im laughing too loud

Satoru: From now on we’re going to be using code names you can address me as Eagle One.

Satoru: Kayo, codename, Been There Done That.

Satoru: Airi is, Currently Doing That.

Satoru: Osamu is It Happened Once in a Dream.

Satoru: Hiromi is, If I had to Pick a Dude.

Satoru: And Kenya is…….Eagle Two

Kenya: Oh thank God.

anonymous asked:

How do you stop giving a shit about what people think

Tbh, ive never really cared what people have thought of me because its just the way I’m programmed. I think its mostly because I carry myself with confidence and only concern for myself (as egotistical as that sounds). The best way for me to explain it is that the moment you realize that your opinion of yourself is LITERALLY the only thing that can ultimately mark the difference between being alive and living is the moment everything changes. Just look around. What does it matter if kids at your school look down on you? Are they going to get you the goals you want in your life? Are they going to be a part of your life in 3 years? My dood, people have been talkin shit about me despite not knowing me ever since I can remember. Im too loud, im too explicit, I laugh too much… I dont care because I know that I am in charge of my own destiny and regardless of whether I chose to be proud of who I am and ignore them or take what they say into consideration and be miserable, they’re still going to have something to critique. Remember, what people think of you reflects them as a person, not you. Unless you’re an asshole then maybe stop doing that

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