im lame but you know you love me


we only have tomorrow
i wish it was with you 
the world will end tomorrow
we know what we must do

the sun has sunk below us 
the dark of night is here 
the hands of time keep ticking 
tomorrows almost here! almost here! almost here!

me? drawing spongebob the musical fanart? its more likely than you think


@yoongi-net moodboard exchange 

(m)intellectual boyfriend yoongi moodboard for @yeonqimin


My oc Naya hates flowers but she actually likes a few of them!! Buttercups, Rose and Lycoris are her favs!!!!!!!!


sanspar following me already gave me a heart attack but this is too much.

So many people that I admire is following me and I’m dying?

Thank you so much @blinddetermination for following someone like me I hope you like this thing I had in mind ahhhhh ;;

I remember when I created my account!!! @sanspar was one of the first accounts I found about undertale and and nnnghh I was so stupid I didn’t know I could follow people lol please forgive me I am so lame jfc, but I finally learnt to follow people!!!!

And I can’t believe that two of my idols are actually following me lol, I just don’t know how to thank you guys ;; just-

Thank you so much!!!


Here is the transcript from the panel only including the actual questions, for the people who cant watch / don’t have time / or who were triggered by some of the topics discussed. 

All of the personal stories have been removed, this is just the questions that the fans asked and Jack answered. Some questions were left out as i either couldn’t hear it properly or they were too complicated to write out (only one or two). Enjoy!

Fan: I wanted to know if you could speak another language?

Jack: Uh, kinda? I mean- I barely speak english, so. I speak a small bit of Irish, French, Danish, a little bit of Korean. Not very well!


Fan: I have a serious question, do you want to go to prom with me?

Jack: I was waiting for some very strong political commentary or something. Dude i’ll go to prom with you! I’m not a cheap date though. Im gonna need a limo, a dress, flowers.. Ok, sure. No problem. Hit me up. Hit me up in the DMs. Slide into them DMs man.


Fan: Do you prefer the original ghostbusters or the remake?

Jack: What do you think? It’s like- Do you like to eat pizza, or do you like to eat garbage? Does that answer your question? [laughs]


Fan: What’s your favourite song?

Jack: Im gonna have to go with the opening to Peppa Pig. It’s the best. It’s hard to top that. [snorts] [quietly sings Peppa Pig theme song]


Fan: Whats your favourite soundtrack from a game?

Jack: Oh, Jesus. See, everyone wants me to say Undertale, and that’s a good one, but i’m going to have to go with Shadow of the Colossus. And thats not just because its my favourite game ever, i think the soundtrack is really good and it really compliments that game as well. And its epic, you should work out to that soundtrack. Just like, battling titans, its amazing.


Fan: Since you don’t like Guinness, what kind of beer do you like?

Jack: See i’m like the worst irishman. I like beer but it’s like, Miller and Coors. Im so not patriotic at all. I like light beers. Im sorry everybody!


Fan: Do you like Twenty One Pilots and if so, what’s your favourite song by them?

Jack: I started off listening to their Blurry Face album- [Audience cheers] Man, thats all i have to talk about is Twenty One Pilots and then i’m good? [Audience cheers again] My favourite song from them is Lame Boy.


Fan: I wanted to know what your favourite storyline series is on the channel? Aside from Shadow of the Colossus.

Jack: Oh god, hit me with all the big questions. I don’t know, there’s a lot of good ones that i’ve played that have really good stories. My current favourite one is Night in the Woods. I love it, it’s just so weird! “Im a total trash mammal”. But probably Undertale. I’m not pandering either, i really like it.


Fan: Is there something that you wanted to try in the next year that you haven’t tried before?

Jack: Hmm, how much am i allowed to say… One thing that i want to try more of, and i’ve said this in videos, is to try and do this kind of thing in a touring fashion. To try and go around- because we always go to these events, and we always go to panels at them, but not everyone can come to this and there’s people watching at home- Hi people at home! [waves at camera] So it kind of sucks because all of these events go on in places that certain people can’t get to. So im going to try and do a thing- its not going to be anything crazy. We’re just going to try and do a thing where we go to more places and try and do more of these at different venues. Hopefully, i don’t know how that’s going to work, we need to test it out first. It could be awful. But hopefully we can get it done.


