept this request and hopefully it’ll make you smile !!!! here’s bodyguard got7~


  • silent, but the most deadly out of everyone because he’s got a reputation in the business as being one of the most physically skilled and stealthy bodyguards
  • sometimes you’re not sure if you hired a guard or like a secret assassin 
  • enjoys a variety of sports and when you practice he’s always there to lend a helping hand like that time you took up tennis for a while and when your teacher was gone, mark very politely offered to help you with your stance and maybe just maybe having his strong hands maneuver your hips has made you a tinsy bit shy around him now…….
  • but as a guard he’s very reserved and mannered. he doesn’t enjoy the other guards touching you if it isn’t for safety precaution and if anything when bambam starts making jokes and putting his arm on your shoulder mark is always there to keep him in check
  • but unlike jinyoung he’s not a complete downer, you’ll see him laughing at the younger bodyguards antics or when he catches jackson falling asleep during an important meeting
  • and he looks so handsome and perfect that sometimes you can’t concentrate on your work when he’s on solo duty and standing beside you looking….well… That
  • one time mark had gotten to work a little late and you had run into him before he had got to change into the uniform
  • and there he is, in just some grey sweats and a low hanging tank top, hair still sweaty from what you assume was his morning workout
  • and you’re so startled by the sight you drop the pile of papers you’re holding and mark notices you and you’re like ohno oh no o h N o 
  • but he’s already jogging over to help you and when he leans down you can practically see down his tank and you’re like eep and he’s like hmmm
  • and when he looks up you guys are so close, noses practically touching and …… and you’ve gotta be dreaming but is mark tilting his head to lean in and ……
  • jacksons voice echos from somewhere like MARK DUDE JINYOUNGS SO PISSED YOUR LAt- o H AM I inteRRUPtING 
  • and you and mark pull back but it’s too late jackson is giggling his head off and telling you to continue doing whatever but you and mark are bLUShing messes 


  • for the fun of it im giving bodyguard jb a motorcycle in this au 
  • and jinyoung nags that it’s unprofessional for a guard to show up on such a loud bike!!!!! but when you pass by you compliment jb on how cool it is that he’s got a motorcycle and how you’d love to ride on one one day
  • and when you’re gone, jb just turns to jinyoung with the most smug smile like ‘the boss approves’
  • jinyoung stomps away huffing and misses the part where jb has to cover his face with his hand because GOD you just called him COOL he’s gonna be thinking about this all day
  • likes having two guns because he can be extra but also probably because he actually knows how to handle the weapons and tbh he can even spin them and yugyeom keeps begging jb to teach him how to do it but jb is like “you’re too young kid”
  • yugyeom; looks into the camera like he’s on the office 
  • bodyguard!jb has this scar on his back from a motorcycle crash a couple years before and all the guards think it’s badass so when they’re changing they’re all like he’s soooooo tough and chic and WOW
  • in reality jb watches dramas on his phone when you’re all in the car to an event and jackson’s like watcha watching and jb’s like ……nothing im watching a documentary on like. guns. yeah. guns
  • he crying over the new moon lovers episode please
  • there was a situation once at a public charity event you were holding and someone was basically chasing after you and jb since jb had been alarmed at the danger and was trying to get you to safety
  • so you’re running behind him, jb turns around to grab your hand and instead of going all the way to where your car is he tells you he’s parked his bike closer so he hops on, gives you the helmet and tells you to hold on
  • and you grip his waist as he gets the engine started and you yell that he needs to be careful because he doesn’t have an helmet on since he gave it to you, but jb just shakes his head
  • and once you’re far away enough he pulls over to the side of the road and you practically throw yourself into his arms because gOd you were so scared he was going so fast
  • and jb’s like don’t worry! i always go fast, motorcycles are-
  • but you hit his chest and you’re like THATS NOT WHY i was so scared we’d crash and you’d get hurt
  • and jb feels his heartbeat skip as he looks down at you and you’re just like “don’t put yourself at risk like that for me” and you sniffle a bit but he only pulls you into his arms and is like “it’s my job though, but..i promise ill try to be more safe from now on.”


