im letting you go

It probably wasn't tactful of john to announce that he got his braces caught in karkat's carpet this weekend when dave asked him what he did so casually
What my Brother thinks About Chris Evans:
  • Him:I've been working out so much im so happy with my body :)
  • Me:Yeah, you look good, but Chris Evans is hotter.
  • Him:Is not.. Im so sexy.
  • Me:Yeah but let's admit, you would go gay for Chris Evans.
  • Him:NO!!!
  • Me:
  • Him:
  • Me:
  • Him:
  • Me:
  • Him:Yeah i would go gay for Chris Evans
  • Me:Fckn knew it.

fullmetql asked:

the vines u asked to have captioned: "alright sir and what to drink?" "oh uh, are you shamu?" "yes" "why dont you work at seaworld anymore?" "because i ate greg" "fuck greg!" "right? thats what i said!" and "im sorry shamu we just have to let you go" "awww thats so bullshit what'd i do?" "you ate a guy" "greg?" "yeah!" "fuck greg"


Tonight someone who wasn’t you said I was pretty. It wasn’t the first time that’s happened, but this time its different. I know that you love me, in what way I’m not sure. I know that you miss me, but you’re not doing anything about it. I’ve waited for you for 3 years. Always hoping one day I would be more than your second choice. Your “best friend”. I want you to know that if I keep talking to him, unlike not responding to all the guys who have tried to spark my heart in the last three years, I might move on. I want you to know that if I move on I’m not coming back. I never would’ve made you guess how much I loved you like all the others girls have. I’ve always been there for you, but you still always counted dimly lit stars while you could’ve had the moon. Now I’m finally starting to wonder if I’ve been doing the same.

“Isn’t it okay to have at least one person to know your real name…”


thanks peggypegging for tagging me in the beautiful people challenge :D

hmmmm im going to tag namorish, howlingrogers, caroldancers, biwesley and anyone in the various networks i’ve tagged !!!

can we just talk about my mom for a sec? like she doesn’t understand tumblr or anything but when taylor said “the people I talk to online” (I’m paraphrasing it’s almost 5am ) during the billboard awards she straight up walked into the living room and said “Carrie, she’s talking about you!”. Not once has she put it down or said that Taylor was just a celebrity that probably doesn’t even know my name. She has been 100% supportive (though when I call taylor mom, she says that she has the stretch marks to prove I’m hers), even if she doesn’t understand it,  just like wow my mom. 

like my mom has survived deadly disease, told she would never have children (she has 7 now, oops), been widowed, and is never anything but 100% supportive. just damn. my mom.

you rock mom

  • Me:*Shares what I want to do with my life*
  • People:I mean that's a nice dream to have but it's going to be pretty hard to achieve. Why don't you try something more attainable?
  • Me:
  • Me:Okay, as I was saying, I wanna do the thing :) So I'm gonna do the thing :) Because I have the motivation needed to do the thing :) And you're not gonna take that away :)
  • Me:
  • Me::)

If someone–especially someone socialized as female–says “stop” or “don’t” or “give it back” in a joking/lighthearted tone you do what they ask. It costs you exactly nothing and this may be the only way they feel comfortable expressing their discomfort.