Fan: What video was the most fun for you to make?

Jack: Oh god, there’s like four million of them. I don’t know, it’s different because different things are fun for different reasons. Recording certain series- recording Shadow of the Colossus was really fun because its my favourite game, and then recording The Last Guardian was awesome because that was the sequel to that. And then recording with these guys [gestures to Mark, Ethan, etc] is awesome as well because we always laugh a lot. Different games for different reasons, certain things that- well, its more the ones that stand out to me more so the ones that are ‘fun’. It’s easy to have fun but its hard for a game to have a huge impact on you. 

So two games that come to mind that have had a huge impact on me was ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ because thats just a rollercoaster from start to finish. That and ‘The Beginners Guide’ was a big one for me. Because i remember when i finished recording that video i was like “Ok, people are going to like this. I love this, this was a good thing to record.” And it was a nice experience to share and i don’t often get to do that with games. Like its fun to do Happy Wheels and everything, but at the end of the day they all kind of blend together. These are the ones that stand out, and it’s the one that stand out and sit there for a very long time that mean the most to you. Not that they were the most fun to record, but they were the ones to kind of stay with me the longest.


Fan: Is there a game that you play that you’re not very fond of?

Jack: Ooo, good one. I don’t know, i don’t think there is. If there’s ever a game that i’m not really fond of i just don’t play it. I think that goes for a lot of people. Or if i get bored of something i usually stop playing it. Well a lot of games i don’t know what they’re going to be like until i play it. God i wish i had an example, im bad at this. What videos have i recorded?


Fan: If you were to discover a planet in outer space, what would you name that planet?

Jack: Well, Uranus is taken. So im going to have to go with Urectum.


Fan: What kept you motivated throughout your entire YouTube career even when things seemed like they would never go your way?

Jack: Its going to sound like a cop out, but literally the people who watch the videos. I know it sounds cheesy and it sounds like you’re pandering to the people, but thats the real reason. There’s always a time when you’re uploading stuff that you don’t know if its going to do well or you don’t know if people are going to like it, and sometimes it just takes off and people love it. Then there’s always the times when you feel really down and you can go into the comments or go on Instagram or Tumblr or Twitter or something, and you can see people saying really nice things, or you will see them drawing fan art of the game that you’ve played or telling you their story. Like the people who have come up and said that you’ve helped them a lot, its that kind of stuff that keeps you going. 

Because it’s very easy when you’re doing YouTube to get very jaded by it, because there’s a lot of- like when you get super involved in it and you do it as your job and you’re doing it day after day all the time, its very easy for it to consume you and to make you feel a bit cynical about everything. I don’t know, like you kind of take for granted what you have. So its when you do things like this, when you meet people, when you hear their stories and you hear how much what you do means to them, even if you think its silly, that keeps you going. Because you mean a lot for other people, as much as the people mean for you when they watch your videos. It’s a very back and forth thing and i definitely think its the viewers who watch your content.


Fan: Does pineapple belong on pizza?



Fan: What do you want to say to all of the haters of pineapple on pizza out there?

Jack: Fuck you. There’s two types of people in the world, people who like pineapple on pizza, and people who are wrong [points at Mark]


Fan: When the full release [of Subnautica] comes out in May, are you going to re-do the series?

Jack: Yes. I mean, i feel like i kind of have to. Well i’ll probably skip a lot of the similar stuff like building bases and farming things [can’t hear what he said here] and whatever we haven’t seen or if stuff has changed or anything like that. I will definitely do it again, i love that game. The more Subnautica i get to play, the better. Its like the best game ever.


Fan: How is it like to make people smile every day?

Jack: It’s the best, man. Its awesome. It’s weird when you do- like i know that YouTube, what we do, people don’t consider it a job, but it is a job. And not a lot of people get to have that sort of feedback in their job or their line of work or the stuff that they like to do, or in their hobbies even. So its really cool that the stuff that we get to do that makes us happy, in turn reflects and makes other people happy, which in turn makes us happy, then it makes you happy. So its a really cool thing. I love it. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else anymore and it’s the best feeling in the world.