  • acts like a big kid, memes like a big kid, but can snap someones neck with his bare hands
  • doesn’t ever want to resort to violence but he has this really bad impulse control that if someone as much as /looks/ wrong at you he will go at them
  • and that’s why he’s always got scrapes and bruises on his hands and face because he’s always getting into arguments that turn into fights with assholes whether he’s protecting you or even when he’s like off the job
  • like if jackson sees someone being harassed by someone else he has to step in and protect the weaker person 
  • he’s basically a natural protector 
  • but also god does he make you laugh and god does he put himself in embarrassing situation to do so
  • like once he literally backflipped into a meeting room just to introduce you like 
  • he flipped and then got on one knee with his arms out and yelled INTRODUCING MY BOSS
  • and you were laughing hysterically while jinyoung and jb were having heart attacks and youngjae was like “jackson, should i throw the confetti you gave me now or???”
  • jackson loves doing faces @ you during conference calls like you’ll be doing a skype chat with a big lawyer and behind your computer jackson is making faces to help keep you concentrated but all it does is make you want to laugh which would not look good for you rn
  • jackson once was like wanna see my impression of jb and you were like ok and he literally clenched his jaw and drew two dots above his eye with a pen and you were like DYING ……..and then jb walked in and both you and jackson were like cough cough what cough cough 
  • one week you notice that jackson has been taking off like 4 days in a row and you think it’s because of maybe a vacation but then youngjae mentions how he visited jackson in the hospital the other day and you’re like WHAT HES IN THE HosPITAL 
  • and when you find out why you’re like OF COURSE and you literally cancel everything on your schedule to go check on him and when you come into the room jackson almost falls out of the bed trying to get up to greet you and you’re like “WANG JIAER” 
  • and he’s like oh no you’re using my full …real…name and you’re like wHY did you get into another fight and end up breaking your leg- and he’s like i had to this drunk guy was picking on his wife and you know i can’t let things like that go!!
  • and you’re just like GOD WHY ARE YOU SO….SO GOOD AT WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS WORRY ABOut YOuRSELF and he’s like it’s fine!!! my body is my own and im ok with it being-
  • and you like lean over and you’re like “jackson, your body is yours but think about this: im always worrying for you ok -please for me, don’t pt yourself on the line you’re my bodyguard and so a part of you is my responsibility”
  • and jackson kind of maybe blushes for the first time and you’re like,,,,,,ohmy god and he’s like “ok~ my body is also yours from now on” and you’re like asdfaasfdada that’s so—–but ok ill take it


  • bodyguard and moral consultant on just about everything 
  • sometimes you ask jinyoung why in gods name he became a bodyguard he’s so intelligent he could be working for the government or he could be a professor
  • and jinyoung just bashfully declines because ofc he’s not that /smart/ (he is) and plus he enjoys his job because he gets to protect someone as precious to the nation as you
  • and you’re like “wow, you’re so smooth you must be popular when it comes to romance huh” and jinyoung looks away and gets pink like wh-what who has time for romance all he has time for is to think of ways to protect you and maybe enjoy a lengthy classic novel every now and then
  • but in reality jinyoung is one of the more clumsy guards, as in he doesn’t feel comfortable handling a weapon and would lose to mark and jackson in the athletics department 
  • but he’s incredibly detailed oriented and organized so he keeps everything running smoothly and if there’s a problem, all he does is whisper a code into his earpiece and boom - everything is taken care of
  • but his sharp approach scares a lot of people away
  • and so when you smile sweetly at him and thank him for always helping you out whether it be a wardrobe malfunction, keeping you safe from hired hitmen, or just knowing that when you’re pulling all nighters you enjoy earl grey tea and chocolate as snacks like ………. jinyoung thinks he’s falling in love
  • and he knows he’s falling in love when he accompanies you to a children’s orphanage where you’re donating a good sum of money to be able to get school supplies and hire teachers for the kids
  • and the kids all run up to you and hug your leg or ask you to pick them up and jinyoung watches as you glow like the sun, surrounded by all this children who adore you
  • and when one little girl you’re holding points to jinyoung and mumbles that he’s scary, you just turn around and you’re like “he’s not scary at all, he’s my knight in shining armor - he keeps me safe!!”
  • and the little girl giggles and she’s like “if he’s your knight, do you love him?” and jinyoung damn near has a heartattack
  • and when you smile and nod, saying “yes, i love him very much”
  • jinyoung does have a mini heartattack and excuses himself to sit down and you’re just playing obliviously with the children and jinyoung is just: screaming internally with happiness
  • on the way back home he whispers that he loves you too but doesn’t think you hear him but you Do. YOU DO 


