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The FAHC aren’t good people. They’re criminals, they’re the bad guys, they’re the monsters that parents tell their children to be wary of, and for a good reason, too.

They aren’t good people, but they will fight tooth and nail to be that way.

The “good people”, those are the ones they hate. The perfect politician with a plastic face and even more fake promises. Promises of making things better when they don’t even know how bad it is. The big name CEOs who dip their toes in donation money so they can fish some out for themselves, even though they have enough golden bars and diamond rings at home to fill a swimming pool. Government officials who make laws only for their personal gain, to put more $100 bills in their wallets so they can throw them at abused strippers later.

The Fake AH Crew hates them. Hates them with a passion because they were the ones who forced them into this life in the first place.

They’re the one’s who took away Geoff’s will to live as soon as he finished servicing, not giving him a cent to his name and making him live on the streets. Lucky for him, he was used to it from his rough childhood, so he knew how to climb the system and make a name of himself in the criminal ring so he wouldn’t be eaten alive.

They’re the ones who stripped Jack of her humanity, reducing her to her genitalia. The one’s who took away her rights and stopped her to the ground, leaving her to die on the side of the road where no one would care or even know her name. Lucky for her, Geoff helped her to her feet, or else she’d be rotting and another misgendered name in the obituaries.

They’re the ones who made Ryan believe he was insane. The ones who told him he was “crazy” and “dangerous” because his brain worked differently. He had no where to go without being miserable, forcing him to rob banks just so he could afford his medication, just so he could feel like a person. Forced him to rob the wrong house, where he found a strange man and woman who offered him shelter and food and Ryan felt like crying.

They’re the ones who fucked Michael over, keeping him in a corrupt system all because of a stupid mistake he made as a teen. He had to live the prison life for five years, and when he got out, he wasn’t a citizen anymore and he had no where to go except a man named Geoff who took him in when he saw a poor 25 year old on the side of the road, starving to death because all the soup kitchens ran out of funds years ago.

They’re the ones who made Gavin prostitute himself. Made him into an object for rich men and women to abuse just so he could eat that night. He hated how dirty he felt, but how else was he supposed to survive? Until a man offered family instead of sex, offered a safe haven so Gavin wouldn’t have to sell his body just to live.

They’re the ones who kept Jeremy from moving up. Kept him poor and barely surviving off minimum wage. They didn’t help the addiction that ran in his family and spit at him when he developed it, too. He didn’t remember the last time he ate because he spent his entire paycheck on meth and booze. If he didn’t, he would feel itchy and and paranoid, and eventually, he was evicted. Geoff found him on the side of the road, almost dead from an overdose.

So, of course they hate the “good guys”. The ones who fuck them over, all the while saying they’re for the people. That’s why, when a “good person” is found dead, a bullet hole in their head, a little fuck you note is stapled to their chest, sincerely from the FAHC.


A/N What’s this? Three fics in one day? Watch me not write for three months pfft.

Pairing: Logince (Logic/Prince)

Genre: Fluff, smart people being idiots

Word Count: 920

Warnings: one (1) swear, ~jealousy~ (turning saints into the sea)


Logan draws logical conclusions from everything. He’s never wrong either. Except, it seems, when it comes to Roman.

Logan was becoming increasingly agitated despite there being no logical reasoning behind his perplexing emotion. He was in the commons along with Patton, Virgil and Roman. Morality had an arm slung around the Prince, leaning heavily on him, and the regal trait was partaking in his usual raillery with Virgil. Nothing was amiss, and yet, Logan’s frustration only built.

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hey could u do a lil doodle of alex pls buddy., im just curious as to what he looks like in ur style bc its so DANG CUTE !!!

well this is sort of lazy of me but i’ve been kind of busy lately lol here is how i draw alex in a doodle i did (lolololol whats a bass guitar that too hard to draw) and a full version of something i put in a gramon doodle dump where alex was in it. Lots of people have requested Alex tho so there is more coming!!!

edit: by the way thank you for the compliment bby !!!!

I know im gonna lose followers and get blocked by people for saying this but honestly I’m fucking sick of how out of character GTA Gavin has gotten.