Fan: What’s a big goal that you want to achieve this year or in the next coming years?

Jack: Its like talking to a guidance counsellor again, like, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’. I don’t know, happy? [laughs]

Fan: It’s ok, happy is good. Stay happy!

Jack: I will try my best. As i said in the other question, i hope to do touring, and there’s other stuff that i’m trying to get done, that i can’t really say anything about and we don’t know if they’re going to happen or not so i don’t want to put stuff out there. As i said in the new years video i did, i just want to try and reach my potential or at least push past that. Because again, it’s very easy to just get complacent and just upload videos and do whatever, but you need to have that drive and that fire in you to keep going and try new things. I really want to try new things because i keep putting it off a lot of the time like, ‘oh, i have to make videos today i don’t have time for that.’ 

So i want to try and do more, and try and do bigger and better things because i always see other people do bigger and better things and its really inspiring. I want to try and reach that kind of potential as well. And i want to surprise people more than anything. I don’t want to just do the same thing over and over again and people think ‘oh its the loud, swearing Irishman.’ That’s cool, and that’s going to be on my gravestone, but i want to do more, and i want to as i said, surprise people and maybe do stuff that people thought i couldn’t do or stuff that i didn’t think i could do. I don’t know what that is, but we will find out together.


Fan: What’s it like knowing that thousands, millions of people support you in your dream even though 95% of them you’ve never met?

Jack: That is a weird thing, isn’t it? Because i always meet people and like all you guys here, a lot of you know who i am, some of you probably don’t, you probably just wandered in here, saw a crowd and was like ‘sure, whats going on in here?’ [laughs] So its really weird when you meet people and they know so much about you but you know almost nothing about them. Or maybe you know their username or their avatar and stuff like that, so i don’t know, it’s really bizarre. It’s a really surreal feeling, it’s awesome, i love that. I love that when you do YouTube you can reach so many different people, and not just world wide, there is so many people in different countries that speak languages that i had never even heard spoken, that you can see watched your video and im like, how? That kind of stuff is just so cool. I’m always fascinated by it. I don’t think i’ll ever stop being fascinated by it.


Fan: When did you and Signe meet? And how?

Jack: We actually met through Tumblr, which is really weird. Whenever i tell people that, they are kind of like ‘Oh.. i don’t know..’ Oh, we have five minutes! Ok, really fast. So, i was on Tumblr one day, and i was looking at a cool thing, and then she was like ‘hey dude wassup’ and i was like ‘yo girl wassup’ and then i was like ‘oh awesome.. thats pretty cool’ [laughs] 

No, she had drawn some stuff of me a long time ago and then we just got talking. I can’t remember what we got talking about first, i’m terrible. And then i needed- I asked her if i could use one of her pieces of art in a thumbnail for a fan game that was done, so we just kind of got talking through that. And then she was doing a livestream on her birthday, and she was drawing me in it, so i stopped in, creepily. And i just said, “Hey, you better draw me pretty.” as a joke and she said “Go fuck yourself.” so i was like [nods head] Suh dude? [laughs] Its not just some magical fairytale, i didn’t ride in on a white horse brandishing a blade. I’m such a Casanova, right?


because the fanfic “flash point” by @actuallydeglace has made me alive lately. as in, i was almost caught at work for being lazy and reading.

my love for this ship has sailed once more.

doodles because i was lazy to do a proper coloured one- but i will surely make a proper fanart of a fanfic screams. also addd the 2nd one because i loved that chapter. (and i would totally draw all the moments i loved, there’s so much, they made me laugh alot)