  • bodyguard that’s more like your best friend 
  • you’re supposed to be listening to some governor talk about the new building they’re putting up but instead youngjae is like “psst i beat my highscore in farming frenzy yesterday” and you’re like WHAT no show me
  • you guys spend way too much time laughing over bad memes and vines in the car that jinyoung has to remind you to go over your speech like 5 times and then confiscate youngjae’s phone so neither of you can laugh about the mr. krabs spinning meme anymore 
  • he’s seen you do some embarrassing stuff like sing into your brush when ringdingdong came on shuffle or when you accidentally used your chopsticks backwards
  • but like i said, he’s more of a best friend than a bodyguard and he doesn’t judge you at all and never tells any of the guards about the dumb (but cute) slip ups you have
  • like jinyoung, he doesn’t handle guns very well so instead he has like a whistle and a baton and he’s like “i feel like a hall monitor” and jackson’s like “it’s ok, if anything just use bambam as a weapon he’s so light just pick him up and throw him”
  • bambam: i didn’t sign up for this
  • it’s the day of one of your really big presentations and you’re completely shaken because you spent the last week in bed sick and you’re sure you’re going to forget your speech
  • and so you run off and have like a breakdown in a private room somewhere and ofc like the guards go into a frenzy because no one can find you
  • until youngjae stumbles across the room you’re in and he knows you well enough that he knows to check the closets and under the desks and he finds you curled into a small ball and you’ve got tear stained cheeks
  • and he pulls you out gently and holds you and he’s like “you know, you don’t have to do the presentation today - everyone will understand”
  • and you’re just like i can’t let people down like that, i can’t be a failure
  • and youngjae kisses the stains of your cheeks and he’s like “you’re not a failure, you’ve achieved so much and ill stand by your side forever - there’s nothing to be afraid of”
  • and you look up and youngjae like. he really wants to kiss you but it’s obvious he’s holding back and so you take his face in your hands and kiss him first and youngjae falls back in shock but kisses back
  • and you guys return holding hands and jinyoung is about to rant, but mark nudges him and looks at your hand with youngjaes and jinyoungs like…………….im letting it go. onCE


  • no one finds him threatening and that gets on his nerves SO MUCH 
  • like he’ll jump at any chance to protect you JUST to prove to his hyungs that yes - yes he is suitable for this job and he’ll give it his all
  • and when i say any chance i mean it
  • like he jumped in front of a frisbee that got thrown while you were walking through the park and got hit in the head with it instead of catching it and literally passed. out
  • and when he woke up his head was in your lap and he was like “did i do good??? at least it didn’t hit you????? right?????”
  • and jb is like “you passed out because a plastic plate hit your damn head-”
  • but you shush jb and pet bambam’s hair and you’re like “im really glad you were there for me, thanks for keeping me safe~” and bambam gets so smug about it all day he keeps reminding everyone by pointing to the bandage on his head 
  • and some uglys that work with you are always critiquing bambam’s sometimes loud, sometimes bold actions and they’re like “he’s so thin and immature, why do you keep him around?” and you wanna be like “you can shut your dumb ass mouth up because he’s hardworking and loyal and makes me smile” but you’re just like “he’s my bodyguard. don’t speak ill of him if you dont know.”
  • and bambam is cute he shows up to work with a different designer tie and designer cufflinks and he’s like “i wanna look the best in front of my boss~” and yugyeoms like “you have a crush don’t you??” and bambam is like WHAT NO SHUT UP 
  • but he does and when he hears you standing up for him when other people tell you to fire him, it breaks his heart because he doesn’t want to be this burden to you
  • and one day when he requests to talk to you alone he says that he’s considering quitting because he’s done nothing to protect you or make you feel more safe and he’s shit at being a bodyguard isn’t he
  • and you literally slam your pen down and get up and you stand in front of him and you’re like “you’ve done more than make me feel safe, bambam you make me feel comfortable because you never lie. you never hide your intentions, and i love that about you.”
  • you lean in and brush his hair aside and bambam swears he’s looking at an angel (you) and he’s like,,,, im sorry for bringing this up and being weak,,,
  • and you’re like “maybe you’re not as strong physically as jackson or as quick witted as jinyoung but ….. you’re the only one i want to be with all the time.” and when you say this you can literally see the hearts in bambams eyes and he stands up and just throws his arms around you and gives out this long happy sigh and kisses your neck and you’re like bamb- ah bambam!!! not now!!! i have to work and he’s like SORRY SORRY 


