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Kingdom Hearts
  • KH: Fuckin Riku, god damn it, now we gotta fix your shit
  • CoM: What in the fuck just- Riku, save Sora because now HE fucked up
  • 358/2 Days: you just couldn't let him rest, could you, now we've got 3 Soras
  • Coded: what
  • what was the point of that
  • DDD: 13 xehanorts, god fucking damn it
  • Union Cross: but... why is this canon????
  • Back Cover: that litERALLY DID NOTHING
  • BBS 0.2: god bless aqua, sora you're looking gorgeous, look at them go
  • KHIII: what the hap is fuckening
Concerning Roxas’ Return

(also known as, how many gifs of Roxas can I fit into one post)

Yes. I absolutely want him to come back. I love Roxas as a character and I don’t think his ending was suitable. He has so much potential to be even GREATER than what we’ve seen, such a brutally honest person with great strength and individuality. He’s well-developed and I believe he needs to return. But that’s just my opinion.

Here’s where I’m wrong.

The only issue fans seem to be encountering with Roxas’ return is HOW he’ll get back. As I’ve explained in the past, Roxas was actually just Sora’s body and soul, along with Ventus’ heart, reformed into a Nobody. Overtime, with the experiences he had, he grew a heart of his own, supposedly and completely separate from Ventus. But his body had to be returned, along with some of Sora’ memories. Therefore, Roxas ceased to exist, as his heart retreated back to Sora. 

@derekscorner was able to come up with a very hopeful theory that I branched out on about a week ago. This theory, which you can read here, was basically a solution to getting Roxas, along with Xion and Namine, their own bodies so they may exist. Whether or not this theory holds is irrelevant, since the Kingdom Hearts team has been shown to throw stuff at a wall and hope it sticks. If not the theory, something else will happen that will allow for their return.

So Roxas being able to have a body of his own isn’t the issue I’m seeing. No, the real issue is actually Roxas himself. 

We love him because of his character. He was the first one to break off from the whole Sora trope, but in actuality, he can’t escape who he’s meant to be: Sora’s Nobody. He’s tragic and sorrowful, because no matter how hard he tries, he will always be Sora’s shadow. He’s screeched and cried about how he is his own person and that he and Sora can’t possibly be similar. Sora has even said so himself, that he and Roxas are NOT the same. It’s all the more tragic that Roxas was condemned to a fate of forever being attached to Sora. We, as fans of the series, have sorrow and we feel for him. We love him because of the Hell he’s been through and we wanna fix it.

So bringing him back… does that mean we won’t love him anymore?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Roxas WITHOUT all the crap he’s had to deal with. He’s a very independent character. You can hardly compare him to Sora. Roxas is very collected and keeps calm, even in the most tense situations. Meanwhile, Sora seems to panic just a little whenever anything remotely negative occurs. Sora is much more expressive of how he feels while Roxas tends to just remain neutral. 

But that’s not the only reason fans love him. The truth be told, most fans only love Roxas because of all the angst and torment. Of course, we love Roxas for who he is, but what HAPPENED to Roxas is what hurts us the most. 

Think about it, he’s just a very calm person who is also a very strong fighter. He cares passionately for his friends and does what he can to achieve his goals. Nothing really sad there.

But then it’s sad because he lost his friends, his memories, his personality, HIS EXISTENCE. He was forced to assimilate with someone he never wanted to be compared to. And then had to sit on the sidelines and let HIM do all the work. And then he had to accept that this was MEANT to happen, that he wasn’t supposed to exist. That’s the sad part. 

So if you reverse ALL of that and basically say, “oh, by the way, Roxas was supposed to exist and he’s back, yay,” you’re doing him a huge disfavor. Roxas has so much more to go through than just, whoop, he’s back, accept it. He needs to go through the acceptance that he is real and his own person. There needs to be something between him, Sora, and Ventus, the two people he’s fashioned after. He can’t just blatantly accept them as friends, seeing at how he reacted to just being COMPARED to Sora. That wouldn’t be very Roxas of him, to accept them immediately, especially after all the deception he went through before and how much he wants to be his own person.

So how do they go about this?

Roxas can’t just be brought back just to be there. I’m sorry, I know what people are gonna say. I’ve had DMs that say, “but Roxas just wants to be normal, no Keyblade War stuff, can’t they just bring him back for that?”

NO. I’m sorry, I want it, too, I want my “Roxas living in Twilight Town” fanfic to be real, but that IS NOT A GOOD THING. You wanna know why? 


Roxas is an AMAZING swordsman, capable of wielding LIGHT as a weapon and using TWO Keyblades! 

He is so passionate about protecting his friends and achieving his dreams to even consider sitting back and letting others do the work. 

He doesn’t lust for adventure like Sora, but I HIGHLY doubt he’d wanna just sit in Twilight Town while his friends are off risking their lives to keep the world safe.

And this next part is slightly speculation, but Roxas seems like the type of person who will hold a grudge against people. And Xemnas? Ohoho… Xemnas is fucking dead. The guy who manipulated him and Sora into being tools for the Organization, sent his best friends, BOTH OF THEM, to kill him. Made one of his friends basically suicidal, talking about Xion, since she literally threw the fight against Roxas and let him kill her. YEAH, ROXAS IS PROBABLY PISSED AT HIM. 

And just as a bonus as to why Roxas needs to be part of the plot and can’t just be put in Twilight Town for the whole game: are we really gonna take like a 2 hour segment of the game away from the main plot just to put Mr. Mopey-face in a quiet town with salt pops and horrible guard railings.

I’m basically calling out how bringing back Roxas with no connection to the plot will literally halt the game until you finish that level. 

So yeah, in summary:

Bring Roxas back. 

Make him important to the plot. 

Don’t turn him into Sora. 

Make him lust for that independence.