im laughing so much where is nicki

pet peeve: when people use light skinned, white-passing face claims for nicky hemmick especially because the very first time you meet him the book says:

“neil looked from him to the twins and back again. where the twins were light, nicky was dark, with jet black hair and dark brown eyes and skin two shades too dark to be a tan. he also had the better part of a foot on him. ‘By blood?’

“Nicky laughed, ‘don’t look it, right? Take after my mom. Dad “rescued” her from Mexico during some la-di-dah ministry trip.’”

boy is canonically dark skinned and immediately visible as someone who isnt white, so much so that neil doubted that he was blood related to andrew and aaron. so im not sure why i keep seeing light skinned people, or worse straight up white people fancast as him.