  • healing eye smile that probably makes any criminal who even thinks of harming you regret their decision all together and instead of attacking you, leaves to repent their crimes because no. they can’t hurt you…….and they cannot for sure 100% hurt your cute bodyguard kim yugyeom 
  • he isn’t allowed to have a gun or even a baton …….. but it’s like ok because he kinda looms over everyone with his height and broad shoulders and so just having him wear the suit is enough
  • like once some guy cursed at you at a meeting and yugyeom just walked over,  put his arm around the dude and threw him over his shoulder and was like “you’re being mean, so im going to escort you out of the room sir.”
  • jinyoung was like put him down. but mark was laughing and jackson was like thaTS right YUGYEOM you tell that dude off 
  • bought a book on martial arts and tried to teach himself, but got really bored of it and so all he learned was the roundhouse kick but it’s cute once he perfected it he was so eager to show you he was like!!!! look i learned this cool move that’ll help me protect you
  • and then he proceeded to do the kick but his legs are long and so he knocked over a lamp and got really apologetic and tried to fix it, but broke it even more and was like omgomgomgomgomg im sorry please don’t fire me i didn’t mean it
  • and you just giggled and told him it was ok, his kick was cool and if anything you could always get another lamp
  • yugyeom loves it the most when you praise him and when he comes in with his hair smoothed back one day you’re like “woW so cool, so handsome~~” and he literally did the big smile, showing all his teeth like hehehehehe YOU think so,,,,,,anything you like boss ill keep~~~~~ and you were like good because i like everything about you 
  • and yugyeom literally smiled sO BIG at that that his happiness almost blinded you
  • once he was on solo duty to take you to have a lunch meeting with the CEO of a big business and the whole time the sleazy guy was totally trying to flirt with you and you could see from the corner of your eye that yugyeom was starting to twitch and even glare at the guy
  • and usually yugyeoms a happy guy, never taking anything too seriously but the way he was piercing daggers at the guy you couldn’t help but laugh against your palm
  • and when lunch was over you could see how tense yugyeoms shoulders were and you were like is everything ok??? and he was like yeaaaaaaaaaah….no………
  • and he turned to you and scratched his neck and was like “are you and that ceo…more than……you know….or like….do you want to be more………you know it’s not my business.”
  • but you can see the little hints of jealousy and you’re like “yugyeom, lean down i wanna tell you a secret” and he’s like OH OK 
  • but when he leans down you kiss his temple and you’re like “the only person that’s something more to me is you, but shhh ok?”
  • and yugyeom turns red like a cherry but he’s so GIDDY heS like ok!!!!!! ill keep it a secret!!!!!!!!! but hey you know,,,, i like you too!!!!!! keep it a secret tho!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe 
Divorced with Kids

Niall: When you and NIall signed the papers you couldn’t believe it, your marriage got to his point where you two couldn’t stand each other, but that wasn’t the case, Niall wanted out. He wanted to feel 21 again going out, with no one to worry about to have fun. But you knew that you that wasn’t your life anymore; you had responsibilities and that was your children. The 3 of them, Iris, Nick, and Andy the youngest of the 3. It was Niall’s weekend and the kids were excited to see their father and you were happy as well, they missed their father. You pulled up to his house and helped the kids with their bags. They were all lined up as you closed the trunk, 

