im learning how to draw hair

i was gonna wait to post all 4 at the same time but fuck it its taking me 5ever to finish so here’s the first one (kobra kid’s next) 

party poison inspired by @transboykobrakid‘s killjoy moodboards go check them out they’re super cool 


Kobra | Ghoul | Jet

haha whoops overgrown hair hanzo sketches whoops….

may i clarify i knOW the young hanzo skin has long hair but like… old hanzo with messy long hair and like, it going through an awkward inbetween stage where it still sticks up a bit when in a pony tail and like just being so busy with work and missions and unable to cut it and mccree n other ow members braiding it n playing with it  ;O; ~<3

i think i just need to focus on the good aspects of my life
im trying hard in school
i have friends who love me and a best friend who understands me
i have a job at a dog daycare
i have a debit card and a bank account
i’ll be able to drive soon
i’m gaining weight finally
im allowed to smoke in my room and at friends houses which DRAMATICALLY reduced arguments and conflict in my house
my room is really fuckn Cool
i have someone who seems like he’s interested in me
weed is cheap where i live
my hair is cute and my lips are cute and my eyes are cute and my teeth are straight
i can clean my room
i can draw
i have cute clothes
i know how to seduce certain guys
im maintaining friendships
im developing a personality
im starting to learn how to organise tasks and assignments
im confident in my ability to prove that i still have worth as a person
and im kind and funny and creative and sweet and i’ve never been cruel to a single soul