im lesbian for her

Straight people are so ready to erase bisexuals when it comes to keeping their precious straight characters straight, but the moment it comes to shipping a lesbian character with a man she has no interest in they’re suddenly bisexual ally #1

america chavez is a lesbian. she identifies as a lesbian. the marvel wiki lists her as a lesbian. she’s disgusted by men hitting on her and unashamedly loves women. so the fact that people, from fans to actual media outlets refuse to call her a lesbian is at best concerning at worst extremely lesbophobic. she’s not ambiguously queer. she’s not maybe bisexual, she is a LESBIAN. it’s not a bad word so say it.


MAIA WEEK — Day two: favorite (relation) ship

maia x happiness

gay love story: you lock eyes from across the small shop after check-in. she’s trying to decide between buying don quixote and romeo and juliet. you’re thinking you don’t need the extra bar of chocolate for the flight. as you look at eachother, the world seems to stop. you hold your breath. someone passes between you two, breaking you out of the trance. she takes don quixote.

you see her next as you queue to board the plane. a couple of people separate you. there’s a gust of wind and she puts on her coat, black and fur lined. she sees you looking and smiles. you smile back. as you’re walking up the unstable looking stairs you can’t help but notice she’s wearing heels. her feet must hurt, you think. you think you wouldn’t mind sweeping her up into your arms. you hardly know her, you don’t know her at all. love at first sight? you think that’s stupid. you don’t believe in soulmates.

she sits in the row of seats next to yours and starts taking her coat off. notices you looking. she remembers you from before. you don’t believe in fate, but you close your eyes and thank it when she smiles.

you’re close enough to touch. just reach across and skim your fingers against her arm. less than a meter separates you, and you didn’t know how great of a distance it was before you wanted so badly to close it.

she asks if you’re going to visit your family. you say yes. you ask her the same, and she says her brother’s picking her up from the airport. when she compliments your hair you feel like you could fly. that could also be the plane taking off. the stewardess gives a safety demonstration, but you only have eyes for her. every detail. every stray hair. the scent of her perfume, the ghost of her fingers after she touches your arm. the sound of her laugh and the way she throws her head back. you want to breathe her in.

the dream ends when the flight does, and it feels like you’ve been doused with cold water. you help her reach her bag, and she grabs you when you lose your balance on the stairs. she laughs again and you wonder when you started finding laughs melodic. she tells you to be careful or you’ll fall and ruin your pretty nails. you think you’ve already fallen. (you catch the compliment and store if safe in your heart.)

you want to cry when she says goodbye. you see her run towards someone you assume is her brother and he picks her up and spins her round and she cries. she catches your eyes one last time and waves. she whispers to her brother and he waves too. you think it was all worth it.

on the bus you think about soulmates.

But you’re not weak.
You’re exciting. You’re limitless, as far as your imagination goes.
I think some parts of you are fragile but every other part is full of more than this world is capable of handling and that’s why you feel trapped because you can’t do everything you need to do.
You’re too alive for the place you live in.
So it drags you down and you feel like you’re not strong.
But I’ve never looked at you and saw someone who wasn’t able of holding herself together no matter how many times she falls apart.
—  Nicole Torres // youre strong
Nothing else shines quite like she does, in the way she does.
—  Nicole Torres // she’s a firework