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trigendersei said:

i hope everyones ready for extremely over thought out hcs bc i spent all day on these im so sorry
- trucy and pearl both thought they were straight when they first met and that it was totally normal to hold your best friend’s hand all the time and hug a lot and share beds whenever they’re over after all they didnt get to see each other that often. they both privately think that its totally normal to think about kissing your best friend sometimes. or all the time.
- one time when theyre having a sleepover (trucy’s fifteen, pearls’ sixteen) trucy wakes up and without even thinking leans over and gives pearls a sleepy good morning kiss and them she freaks out bc holy shit she just KISSED her BEST FRIEND what is she supposed to do about that. pearls is still asleep and trucy thanks her lucky stars for that as she pretends to go back to sleep in case pearls wakes up. she comes out to everyone as gay about a month and a half later
- a few months after trucy comes out pearl tells her she thinks she might have this crush on this girl but shes scared of what people will think and what if the girl doesnt like her back?? and trucy’s heart breaks a little bc by this point she has the biggest crush on pearl in the history of crushes. truly a crush worth of trucy wright. she doesnt half ass anything especially not crushes. but she tells pearl that she should tell the girl, forget other peoples opinions, and if the girl doesnt like her back then thats just her loss. pearl is great and trucy will always be there for her.
- pearl (very very nervously) asks her on a date a few weeks after trucy turns sixteen. they both almost end up crying the nerds
- their first date is really awkward at first until they realize that nothings really changed. theyre still trucy and pearl, but now theyre also girlfriends. it goes really well after that (they go to a little diner after one of trucy’s shows, which pearl wont stop complimenting her on, trucy secretly loves the praise even if she tells pearl it isnt necessary)
- totally unplanned they end up going to the same local college. trucy has to stay close to her daddy and the agency bc she knows theyd fall apart w/o her around and pearl cant stand the idea of being too far away from mystic maya after all the things theyve been through. its also one of the cheapest options for both of them.
- they date all through college, move in together at the start of earls senior year, and stay in that same apartment together throughout trucy’s
- at trucy’s graduation she notices that pearl is acting kinda nervous and jumpy and when she asks whats wrong pearl takes a deep breath and gently takes trucy’s hands and starts off on the long speil, biting her lip a little and avoiding trucy’s eyes a little bit, “trucy i’ve known you for almost fifteen years now, and you’ve been my best friend since the day we met. you’ve been here to help me through hard times, and celebrate good times. and i am so, so proud that you are standing here today, graduating COLLEGE. i know youre only going to continue to grow and achieve, and i cant imagine a life where im not here to watch you do it, and cheer you on, and help you when things get rough. i love you more than any of these words can explain. you’ve been my special someone for seven years now, how would you feel about forever,” she gets dont on one knee and produces a ring, “trucy wright, will you marry me?” trucy is crying phoenix is sobbing pearl is crying trucy cant even speak shes just nodding frantically and finally she manages to choke out “yes! absolutely, yes! yes!” and they hug and they kiss and people are clapping and theyre crying and its disgustingly sweet and trucy probably wipes snot on her graduation gown and she doesnt even care she just graduated college and shes going to marry the love of her life things couldnt possibly be better
- maya goes with pearl to pick out her dress. phoenix wanted to go help too but pearl insisted he had to help trucy instead and that her and maya would be fine on their own. they end up finding the absolute perfect dress and maya starts crying bc oh my god pearly youre getting MARRIED and at some point she ends up channeling mia so she can see how beautiful her cousin looks in her dress and congratulate her and then pearl is crying and trying rly hard not to stain the dress w tears and everyone is a mess
- phoenix athena edgeworth and apollo go to help trucy pick out her dress (apollo got dragged along he doesnt want to be there but he will admit its surreal to see trucy in her dress and think that his little sister is getting MARRIED and he is really happy for her) phoenix ends up sobbing again bc his little girl is gettingg married and je really cant handle this and miles has to calm him down enough that he can actually pay attention to the dresses (not that hes much help anyway phoenix has terrible taste miles is really there as the fashion savvy dad)
- at the wedding itself phoenix is crying again in the dressing room w trucy bc his baby girl is all grown up and getting married and shes not going to need her daddy anymore and shes like “???what are you talking about ill always need you youll always be my daddy and i love you. besides, what would you do without ne around the agency. i am the ceo after all” and phoenix just cries more hes such a mess hes always been so terrified of giving trucy away and her getting married but hes known pearls since she was eight and he knows he can count on her to take care of his little girl more than anyone else. he trusts her.
- the wedding isnt huge mostly just a family and friends ordeal like trucys dads are there along w the agency. maya brings her gf fran kay is there the judge probably comes klav and simon and everyone come too its like a bunch of lawyers and then jinxie and some of their pther friends and most everyone is really emotional (esp phoenix and the judge)
- they prob end up honeymooning in kurain or smthn bc its soothing and beautiful and familiar and honestly as long as theyre together they just couldnt be happier
okay thats all i got im so sorry this is so long i hope u like it its 1 am and ive been working on these all day


