im laughing so hard i love myself


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I love myself (sure, jan) because:

1. I put others first before myself (aka i care too much about specific people.)

2. I make people laugh harder throughout the joke with just my laugh, people tell me my laugh is quite contagious 🙃

3. I’m able to brighten people’s days.

4. I got some great legs. (ya girl is thicc)

5. I dream big, and for some reason, they come true for me. I guess you could say I must really believe in myself then, which is mostly true.

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oKAY JJ’s i’ve been waiting mONTHS to post this, and now since Amelia’s “Office” fic is up i finally can.

So i was at work and it was a pretty chill job so I would spend a lot of my time on my laptop, drawing. One of the girls working there came over to me and was like “who are you drawing? is that an Asian boy?”….. like, of fucking course its an Asian boy!!

so I’m like “Yes, his name is Jungkook.”

and her jaw drops so fucking low and her eyes were huge and she goes “JOHN COOK? What kind of name is THAT !?!?!??”

and im sHITTING MYSELF bc holy shit no his name is not fucking John COOK!! 

but no one understand why i was laughing so hard thank u for listening i love u and hope u dream of sweet baby John Cook -Kaitlin

sometimes, really late at night i’ll start to miss you. ill think about you holding me. ill think about your touch and your smell. and how soft and beautiful your skin was. ill think about how i felt when you kissed me. ill realize how my bed is so empty without you. ill think of your laugh and ill even begin to miss hearing you snore. how adorable i thought it was. but later that morning, im able to look at myself in the mirror and appreciate myself. i no longer have someone who constantly brings me down. who doesn’t appreciate the way i love hard, and who doesn’t ruin my days by arguing with me. im able to look at myself in the mirror and appreciate who i have become since you left me. im able to appreciate the weight i’ve lost, the confidence i’ve gained. im able to admire my clear skin and my genuine smile. im able to appreciate where i am in life. with a job i love and friends i love. and even tho it’s all good things i miss, the thought of you is still dark. and the thought of myself is always so much brighter. i can’t thank you enough for leaving me, and making me realize my worth. you forced me to take care of me and only me. it was the greatest thing i’ve done in a really long time.

what I think of the signs (coming from a cap)

aries: lol DAMN u guys are hot but im so intimidated by you

taurus: ur funny when u want to be but kind of closed-minded

gemini: u guys first came off as a know-it-all but actually you’re the biggest goof ball

cancer: ur so nerdy but in a good way???

leo: ur spirit is so uplifting and sometimes i get annoyed by it but it’s ur best trait


libra: yall make me laugh but sometimes u can be a little too outspoken??

scorpio: u guys have this tough exterior on the outside but once I got to know you I realized u were so lamely funny aka my type of pal

sagittarius: u try so hard when it comes to meeting new people but i love how good of a friend you turn out to be

capricorn: im a capricorn and I always find myself on competition with other caps which I hate so

aquarius: …idk about you guys yet… ur so mysterious??? I kinda like it

pisces: u do what u want and you dgaf. keep doin u!


Dark skin people learn at a very young age that they’re not loved by society.

I know the undeserving pain one receives for being a darker shade of black. I used to wash my skin extra hard hoping that if scrubbed long enough my skin wouldn’t be so dirty and I would be lighter. I used to stay inside because I was afraid of getting darker than I already was. I used to laugh along with people who made ape jokes about me because I myself saw my skin as less than.

That shit blows my mind how programmed I was to hate who I was. It took years for me to grow out of that mindset and love who I was. I still struggle with it at times. Thank God for tumblr making me as woke as I am today. 

Still learning bit by bit but at least I know one thing for sure

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what reading smut in public be like…

so i came out to my parents today holy shit my mom was annoyingly low-key homophobic as usual but my dad ohhh my god he was an angel and he was so accepting and sweet i even made a gay joke abt myself like right after i came out and he was laughing and hes like “aww i love your sense of humor” im crying so hard rn ohh man