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daddy always does it better | daddy!yuta

Group: NCT 127 | yuta & female!reader

Request: “is this page okay with nsfw content because im craving me some daddy yuta”

Plot: you knew better than to go against daddy’s rules. But it had just been so long and you couldn’t help yourself.

Notes: this is 2k words i dont know what happened i kind of got a little out of hand,,, sorry for any grammar mistakes! give me tons of feedback as this is the first smut i’m posting here. warnings for light bdsm and heavy dirty talk! enjoy, love. im lame for listening to hide and freak while writing this smh.

You were screwed.

It had been weeks since the last time you and your Daddy had any time to play, and though some of his rules were bendable, there was one that was to never be broken. You never touched yourself without Daddy’s permission.

Yuta was a pretty important man in his company and lately he had been so swamped with meetings and the like that the second he came home, the two of you would eat dinner and go straight to bed. Occasionally, He would watch an episode of your favorite T.V. show with you or something but anytime you wanted to play it was always, “Daddy’s tired tonight, sweetheart.”

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anonymous asked:

this sounds so middle school & lame lmao but im fourteen and there's a girl i've had a crush on for a while and she's so lovely and pretty and i know fourteen is so young she kissed me last week and we're going to the movies tomorrow ahhhh im so excited

It’s not lame hun, you’re allowed to be happy and excited over this!! I’m really excited for you!! I hope you have a wonderful time with her:)) Best of luck to you~!! <3

-Mom Em

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I agree with you, stop it>>>>>>>>every other song. you know how wolf is the joke of the fandom, and the legendary work is chugiwaaa. I was wondering, what do you think is the funniest line or work in stop it? Mine is queso (?), zelo says it at the end of the line. it reminds me of cheese in spanish. omg im so lame, trying to force a joke. dont even bother answering this but omg this page is gold! keep it up ^^


Just that very first, over dramatic, “hajiMA” daehyun sings in the first chorus, that shit hits you like a train. Also, one cannot listen to it without doing THE AGGRESSIVE HAND WIGGLE. Oh you know what I mean:

Thank you for your lovely comment!

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I think you're a nerd who loves Sebastian Stan and Tom Holland 😂


(you are just about right… add chris evans and a dash of mega lame and im #megaexposed)

Judging by my Tumblr, post in my ask what you think I’d be like in real life

Love story actually
  • Vernon: I'm so stupid.
  • Me: Yes, you are.
  • Vernon: ...
  • Me: But I love you tho...
  • Vernon: *blushes*
  • Me: :)
  • Vernon: ...
  • Me: *Slaps*
  • Vernon: :-)
  • Me: :-)

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So im in tears im seeing some things about betty and jug dating and im distraught like what the fuck no why on earth just why and i don't know what to do like @cw stop fucking us over you god damn bitch IM SO DISTRAUGHT CAN YOU TELL uGh

honestly same it’s so fucking lame and boring and i can’t believe im going to be forced to watch and pretend like betty and jug are straight and in love with each other when jughead literally looks like he wants to jump off a bridge when they are ‘dating’ and is so uncomfortable when they kiss. honestly im gonna fight ras for ruining platonic b*ghead for me and making a stereotypical het relationship that makes me wanna kermit

what I think of the signs (coming from a cap)

aries: lol DAMN u guys are hot but im so intimidated by you

taurus: ur funny when u want to be but kind of closed-minded

gemini: u guys first came off as a know-it-all but actually you’re the biggest goof ball

cancer: ur so nerdy but in a good way???

leo: ur spirit is so uplifting and sometimes i get annoyed by it but it’s ur best trait


libra: yall make me laugh but sometimes u can be a little too outspoken??

scorpio: u guys have this tough exterior on the outside but once I got to know you I realized u were so lamely funny aka my type of pal

sagittarius: u try so hard when it comes to meeting new people but i love how good of a friend you turn out to be

capricorn: im a capricorn and I always find myself on competition with other caps which I hate so

aquarius: …idk about you guys yet… ur so mysterious??? I kinda like it

pisces: u do what u want and you dgaf. keep doin u!

