im laughing at the title

Ok I’m not going to title this because I’m noticing more and more the longer i look

  • Mt. Lady’s ass, ft. Mic worshipping it
  • Ft. Aizawa pointing at him like “look at my loud friend”
  • Snipe dabbing with guns
  • All Might is attempting
  • Tokoyami looks done
  • Bakugou is questioning his life choices
  • Jeanist just fixing his hair, per the norm
  • The other Aizawa is just glaring at everything
  • Aoyama can’t dab in his armor

sorry about the clickbaity title but im laughing my ass off


junkook, a boy in luv, from GTS is here to role the world

And the fire burned the beauty in their eyes ((closed RP with shay-b- ))

He sat in the car waiting for the light to turn. He looked over at the passenger before fiddling with the radio, “anything you wanna listen to right now, love?” he asked softly drawing the boy’s attention to him. Levi loved Shay’s eyes, he could look at them all day. He smiled at him softly and glanced at the light, still red. He sighed, not nececaraly impatient but decidedly cars made it difficult to make out with his boyfriend of well, forever. He leaned over anyway pressing their lips together in a soft kiss before moving back in to his seat. The light had yet to change still.