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i was in my room and i exclaimed “i was wondering what would break first your spirit or your body” and then just squished a mosquito 

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'not a walk in the park' with cal? thankyou!!! 😊

‘not a walk in the park’
pairing: calum/y/n

Your head snapped to the side when you heard the front door open and shut over the sound of streaming water. 

“Calum?” you called out, your fingers freezing in your hair. You let your hands fall from where you had been previously lathering shampoo into your scalp, and shot a teasing glance to the toddler sitting on the closed lid of the toilet, “Daddy’s never been much good at listening, yeah?”

Gracie giggled when you stuck your tongue out at her, her hands fiddling in her lap. You’d instructed her to stay still, like a soldier, and she had been taking the order very seriously. Being a mother was demanding–this was something you had been aware of before the pregnancy, but you were still shocked at how taking care of a two-year-old was proving to be more difficult than you’d anticipated.

So it had come to this: squeezing in quick showers and letting your daughter stay in the bathroom. Usually she had some toys to play with, but she seemed to have misplaced her favourite stuffed animal today, so you had taken up the task of keeping her entertained.

You wiped at the steamy glass of the shower wall–on cue, the knob of the bathroom door turned and the barrier swung open. Your husband stepped through, loosening his tie and clenching his jaw. 

He broke into a grin when he saw Gracie sitting on the toilet, rushing over to her, “Hey, honey! How was your day?”

“Good,” Gracie beamed, reaching out with her meaty fists. Calum picked her up, sitting her on his hip and peppering her face with kisses, causing her to squeal happily. 

“Best seat in the house, huh?” Calum said, and you cocked your head to the side, confused. But then Calum glanced at you, his gaze raking down your naked body and his lips kinking up into a smirk. You suddenly understood and rolled your eyes.

“Calum Thomas,” you scolded. Calum just chuckled, holding up his right hand in surrender, his left settling under Gracie’s legs to keep her firmly on his waist.

“Wasn’t she conceived in this shower?” Calum asked, batting his eyelashes innocently. 

“Oh yeah, baby, keep talking dirty,” you deadpanned. Your husband just laughed. 

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sugar; songs that will get stuck in your head for days

001. Domino Game (Kiss&Cry) 002. H.E.R (Block B) 003. I Like That(GLAM) 004. Miss Right (Teen Top) 005. Sugar (15&) 006. Time Is Up (LEDapple) 007. Pretty Pretty (Ladies’ Code) 008. Tantara (Alphabat) 009. Female President (Girl’s Day) 010. Ring Ding Dong (SHINee) 011. Lipstick (Orange Caramel) 012. Run&Run (Bigstar) 013. Mr. Taxi (SNSD) 014. I’m A Loner (CN blue) 015. Shy Boy (Secret) 016. Face (Nu'est) 017. Step (Kara) 018. Don’t Tease Me (SPEED) 019. Expectation (Girl’s Day) 020. Go Up (Winner) 021. Electric Shock (F(x)) 022. Eternity (VIXX) 023. Believe (U-KISS) 024. Twinkle (TTS) 025. Nillili Mambo (Block B) 026. NU ABO (F(x)) 027. One Shot (B.A.P) 028. U&I (Ailee) 029. Troublemaker (Troublemaker) 030. The Chaser (Infinite) 031. Fire (2ne1) 032. Party Rock (Boy’s Republic) 033. Bangkok City (Orange Caramel) 034. Bbiribom Bberibom (Co-ed School) 035. Trap (Henry Ft. Taemin & Kyuhyun)

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And the fire burned the beauty in their eyes ((closed RP with shay-b- ))

He sat in the car waiting for the light to turn. He looked over at the passenger before fiddling with the radio, “anything you wanna listen to right now, love?” he asked softly drawing the boy’s attention to him. Levi loved Shay’s eyes, he could look at them all day. He smiled at him softly and glanced at the light, still red. He sighed, not nececaraly impatient but decidedly cars made it difficult to make out with his boyfriend of well, forever. He leaned over anyway pressing their lips together in a soft kiss before moving back in to his seat. The light had yet to change still.

im supposed to be doing my research paper but i somehow ended up starting a tokyo ghoul x me!me!me crossover and im laughing so ha r d

dont expect the completed gifset anytime soon i have homework -cries-

EDIT: here it is!

CipherPines Arranged Marriage AU


I can’t just make an AU post without it being super long ever and telling like the entire plot synopsis so have the abridged version while I start on the dumb first chapter.

AU where Mr. and Mrs. Pines ban Dipper and Mabel from going back to Gravity Falls and contacting their Grunkle when they hear about what happened over that first summer. They shut down any of the twins arguments and eventually make them question if the summer was all just in their imagination or not. Twins share fake memories together, right?

Stan’s worried for the kids’ safety, Bill takes advantage of it, and strikes up a deal to provide guardianship over the twins in exchange for a heart, or hand, or… something.
Stan totally thinks he’s going to get turned into a zombie or a pirate, but he loves the twins enough that he shakes on it. Bill says not to worry about that end of the bargain until the time comes.

Mabel and Dipper both grow up, and Dipper is pretty much broken down after an intense magic-involved existential crisis in his early teens. His parents insist he go to college and pursue a reasonable career, and he ends up majoring in Accounting for three semesters because he knows it’s real, it’s safe, and he’s good with numbers.

Of course, he’s not happy.

Eventually he calls up Gruncle Stan towards the end of the spring semester. He runs away from home, only letting Mabel know, and returns to the Mystery Shack to help run the place while he dives straight back into paranormal research. Dipper couldn’t be happier.

Until he comes across Bill, who says a deal has been made for Dipper’s hand in marriage. Dipper is horrified, Stan is cursing himself, Mabel’s still glittery and Bill is a little shit with a hidden agenda.