joshua’s crush ↴
  • how would joshua act if he had a crush on you?
  • he wouldn’t tell you
  • he would hide it for the absolute longest
  • he would be good at hiding it from you and his members
  • BUT you and the guys knew him too well
  • he’s been acting kind of off and weird
  • so one day you decided to see if he’d break
  • to see if he’d tell you what’s been bothering him
  • “josh?” you sit next to him as he tunes his guitar
  • “hmm?” he doesn’t look up from his guitar
  • “are you okay?” you tilt your head a little in curiosity
  • “yeah, why?” he finally looks at you
  • “I don’t know, you just seem a bit off lately.” you look away
  • “I have? I’m okay.” he smiled but you knew he was nervous
  • “joshua” you called his name and his smile faded
  • “what?”
  • “you know you can tell me anything right?” 
  • “y/n im fine! there’s nothing wrong with me!” 
  • that was the first time you’d seen him blow up
  • maybe because you kept pushing him?
  • asking him?
  • either way, you stared at him wide eyed and his face fell
  • “y/n…”
  • “it’s okay! I crossed the line, I’m sorry.” 
  • you stood up quickly before the first tear could fall
  • “I’ll talk to you later.” you leave the practice room 
  • joshua sighs to himself and rubs his face
  • he feels completely awful for screaming
  • at you, the one he loves so much
  • he puts his guitar down and rushes out after you
  • “y/n!” he catches you before you take the elevator down
  • you turn around to face him with sadness in your eyes
  • lol that was a lame explanation
  • ”im so sorry”
  • “its fine”
  • joshua sighs loudly before speaking
  • “you really want to know what’s bothering me?”
  • “I don’t want to force you” you say honestly
  • “it might change the way you see things. but I don’t care anymore”
  • josh pulls you into a hug and takes you by surprise
  • “I like you a lot.” he spoke lowly into you hair 
  • okay that sounds gross but it’s really sweet in my head lol
  • ”that’s why I’ve been off lately, that’s why I can’t focus”
  • “Im so hung up on you, I can’t concentrate.”
  • you’re lowkey blushing into his chest
  • “and im so sorry for screaming at you”
  • “it’s okay, because I like you too”
  • you both hug a little longer until joshua pulls away
  • he smiles down at you and you look down
  • because now you’re blushing like an idiot 
  • joshua and you date after that
  • but thats another scenario
  • if you want it, you can request it!

↠ masterlist ↞

I’m sorry - Stenbrough

wow u ever want to die??/??

This is long, beware! Based off of my fave song and also a song that i think is just stenbrough asf  

- Coldplay, the scientist.

- Also, since this is my first real bit of trashy fucking writing I’m dedacating this to my fave stenbrough Gs; @stanleybby @stenbroughz @birdbabestan @lame-yellow @stanleyuriis

if u cry I’m willing to let u all sue me:)

Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry, you don’t know how lovely you are

Bill was terrified. His pale hands were numb and shaky. Raindrops rolled off his fringe and down past the tip of his nose. He thought about turning back, spinning on the heel of his damp converse and forgetting about it, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t let another person he loved down. Maybe Stan didn’t want to see him, Bill was sure Stan hated him. How could he not? He helped traumatise him, he ruined his summer and most likely his life. Bill knew that Stan didn’t feel the same sort of things as he did. Stan brought out all the feelings in him that he had been taught to repress. But god, Bill couldn’t get the curve of his face out of his mind. The way his left cheek created a bigger dimple than his right whenever he smiled. The way his hair got blonder in summer and how his arms rested loosely by the side of his body whenever he stood. Stanley Uris didn’t even know how lovely he was and Bill wanted nothing more than to tell him.

I had to find you, tell you i need you, tell you I’ve set you apart

Stan wasn’t at home, not these days. He had started to stay with all of the other losers, the house he lived in contained too many reminders of what had happened. If anybody understood that, it was Bill. Tonight, Stan was staying at Mikes farmhouse, which was a 2 mile bike ride from Bills house. He couldn’t care if it was a 16 mile journey. Bill would go to the end of the earth right now to tell Stan how much he needed him. It was a spur of a moment thing, Bill had been laying on his bed and there had only been two people on his mind, the same two people that were always on his mind. Georgie, and Stan. He reached the twisted path to the Hanlon barnyard but stopped when he saw a familiar figure sat upon the haystacks. His curls were wet, refelcting in the moonlight. His pale face was nuetral as he bit his fingers, something Bill had come to notice as a habit of his when he was nervous. Bill was heartbroken just at the sight of him.


Tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions, oh lets go back to the start.

