im laughing way too hard rn

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concept: it’s Halloween. Jinjin takes you to a haunted house. He screams his head off and clings onto your back as you laugh your way through. At the end he straightens his clothes out, coughs, wills down his blush and lies, “nah I just screamed to make it entertaining?” But when you say, “I wAS going to give you a kiss to comfort you but I guess not-“ he squeaks and starts mumbling about how scary it was. -boyfriend!jinjin anon I hope you have a nice day & aren’t scared of haunted houses!!


im actually,,,,not okay rn,,,im laughing too hard at this.. cOULD U IMAGINE ADSKJ okay so u know sometimes when smth scary just pops up and someone just attACKS IT, like fully just screams at it and throws a punch at them?
that’ll be me and jinjin’ll just be screaming and bein scared shitless
aakjdsna this is brilliant i love this