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Hello! I really liked the post about Kuroh relationship headcanons and I was wondering if you can do Yata relationship headcanons please if that's alright with you :] if you are unable to I understand :3 anyways take care bye! :3

[whoa two asks for Yata, im really happy cause he’s my fav. Also im really glad you liked the Kuroh one!]

Misaki Yata

  • He doesn’t like to admit it, but he loves to take care of his partner. Like cook for them or nurse them when they’re sick.
  • He likes to give occasional little touches. Like a touch to the shoulder or a pat on the head.
  • He gives the cutest little kisses when he’s alone with his partner. Like when watching a movie or just doing things he’ll give little pecks everywhere he can reach.
  • When his partner sees him in action(when he’s on Homra missions and stuff) he likes to show-off and gets even more reckless then usual to try and look cool.
  • Even though he gets flustered super easily, he also likes to make his partner blush.
  • When he’s separated from his partner, no matter how long, he’ll call them from time to time to check up on them and hear their voice. He’ll call or text them to say good morning or good night and make sure they’re eating well and such.