Bill? What are you doing here, Bill? It’s 2 in the morning. And it’s raining”

Bill swallowed hard. He had never been this scared before. Not when Georgie died, not when Henry Bowers targeted him, not even when a fucking killer clown terrorised him and his best friends. He stood up straight, dropping silver on the floor and walking over to Stan, his arms were folded across his wet chest as protection from the cold.

“Stan, t-t-tell me w-what’s going on-n” was all he said. He had to shout over the rain, not knowing that even if he whispered Stan would till be able to hear him. He always watched Bill’s lips.

“Why? so you can ‘save’ the day again, Bill? That worked out perfectly last time.”

Stans words were brutal, they cut through him. It wasn’t even what he said, it was the look of pure hatred and disgust Stan had on his face as he stared at Bill. Stan played with the scar on his hand. Bill looked at his, a tear rolled down his cheek.

“Y-y-you m-meant it didn’t y-y-you, when y-you s-s-said you ha-hated m-me” Bills stutter was increasing and he was crying uncontrobally. He wiped his damp cheeks with the back of his sleeve and finally stared at Stan for the first time in the past 5 minutes. There was a silence. “I w-wish we c-could g-g-go b-back to the s-s-start”

Running in circles, coming up tails, heads on the science apart

You keep saying that, Bill. You keep saying sorry and that you wish you could take it all back. As if that’s going to change anything, stop living in the fucking past. Stop running in circles.” Stan wasn’t crying, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to. His heart was shattering at the sight of Bill.

“I’m s-s-sorry-

“Oh my god Bill, are you even listening to me?” Bill cried harder when Stan shouted. Stan rose from his seat and paced over to Bill. In that second, Bill was certain Stan was going to punch him, kick him, push him to the ground and leave him there. But he didn’t.

Nobody said it was easy, it’s such a shame for us to part, nobody said it was easy, no-one ever said it would be this hard.

Stans body was warm, compared to the hard rain around them. His arms were tight around Bills neck, his wet hair nuzzled Bill’s jawline. Bill gripped the back of stans shirt, his hands so numb he couldn’t even feel the pink material. Stan started to shake and whimper and all Bill could do was hold him, running his hand up and down his back.

I’m sorry” Stan whispered. “I’m sorry that you lost your borther, I’m sorry you had to grow up too fast, I’m sorry for watching as you offered your life for ours, I’M SORRY I wasn’t more understanding. I’m sorry I never told you” Stan was rushing his words into his own cold version of the alphabet. His hands were holding Bill’s neck.

“N-not t-t-telling me w-what?”

“That it would be this damn hard” Stan cried.

“I love you, Stanley Uris” Bill kissed the smaller boys head and srewed his eyes shut. Stan let go of the taller boy and wiped down his tshirt. He stared into Bill’s eyes and rubbed a tear away from his face before turning back to Mikes house.

Bill watched as his best friend, his first love, walked away from him again. He watched his arms hang loosely by his side and he watched him ruffle his wet curls.

“STAN!” Bill yelled over the sound of the rain pounding the surfaces around him. Stan turned back to see Bill sat on silver, his fringe was still stuck to his forehead and the light from Mikes kitchen illuminated his damp features.

“I’m sorry.”

In This Together

Title: In This Together

Pairing: Domestic AU - Platonic!Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1418

Warnings: light cursing, Halloween prank war

A/N: This was written for @winchesters-favorite-girl ‘s 31 Days of Halloween Challenge, and my prompt was TP-ing a house. Seriously though, how many times did I say “toilet paper” in this fic? XD

Psst, Y/N, wake up.”

Y/N groaned and turned in her bed, eyes slowly opening. When her vision finally focused, her eyes widened in realization and she fought the urge to push the intruder off the bed.

“Dean? What the hell are you doing in my house?!” she exclaimed, suddenly wide awake.

“I need your help,” he answered cryptically.

“You couldn’t have waited until tomorrow?” Y/N glanced at the clock and shoved his shoulder. “It’s three in the morning!”

“I know, I know, but this can’t wait. Now get dressed. We’re goin’ out.” He threw a flannel and a pair of jeans in Y/N’s direction and hurriedly left the bedroom, leaving her in a confused silence.