anonymous asked:

Just thought I would let you know that until yesterday I'd never really listened to Fall Out Boy before, but I looked up Centuries because of all your blogging and now I feel like I've been missing out. Any particular recommendations of their other songs to get me started on a search?!



HERE ARE MY TOP 3 SONGS FROM EACH FOB ALBUM. ENJOY. (im not including the albums with extra tracks and all so go check that out later! these are just the main albums)


1. Saturday (This hold a special place in every fan’s heart)

2. Homesick At Space Camp (Most fans have tattoos of lyrics of this song. It’s that good!)

3. Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy Tonight (Also introduced as the “national anthem” when played live by the bassist, Pete Wentz)


1. Sugar We’re Going Down Swinging (Basically what made Fall Out Boy step into the mainstream. It’s amazing and Pete’s a lyrical genius, as always)

2. Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued (Fall Out Boy names their songs the weirdest things, but this lyric Ribbons on my wrist, says do not open before Christmas, Oh god, gets me every fucking time)

3. 7 Minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen) (One of the darker sounds of FOB come out in this song, penned by Wentz about his suicide attempt. It captures the hollowness of depression beautifully)


1. This Aint A Scene, It’s An Arms Race (You have not LIVED unless you seen the music video for this amazing song. It includes jumping on beds, stuffing your pants to make your dick seem bigger and spinning. Its amazing)

2. I’m Like A Lawyer, The Way I’m Trying To Get You Off (FOB loves lawyers, apparently! Ha! This song is amazing and the music video makes me cry. It’s just so sweet!)

3. Hum Hallelujah (A song about Pete’s suicide attempt. He overdosed listening to Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah, hence the title. It’s beautiful and all the band members give harmonies so its just beautiful)

BONUS: Bang The Doldrums (A SEVERELY UNAPPRECIATED SONG. It’s amazing, got a kickass beat and speculation says Wentz wrote it for Mikey Way, ex- bassist of MCR so ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR)


1. What A Catch, Donnie (Wentz wrote it for the singer, Patrick because Patrick has self esteem issues and he managed to capture it beautifully in this song)

2. West Coast Smoker (Wentz screaming really makes this song unique. It’s amazing)

3. I Don’t Care (A song about fucking shit up, for those days when you wanna fuck society with an un-lubricated horse cock) {is anyone reading at this point? sheesh}

BONUS: 27. (Everyone thought Wentz wouldn’t make it to the age of 27 because of his erratic lifestyle, but he made it. This song celebrates just that)



1. Just One Yesterday (FOB’s darker side celebrated by this amazing song ft. Foxes!)

2. The Phoenix (If this song doesn’t make you want to set fire to things and walk away while explosions burst behind you, you’re listening to it wrong. It’s got energy and raw primal vocals from Patrick)

3. Alone Together (Quote from Wentx- “Punk rock will never abandon you” This song says just that. A fan favourite really.

BONUS: Young Volcanoes and Rat a Tat. JUST WATCH THE WHOLE YOUNGBLOOD CHRONICLES OKAY. Here’s a link to ALL. Its the whole album, IN ZOMBIE STORY FORM. 


