im laughing bc this edit


4+ hours of gameplay and im this deep 

the last comic is actually true if you try to hack wrench lmao

i finally decided to repost this with my url ON it, because seeing my stolen gif on my dash all the time is really disheartening after the hours i put in to making it.

please, if you see the other post going around, reroute to this one! i would be super grateful 

Joseph Kavinsky

Come again? I know, I know — that’s what Lynch says.

“Cerise smiled, and the teeth that peeked out made Raven wonder how people hadn’t realized that Mr. Badwolf was her father a long time ago.”

Shannon Hale, Unfairest of Them All



panic! hosts mtv’s dean’s list laughing their way through it [!]


Happy birthday, Lu Han! What should I say? It’s been an amazing year with you, so many ups & downs just within the past year, but you’ve still always managed to smile that smile that makes my lungs contrict & my heart soar. I want three, four, five, endless more years together. I want to walk with you until we’ve lost the road, until we’ve got nothing but the love & happiness you’ve given us, because it’s always, always been enough. 

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