Y/N groaned once more and reluctantly got out of bed to put on the change of clothes, muttering to herself about how childish her best friend was.

A few minutes later, she emerged from her bedroom fully dressed and met Dean in the kitchen. He quickly handed her a cup of coffee and ushered her toward the front door.

“Dean, what the hell is going on?” Y/N asked.

Dean sighed and met her eyes. “Sam defiled Baby.”


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              Heavens. I had made Cersei on a whim the night of I got internet. I literally had nothing but a few pictures and a keyboard and like..maybe 2 followers? Cersei literally showed up out of no where and demanded that I love her, and it’s been a wild ride ever since. I’ve met so many people, written so many things, and Cersei and I have been through so much together. And I’m just thankful for every single moment that had happened, every single person I’ve met, and every heart wrenching and cute things our muses have been through.

        Really it wouldn’t have been such an awesome ride without every single one of you, and I’m so thankful for you all. I know I’m terrible with having constant productivity but thank you for putting up with it. For putting up with the mess that I am and my random days where all I do is jack around doing nothing but reblogging pretty pictures. (how do you put up with me) 

         Beneath the cut is some very special shout outs to those I could never be without. Please I ask early on that you forgive me if I miss anyone. I have a terrible memory and there is just so MANY of you. ohmygosh. I can never be thankful enough. I love you all, my lovelies!

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daddy always does it better | daddy!yuta

Group: NCT 127 | yuta & female!reader

Request: “is this page okay with nsfw content because im craving me some daddy yuta”

Plot: you knew better than to go against daddy’s rules. But it had just been so long and you couldn’t help yourself.

Notes: this is 2k words i dont know what happened i kind of got a little out of hand,,, sorry for any grammar mistakes! give me tons of feedback as this is the first smut i’m posting here. warnings for light bdsm and heavy dirty talk! enjoy, love. im lame for listening to hide and freak while writing this smh.

You were screwed.

It had been weeks since the last time you and your Daddy had any time to play, and though some of his rules were bendable, there was one that was to never be broken. You never touched yourself without Daddy’s permission.

Yuta was a pretty important man in his company and lately he had been so swamped with meetings and the like that the second he came home, the two of you would eat dinner and go straight to bed. Occasionally, He would watch an episode of your favorite T.V. show with you or something but anytime you wanted to play it was always, “Daddy’s tired tonight, sweetheart.”

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rules: tag ten followers you want to get to know better!

name: Chelsea

nicknames: Chels, Chellbell (my mom says this), Bubby, Punk.

gender: she/her

star sign: Capricorn as fuckkk

height: 5′4”

sexuality: Straight but like… girls are also cute af so maybe not idk.

hogwarts house: Slytherin ayeee

fave animal: wolves, owls, bats, typical spooky animals.

average hours of sleep: Like 6-8 hours. Most likely 6. 

current time: 8:50 pm

dog or cat person: DOGS! boof.

blankets you sleep with: Conor and I use about 10 but I normally end up with the sheets because he steals everything. 

dream trip: Exploring northern Canada or finally going to the village where my grandpa grew up in Italy.

dream job: screen writer and author

when i made my blog: Main blog was like 9 years ago damn. This side blog like a month ago lol.

why i made a tumblr: because my friend and I used to have meme fights on facebook and I couldn’t let her win so I used tumblr for ammo.

Followers: 5,645

reason for my url: Because I spiritually connect with Richie Tozier lol.

I tag: @reddieforanything @eddiesrichie @edsrich @hereforlememes @rheddie @beepbeep-trashmouth @richietoaster @tastes-like-cherry-coke and honestly anyone who follows me I wanna see everyones answers! 


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That expression on Seungri was literally me when I saw I had hit my ultimate follower goal / dream (because I could not imagine ever having so many followers when I first started this blog and honestly it still amazes me)  💙 💙



and also my sweet mutuals and friends I have met on here  (or if you prefer : people I like) and who make the tumblr time so much more enjoyable :D  (I hope i did not forget anyone)

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I don’t really know hat more to say so that’s it from me for now 

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My thoughts on 2017 MAMA nominees part 7

Best dance performance solo

  • Sunmi - gashina

Me: Go sunmi!!!