Like do you really think that Gavin David Free has the time of day to put on all that gold makeup and jewelery? Do you really think he’s the Fashion Icon you all insist he is?

Because let me tell you, Gavin is lazy more than anything else. He wouldn’t do that sort of shit, he would have better things to do, like trying to get Jeremy to eat things or doing swimmies and bevs with Michael.

“But he’s materialistic!” I hear you cry out in the replies. “He bought an expensive garbage can that takes D batteries!”

Yes, but he bought the garbage can because he was so fucking lazy, he didn’t want to lift up the fucking lid.

He spends his money on shit to make his life easier, not more difficult, and let me tell you, the Golden Boy getup is very fucking difficult.

Also what the fuck guys he wore the tron suit. He wouldn’t know fashion if it hired someone to mug him.

What is his job, middle man? He talks to people for Geoff? Why? No one can understand half the shit he says, yet his job is talking to people?

And he’s just written like such an arrogant asshole, like have you ever met Gavin? Gavin, the man who literally begs people to like him? That Gavin?

God fucking damn, it’s not even the actual fucking person anymore.

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i LOVE how you draw gansey so much! He's so cute, also thanks because you had never put the glasses aside, i appreciate it. Give me more draws of gansey, whatever you have, all you have.

THANK YOU!! I say this a Lot but im so glad people like my interpretations!! tbh i feel like gansey is more gansey when he is wearing glasses! I have no idea if i have drawings i havent posted and im too lazy to look adjksfh haha so here is a new one:

babblingbrookebutler replied to your photo: SPEAKING OF WHICH, i googled “adam ellis copy…

I don’t understand why people are making fun of this guys art…so what he copy pastes, it’s his art, leave him the fuck alone. He ain’t hurting you.


we’re probably just annoyed that the guy gets a ton of money from buzzfeed and has thousands of fans when his art is so undeniably lazy, and other people who put 200% more effort in to their comics dont get nearly as much attention or money for their art

idk why you’re getting so mad about people being annoyed about that. it’s not like im personally going up to him and being like “hey shut the fuck up!” like you are, to me, right now

ive been thinking a lot about papyrus lately n how the fandom looks at sans and papyrus’s relationship and like.. i know most people would just take this line as a joke, why wouldn’t they, pap is trying to feed a fucking rock, but like… i think some of it rings true. papyrus is a big naive sweetheart, sure, and sans is always looking out for him, sure, but ppl tend to take that to this extreme where they see it as like “papyrus is too silly and childish to take care of himself and sans has to be the big protective older brother even if pap doesn’t rly notice”.

but…. papyrus actually does rly well for himself. look at him. he’s living a life most young adults could only dream of. he’s got a clean room, a nice house (edit: someone pointed out that it’s apparently canon that sans pays for the house, but my point still stands), a good work ethic for a job he’s very passionate about, a positive outlook on life, high self esteem, and even a racecar bed. who doesn’t want a racecar bed? i don’t even like racecars and i’d kill for a racecar bed. like, yeah, he’s kind of got an unusual way of doing things and doesn’t always pick the smartest option, but apart from the occasional possessed murderchild coming after him with a knife, he can take care of himself just

and…. sans knows that too. sans doesn’t try to intervene with every little thing papyrus does, even when he messes up. he mostly just cheers him on from the sidelines and tries to make him happy in all the little ways he can. and sans is a lot stronger and more knowledgeable than he lets on, yes, but in contrast to his brother he does a really shit job of living a healthy lifestyle. he’s messy, lazy, he slacks off at work and overeats and has generally completely given up on being happy. and im saying this as a severely depressed person myself, i get it. i love sans for those qualities because i relate. i just think people give him too much credit, and papyrus not enough.