I’m in love with you and I just want the best for you. I just want to see you happy and grow. I just want to be by your side for everything that happens in your life whether it’s good or bad. I want to love you and care for you and do nice things for you. I want to see that smile every single day. I want to protect you from all the bad out there. I want to be your forever. I want to be your one the same way I know you’re my one. I keep you in my prayers every single day. I just can’t get enough of you. I’ve never felt this way before about anyone. This pure genuine lovely feeling and it’s all because of you.
—  To my boyfriend aka the love of my life who hopefully won’t see this because I’d rather him not know my true feelings for him lol
Second Choice

You look great together.
I know I’ll never be her,
But it doesn’t matter
Instead I’ll love you from here.

At the top of your list
For once put me there at least.
Make me experience please
Being loved by you is a bliss.

Hello!! Happy NYE or NY wherever you are! I know this edit is lame and this was originally supposed to be posted before Christmas but i’m trash lol anyway if you are on this list i’m really happy we’re mutuals, i love seeing you on my dash and i hope to become friends with all of you!!! If i forgot anyone i am so sorry it’s because i rushed while doing this!! Thank you for following and putting up with me lol.. I wish you all the best for 2015! :)

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so this was originally supposed to be posted at the beginning of the year? ((i know it’s really late im so lame but i still hope you had a wonderful 2015 and go on to have an even better 2016)) anyway, here we are, a little after valentine’s day and i just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you! for helping me escape life through your fics/art/posts, for making me smile, for making me feel like im not alone! holds u all very close to my heart! especially my lovely mutuals I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH

sorry this is so long omfg i literally don’t know how that happened?? and the format is fucked up too /cries/ if u don’t have a lil note im so sorry I’m exhausted uwu

ps. you’ll see my aesthetic mainblog following you @exodusheartache 

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HEY TAYLOR!!!!! its me cassie, cas, casshizle, whatever ya dig. i dont know if you recall, but 9 and a half months ago you sent my buddy rosebud a package and said “cassie (tell her i said hi!)” and i find it completely unacceptable that i havent gotten to say i back formally, so hi!!! you probably dont know much about me (unless you lurk me in which case sorry for my lame posts about chicken nuggets), so i thought id tell you some ESSENTIAL cassie facts so we can be good buds.
-i say the word nugget far too much. im not sure why.
-i LOVEE mexican food and indian food and hashbrowns
-my favorite colors are purple and light peach
-i live in st louis with my dad (but cant see you next week which is sad:( )
-i lived in california all my childhood and saw you there for red tour sacramento and santa clara night one and two!
-i used to get up at 7 am and play club penguin while listening to your music when i was about 5 or 6 years old
-im 13!!!
-i love to listen to songs and pretend im preforming in front of a crowd
-i LOVEE to sing but i have doubts about my talent
-my dream is to sing dear john with you sometime in my life
-i have lotsss of siblings
-i love the smell of rain so so much
-i love cats with all my being and talk to my cat far too much
-i am a literal cat whisperer. i swear. any cat who hates everyone, loves me. it is a scientific fact.
-i love love tea
-i only like two flavors of icecream, world class chocolate from baskin robbins, and chocolate therapy from ben and jerrys
-i like chocolate if you couldnt tell
okayy well now im just rambling but i love you SO much and really hope you see this because it feels like forever since weve interacted. taylorswift

…. hi….. I Hit 10,000 followers in 1 and a half years, idk about you but that’s really quite a big deal for me, so this is my 2nd thank you post to all the blogs without whom i wouldnt really have the outstanding content on my blog to display. 

Im really grateful to everyone who put up with my excessive whining and complaining, and im really grateful to everyone who appreciated, supported and took care of me and my mediocre blog, despite my constant hiatuses and bad edit uploads. honestly, i really dont understand why I reached this self-actualising peak point….but it flutters my heart. so thank you :’) I know this is a horrible 10k present but im a broke college student, so giveaways are out of question;; if you read through all of this really lame message please tag ‘lame haru’ and i will send you some hearts and love^^ im a blabber-mouth yoohoo~

[people on italics: i wont say why they are on italics]

@dohdoro - Erika, i learned alot from you and im so glad you exist^^

@syuub - (๑′ᴗ‵๑)I Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♥ you are perfect^^

favourite fan-artists: even though I dont follow most of you, i envy your talent and you guys are overall so outstanding~

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 (๑′ᴗ‵๑)have a good day^^

Hey, I thought it was time for a new follow forever because the old one is old and im bored haha. 

These are just some blogs I really like and I reblog a lot from.

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