  • Psy - new face

Me: Newwwww faaaacce!!!

  • Lee hyori - black

Me:i dont know you

  • Taemin - Move

Me: ahhhhh its Taemin!!! Yesss taemin yesss

  • HyunA - babe

Me: HyunA!!!

Sees the nominees for dance performance solo

Me: Taemin is on here…… yep this boy stole my vote without my approval!

Best dance performance female group

  • Apink - five

Me: apink!

  • Twice - signal

Me: *jams out to signal*

  • Red Velvet - red flavor

Me: *jams out to red flavor* gooo red velvet!!

  • Girl’s generation- holiday

Me: i dont think ive listen to a song by you but ive heard if you


Me: me gustas tu!!

Sees the nominees for dance performance female group

Me:wellll lets seee….. red velvet or twice….. or apink….. yeah i dont even know

Best dance performance male group

  • EXO - ko ko bop

Me: shimmie shimmie ko ko bop i think i like it!!!

  • NCT 127 - cherry bomb

Me: im the biggest hit im the biggest hit in the stage~~~ IF YOURE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT CLAP YOU HANDS!!! *claps hands*

  • Monsta x - Beautiful


  • BTS - DNA

Me: I wwant it this love!!!! I want it real love!!!!

  • Vixx - Shangri-la

Me: Vixxxx!!!! *jams to Shangri-la*

  • Seventeen- dont wanna cry

Me: Ulgo shipji ana!!! ULGO SHIPJI ANA!!!

Sees the nominees for dance performance male group


dear everyone,

it’s quarter to twelve in the midnight (but im guessing that’s not accurate because darn it i love adding a couple of minutes to my clock) and im sOoOo full of love. i think it’s been a long time since i felt this way and it makes me super happy because my heart is just oddly skipping and smiling spontaneously! so hoorah for me! on another note, i have realized that it’s been a while since i last made a “thoughts” aka 3am entry so i thought maybe i should write this! recently, i’ve been having a hard time balancing my time online and studying for my CETs and preparing the course for the kiddos that i shall be tutoring this summer!! but i genuinely believe that i will be able to pull through all of these stuffo!!! i may not ace my exams but hopefully i will get a-okay scores that will permit me to enter my dream universities (aah pray for me)! in addition, i have noticed that i reached 27k? and that’s frankly overwhelming?? but aah, im so thankful and just blessed and happy to have y'all sticking around on this sorta lame blog of mine!! really, thank you so much everyone for being there for me!! i have no idea how i will be able to pay back the love you’ve been giving to me since the beginning of time but i just wanna let y'all know that i love you!!! and i hope the world is treating you well!! that’s it for my 3am entry i guess!!! good night sunshines!!

with lots of love,
prim 💛

“Do you remember?”

Hanamaki looks up with a small hum, eyebrow raising. He lifts his hand to pause the TV with the remote, turning to look at Matsukawa.

“Remember what?”

That crooked, lazy grin that Hanamaki loves filters across Matsukawa’s face as he leans against the door frame. His arms are crossed, eyes alight with happiness.

“Remember what, Issei?”

Matsukawa chuckles softly, the familiar sound a soothing lullaby. Hanamaki frowns, turning fully around on the couch. He places both hands on the cushions, frowning over at Matsukawa.

Matsukawa is shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of loose sweatpants, clinging desperately to his hips. His hair is slightly wet from the shower, causing Hanamaki to purse his lips. Mattsun was always bad at drying his hair properly.

“Do you remember,” Matsukawa says again, pushing himself off the door. He walks over to the couch, placing his hands over Hanamaki’s as he squats down so that they’re eye level. “When I fell in love with you?”

Hanamaki sputters in surprise, cheeks flaming red as he nervously looks away. He’s always caught off guard when Matsukawa gets into one of his sappy moods.

“No, you never told me when you actually did.”

Matsukawa smiles, leaning his head forward. He presses a kiss to Hanamaki’s cheek, smile widening as Hanamaki jerks his head to fully face Matsukawa again.

