im late cuz i been high

So basically when I went to the doctor today, I had told them I hadn’t gotten my period in 2 months (because of the weightlifting I’ve been doing lately, which affects my period a lot idk why) and I was only there cuz I had a high fever. Soon enough, my Doctor, let’s call him Bubble Head (because his head is HUGE), came in and asked my mother to leave the room. Once she was out, Bubble Head looked at me and asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?” I immediately shook my head, because, honestly, I didn’t. Afterwards, he asked, “have you ever had sex?” I have. So I told him yes. “When was the last time you’ve had it?” I told him about a few weeks ago. He asked if I used condoms. I said no. “Do you use birth control then?” I told him no as well. “Then it would be impossible for you to not be pregnant!” He exclaimed. And then I said it. Where the moment he would leave the room in frustration. And in just two words.

“Im lesbian.”