people talk about how papyrus is the thing that matters most to sans, and he puts most of his remaining energy into making him happy, which is true, sans loves his brother more than anything. but papyrus isn’t something he needs to protect. if anything, i think sans actually envies him sometimes, for being so unwaveringly confident and soft-hearted in such a bleak world. they take care of each other, balance each other out. they’d probably be a lot worse off without each other, but papyrus isn’t a fragile baby and sans isn’t his babysitter. and it matters to me (again, as someone who Relates) to be able to see sans as somebody who’s pretty bad at existing in general, and for people to be able to recognize that positivity isn’t inherently childish… them’s my two cents

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hello yes im sorry I’ve been so inactive lately, ballet is getting very busy and school is getting busier with the last quarter coming to a close and like. with Alice in Wonderland performances coming in exactly a month as well as our end of year showcase (which I have a main part in) I’m just a ball of anxiety ahahahahhaa hahaha

im also just a straight up ball (i just accidentally typed that as “ballet” I’m such a nerd) of emotions lately cause I’m graduating next year and one of my good friends is graduating this year, and I’m realizing some of the people I’m seeing now I’m never gonna see again so :/ im just yeah. exhausted with everything going on and don’t really have time for putting my energy into roleplaying.

i know my presence is not really “missed” persay but I still feel like I owe some sort of explanation so that you guys don’t think I’m just bored and/or lazy, or even losing my love for tolkien. i assure you guys that I miss being more active here and that I still love you all and i wish that I could be more active like before. unfortunately though, you all know what it’s like being 17 and having to go through the end of junior year and beginning to make decisions about your immediate future and the stress that comes with it… so yeah. when ballet and school are out im gonna have quite a while before the SFB summer intensive begins though so !! I’m gonna have literally nothing to do then cause I have no social life so yeah

2nd season please give me less “Narsus-samaaaaaaaaa” and more Alfreed kicking asses, I’m not asking too much so pleeeeease???

I saw a post today about Khadgar, and while most of it meh (based on his pissed lines) some of it really hit home for me. (This post is realllllly long so Im gonna put it under a read more break.)

Let’s think for a moment: We don’t know about Khadgar’s home life.
  -We don’t even know his last name. Khadgar is human, and most humans have last names; the only reason he doesn’t have one is Blizzards laziness. His first name is all we’ve ever really needed.

  -We don’t know about his parents, or how he came to be in Dalaran. In Khadgar’s time, Wizardry was seen as demonic and distasteful by most people. What if his parents simply disowned him when he expressed an interest, making him effectively an orphan?

Too make matters worse, most of Lordearon was wiped out in the Third War, so he probably truly is an orphan now. 

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Sole Part - Day 1 - Introduce your Sole!

Vaughn Zander

Date of birth: 13 february 2045

Zodiac sign: Aquarius


10 ST, 6 PE, 5 EN, 10 CH, 11 IN, 4 AG, 4 LK

his role: veteran combat medic, General of the Minuteman, Paladin of BOS, Agent Whisper of Railroad, Atom Cat, Protector of Acadia, Atom’s Fave Child, Friend of Far Harbor

Good traits: intelligent, adaptable, loyal, kind, helpful, logical, honest, charismatic, protective, patient, calm, gentle, observant, supportive, respectful, neat, has a soft spot for children and animals

Flaws: lazy, coward, sensitive (when people are harsh on first encounter he becomes passive-aggressive), anxious, sometimes arrogant, clumsy, nervous (he jumps at every high sound or unknown footstep), sarcastic, insecure, low self-esteem, hoarder

(more info about him you can find in the link i put on his name, mobile version here)

also pls check out these 2 (x) (x) amazing artworks of @nokikissa

and of course you can send me asks about him anytime! he is still under work but im very proud of him!!