Matsukawa takes this as his chance. He lifts his hands from their resting place on Hanamaki’s own hands, lifting them to cup Hanamaki’s cheeks. He watches the blush spread across his boyfriends cheeks, down to his neck.

“It was in our first year, when you slid in front of me to take that volleyball to the face for me.”

Hanamaki snorts softly. “I’m your knight in shining armor.”

Matsukawa ignores him, and continues on. “I fell in love again, ya'know? The first time you shared your cream puffs with me. It happened again when you told me that you rejected that girl who confessed to you, because I realized only I wanted to confess to you-”

“Who knew you got jealous so easily?”

“-and it happened again when you tripped Iwaizumi, making him fall on Oikawa so they’d awkwardly get their shit together. It happened again when-”

“Where are you going with this?”

“-when you looked at me with that smile of yours. It happens every day, when you curl up on the bed with me. When you kiss me good morning and tease me over breakfast.”

Hanamaki frowns, searching Matsukawa’s eyes for any answers. “Issei, you know I love you as well-”

“I want to fall in love with you everyday, Takahiro.”

That’s when he leans back a little, reaching into the pocket of his sweatpants.

“So will you marry me?”

Hanamaki gapes in surprise, throwing himself over the back of the couch. With a loud yes, he launches himself at Matsukawa, pulling him into a tight hug.

sorry to be so Extra™ but when wmyb was released i hated one direction so fucking much like what the fuck are these lyrics???


“you don’t know you’re beautiful that’s what makes you beautiful” WHAT THE H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK?? YO NO KINK SHAMING HERE OR ANYTHING BUT YOU LIKE THE FACT YOU THINK IM INSECURE?? MESS. 


“but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell you don’t know you’re beautiful” MAYBE I LIKE THE INTERIOR DESIGN OF THE GOD DAMN FLOOR??? MAYBE ITS PRETTIER THAN YOUR FACE??????? 

anyway. i love these bitches now. idk how the hell that happened. they sneaky. fuck you, one direction. FUCK YOU!!!

(This is just a post where i’ll be sappy for a bit, im gonna do an actual thing for 2k later)
First of all i just wanted all of u to know that i love every single person who decided to follow this trainwreck of a blog, maybe except for pornbots, coz without you i would be just a random person on here posting some gifs with weird ass coloring, but with you, i get some kind of feedback to everything i do and sometimes im amazed at what you can come up with. Again, i love you all and thanks for stickin w me💞💞

Ayyyyy so somehow?? I made it to 350+ follower?? How? Who knows I have somehow fooled all of you into thinking me and my babs are actually cool?? Like HA got you, fooled you, we’re all lame. Anyway, I nonetheless wanted to thank you all for putting up with me. Like pls I know I’m trash and I make a million muses and also I’m SO fickle with threads and draft/drop them all the time im soRRY. Please know I LOVE you all, even if I drop thread I still want to rp with you!! But yes, this is just a super small kind of selective bias list of some of the extra lovelies I follow. But honestly even if you’re not on here know I love and appreciate you omg. 

Also, BOLD = you’re probably the love of my life, ITALICS = I probably stalk you

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obsessedboutspn  asked:

Hiya lovely, I havent watched this season yet but I wanna get to know you. So tell me your favorite stuff cause you are amazing! Also is Theo the cuddler or is Liam? I thi nk liam.

Hey and thank you so much!! I really appreciate that you like the blog! :D So my favorite things? Hmm.. I don’t really have anything entertaining about me except I’m a music person I guess haha, I like to read when I’m not too lazy to, and I constantly question about life and conspiracy theories (IM SO LAME)!! I also enjoy writing depending on my motivation. Enough of me though LOL! As for who is the cuddlier one? I definitely agree because Theo has definitely been through a lot and can for sure use a hug. I imagine those two all alone cuddling and whenever Theo wants to rant about anything, Liam is always there to listen, being patient, and can actually understand what Theo has been going through unlike the rest of the pack. No one can understand Theo, but Liam. Because of this he is very grateful to have someone to cuddle with and have a friend as well. x