im laughing so hard i s2g

im lmfao bc you know those ppl you meet and you just click with and immediately start talking like youve known them longer than you have

the same guy who was like ‘are you an adult adult?’ just went home for the day

and as he’s leaving, he passes by all of our offices so he goes up the hall and to coworker #1 he says, ‘have a good weekend!’

to coworker #2 he says, ‘have a good weekend!’

and then he get gets to my doorway and he stops and says, ‘have a SHITTY weekend’

and i s2g i havent laughed that hard all week omg

anonymous asked:

68*media*tumblr*com/d2151ff54bc11396d1f1cdf6e5b15be7/tumblr_no8fpuhWjC1r3ptbfo1_1280*png I'm such a mess I s2g I don't know how I got to this point but sometimes I just see things like this and I turn into John Mulaney's real estate agent, except with AU's instead of nurseries: "This is an on-fire garbage can... could be an Nicky/Ovi AU" why am I like this


hey guys i hit 3k so with help from my father, norman reedus, i’ve made yet another follow forever

Special Mentions: 

ofcoltsandcrossbows: im sorry i suck at everything but im glad i know you and i love you so fucking much

theladysarmor: i miss you more than anything NYC will wait for us

singawaltz: loVE YOu sweetheart

7fern: get out of my life gay boi come to nh and run away w me

chortana: i love you btich, i aint ever gonna stop loving you , btic h

akaitsume: love and miss you <3

yxzawas: i lVOE YOu gay trash 

WhatsApp Squad

ricksdaryll: i’m sorry i annoy the shit out of you probably but i promise i love you 

rickyhls: i love you so much daughter i iwll protect you from everything

ijustwantedyoutoneedme: marry me. meet me a tthe alter. im on my way

Reedus Squad: 

rheedus: thanks for ugly reedus pics skid

reedusnorman: thank you for maryl and unwatermarked pics your truly a gift in my life 

Other Loves of my Life:

taracnambler: i love you so much every time we talk i end up laughing so hard. most of my sins reside in my /tagged/taracnamblr. 

michonnescarl: you’re so funny and pretty and perfect i can’t even compare to you 

vonaliens: you’re so important to me and i hope every day that you have a good day

heartfulloffandoms: you’re the nicest person on tumblr i s2g 

peletiersdixon: bRO my world BRO ilu 

gleggie: lowkey my fave blog and fave url

rickdaryl: you’re way to cool to know me but hey i lOVE YOU 

corlgrimes: you’re absolutely SO NICE and sweet 

bravebuckybarnes: I LVOE YOU FAM

thebarbarians / ghostimpressions: thank you for all the maryl and rickyl you provide me bless your soul my love

naranciaghrga: lowkey the most gorgeous person on tumblr

lost-in-soma-and-covered-in-cake: BRUhh


kagi–horuda: love u u nalu trash heap *joins you in the trash*

rick-belt-buckle-grimes: i love you babyyyy

madnomses : i miss you more than anything


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