My reaction to your sign
  • Aries: I am going to like you and you're going to be able to tell and that's why you won't be interested in me
  • Taurus: Ugh finally somebody nice and easy to hang out with. Not very exciting. But no drama either.
  • Gemini: I will have the biggest love/hate relationship with you. How can you always be so on th edge and so talkative and always nervous? Thats fascinating as well as irritating.
  • Cancer: I will think that youre probably cute and adorable and quirky and bubbly and that you try quite hard to be. It works but you also try very hard. No boy will like me when I stand next to you.
  • Leo: You make me feel like you dont like me. Youre the king or queen that looks at me like a peasant.
  • Virgo: You will make me cry from all the laughing but also you will make me cry from all the criticizing
  • Libra: Great, you will always be polite and compromise with me!! But at the same time I wont know what you actually think about me and what it is that you actually want. BE. MORE. STRAIGHTFORWARD.
  • Scorpio: I really want to earn your trust because a Scorpio trusting you is the biggest compliment so I will try really hard and therefor seem untrustworthy and regret everything
  • Sagittarius: I will say "hey Im a sagittarius too!!!" and think that youre really cool and put you on a pedestal when actually youre very self-righteous and lazy just like me
  • Capricorn: God stop worrying what other people do and how things you do are perceived and how they come across!! You have a great dark sense of humor and are very ambitious so be more proud!
  • Aquarius: Honestly, youre the biggest know-it-all. As much as I hate listening to your arrogant talk, I will secretly listen because I wish I would knew as much as you do. Then Id probably be just as arrogant.
  • Pisces: I dont want to get too close to you because I fear nothing more than someone who is as dependent as you. Please dont count on me or romanticize me I am a little shit and I will hurt you 100% look for someone who deserves you.

sorry i dont have a preview for the normal one, i forgot to take one and im too lazy to go back.

so i like me some off. and i’m debating on replaying it. and while in the off mood, i decided, why not make a sweater based on the character people love more than the game and put in the cat mask that he doesnt wear for most of the game? then i tore it up to practice, well, ripping things up. it doesn’t look that good imo, but maybe someone else might want it.

hopefully it’s generic enough though that more people can get something out of it. 



I’m abandoning this account. I’m leaving the clique. I can’t take it anymore. Almost everyone in the clique is so disrespectful and invasive towards Tyler and Josh. For the past month or so, I’ve been seeing nothing but utter bullshit from the clique. People accusing Josh of being racist, people shitting on the boys present and past relationships, people degrading albums they’ve made, and people degrading individual songs.

It sickens me to see this type of shit. It hurts to see that these two wonderful beings have to deal with the bullshit their own fans put out. Imagine if you were Tyler and Josh. Imagine being told by your own fans that your relationship isn’t worth anything- or that your albums that you worked so hard on are shit. Just fucking IMAGINE what that does to them.

The people who do the things previously listed are the same people who hate on new fans and claim to be “true fans”. You are NOT a true fan. You are one hell of a fake. If you really loved and cared about Tyler and Josh, you wouldn’t hate on their private life for your own satisfaction. You wouldn’t be shitting on their albums. You wouldn’t accuse them of dumb shit. If you were a true fan, you would SUPPORT their relationships. You would SUPPORT everything they put out for you. You wouldn’t bash on them or other fans. You wouldn’t tell Tyler to ditch Jenna for your prepubescent ass. You wouldn’t do ANYTHING to put them down or give them a bad name.

A small amount of the clique actually care about Tyler and Josh, which is more than sad. The majority of the clique is lazy, rude, selfish, and greedy. I do not want to associate myself with a group of people who put a bad name on the sweetest people on earth.

With that said, Im going to leave this account to create a new one, where I can voice my opinions on politics and controversial topics freely.

I hope you all change. Goodbye, and goodnight.

//Joshler isn’t fucking real get over yourself for fuck sake//

@lovenfluff has a super gay cowboy au so i wrote a little blurb for it with inspiration from @m4d-m4x‘s post about it

this has some worldbuilding and some shippy stuff and maybe ill write some extra gay stuff maybe even smut who knows lol if people like this

also im gonna shamelessly plug the cowboy au i posted back around christmas if u want more gay cowboys it’s totally unrelated but i put a fuckton of work into that au

so here u go i tried to make it historically accurate (it’s like late 1870s, early 1880s)

The soft tap of glass on wood startled Jeremy into sitting up straight on his bar stool. He tipped back his hat to look up at the bartender.

“Oh, look, you’re awake,” Geoff said with a lazy grin. “Good, I don’t need to call the doctor on you. Can’t have our sheriff passed out in a bar, right? Bad for business, yours and mine.”

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