Gossamer: a JJ Project Request

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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I think the hardest part of letting go is that you never really just let go. Maybe you can’t hold it in your hands anymore, but it’s still with you. The feelings. The pain. The memories.

You hold onto the pain because it’s the easy thing to do. Sometimes it’s all that’s left, but if you let it stay with you, then it just makes forgetting that much easier. 

And if you stay mad, you forget the person who made letting go so hard in the first place.

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Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Chances Are
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: AsaNoya
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Chapter Word Count: 11.3K
Total Word Count: 53K
Summary: Mind-boggled” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Nishinoya feels in the aftermath of Asahi’s post-graduation parting gift. But after a few mishaps, he begins to wonder if he’s missed the opportunity to find out the what ifs or if there’s really such a thing as second chances.
Chapter Summary: Noya’s mother gets a phone call that sets off a chain of events while Noya realizes that one person can’t always carry the world.
A/N: Okay, I keep saying I’m gonna keep a handle on my word counts, but wellp… this happened. haha There are a couple of panic attack scenes in here, one mild and one full blown, and a fight scene with blood. Just a heads up for anyone who’s triggered by that. Other than that, hope you guys enjoy my behemoth update and happy reading! :D

Special thanks to @makariawritesabout (MTrash (Makaria) on AO3) for the extra pair of eyes and all the screaming encouragement. ♥

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Multichapter | Previous Chapters | CH7

“Are ya gonna be ready before I graduate, Noya? You know Chikara’s gonna make us run extra laps if we don’t make it on time for at least one of the practices this week.”

Noya toes the bathroom door open, fingers sticky with the new wax he’s still trying to get used to. “Ya know that’s partially ‘cause you still haven’t talked to him, right?”

Tanaka rolls his eyes and flips him off. “Didn’t say there was a time limit on when I was gonna do the thing. Just that I was gonna do it. Probably. At some point.”


“Loser.” Tanaka’s voice catches at the tail-end and he snorts. “All right, I can’t call ya that with a straight face ‘cause you’re actually pretty fucking cool. ‘Specially since you went all confrontational with Asahi.”

“Did you just call your face ‘straight’? ‘Cause I could’ve sworn that was you gettin’ cheeseball gross last night with how hot Chikara’s calves actually are– ow! Watch the hair, asshat!”

Tanaka snickers and flicks the small towel at Noya again. “One of these days, you’re gonna wake up to find me goin’ to town on that perfect coif with clippers and then you’ll remember this day.”

“You mean the day you died? Touch my hair and rest in fucking pieces, bro.” Noya combs his fingers through his bangs and turns to Tanaka with a triumphant grin. “Do I look awesome or do I look awesome?!”

“Worth the twenty minutes I had to wait for your ass to get ready,” Tanaka says as he drags Noya downstairs. “Seriously, man. Who the hell spends twenty minutes on their hair?!”

“We can’t all be hot bald guys, Ryuu.”

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i think it will all turn out okay >> a mix for, although not completely, feeling better >> LISTEN HERE

01. smile like you mean it - the killers >> 02. ready to go (get me out of my mind) - panic at the disco >> 03. looking up - paramore >> 04. i wanna get better - bleachers >> 05. spaceman - the killers >> 06. are you satisfied - marina and the diamonds >> 07. im like a lawyer with the way im always trying to get you off (me & you) - fall out boy >> 08. stutter - marianas trench

Double Dad Dilemma - Part 3

AN: The third chapter of DDD – You’re in for a little more drama, but chill; there is plenty of fluff ahead! WARNING: TARTAROS MANGA SPOILER THIS CHAPTER!!  And when little Natsu becomes big Natsu… IN COMES NALU.  Also found here.

“So this is Natsu, huh?”

“Natsu!” Natsu squealed, waving his hands out at the chief of police from Igneel’s arms.  “Natsu!  That me!”

Igneel’s father began to smile.  “Ah, well I do hope you’ll get to keep him, Ig.  He’s frickin’ adorable.  Why is his hair pink?”

The roommates were spared answering by the deputy clomping into the room.  “I found the address of the father.  The mother appears to be deceased–died in childbirth.  The child security guy is meeting us there.”

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