im lazy sigh

me: *thinks about Grima while doing the dishes*
what if Morgan came to the past and didn’t lose her memories but still got separated from the rest of the children, but then Grima from alternate future got into trouble and had to possess Morgan when Robin’s body was damaged, and ran away to the past, too. And then he found the real Morgan and murdered her and started to pretend he’s her (having her body ofc) and he faked his amnesia just to avoid bothering with lying about Morgan’s childhood because he obviously didn’t know all of the details and it would be suspicious if suddenly Morgan began to tangle herself in her memories. Her “ouch, my head, but wow I remember something!” WAS A LIE
And then Robin sacrifices himself, wakes up in the field, Chrom picks him up, they hug and Robin cries because finally everything is over, they won, he’s free of the fell blood, grima is gone. And then there’s Morgan standing next to them and she’s like

and I

me: looks down at the dishes. There’s a knife in my hand,

do you know that feeling when you want to write a story/update your pending story and at first you’re like “yes i can do this!” but then when you started to forget the ideas and the plot and it leads to you not writing anything except endless profanities for your lazy self

(I hope you don’t mind me making this sorta-crack. Also, this can be part two of the Sawamura Eijun fanclub. Dunno.)
(Warnings: cussing. out of character-ness, i suppose.)


“We need to set an intervention,” is Miyuki’s solemn declaration, folding his arms in front of him. His figure, casually leaning on the wall of an indoor training gym, is foreboding and deceptive; while his body language speaks of nonchalance, Koushuu can feel the the aura rolling off of him in waves, not unlike Furuya when the pitcher is on the mound. But Miyuki is neither donning the catcher’s gear nor equipped with a helmet and bat, instead clad in plain work clothes, and a wolf mask in face. (Which fools nobody, but that’s not the point.)

It was Koushuu’s fourth meeting for the Sawamura Eijun club.

And today, their current concern is how players from other teams seem to be.. extremely interested in their southpaw pitcher.

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