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Friction (M)

Jungkook One Shot no. 1

Description:  Jungkook is hot and bothered, and you’re the only one who can help him.

Genre: Light Smut

Word Count: 3,524

A one shot I created out of Crys’ anon’s amazing imagination that started here, continued here, then here and ended here. I know this isn’t as amazing as Crys’ heaven sent, refined and intelligent writing, but I can’t help it, I had to take this off my mind and idk, I wanted to try writing with this plot, really interesting. Also, I’m not a pro at this genre, but I a badly want to try writing this out, since I can’t always go with the fluff. Enjoy!

“Whoever is by that door must die.”

You gritted your teeth as you hurriedly ran out your room and head to the main door of your apartment. You were in the middle of your nap after a stressful day in class. Who wouldn’t nap after taking a hundred question exam that requires you for numerical solutions? No one, and no one should mess with your precious nap because of it.

So whoever this person who made you get out of your cosy bed will definitely get a proper beating, no excuses.

Or there is.

“What?!” your voice a little louder than your usual.

The man in front of you could only chuckle, and you were left by the door, looking across the wall, with uttermost annoyance towards your friend slash the man who will forever ruin your inner peace.

“What’s up, cereals?” he asked as you tried to calmly close the door and walked towards him in the living room. Yup, he just called you cereals, that is your favourite food and will you ever get tired of it? No. It’s basically your next staple food to rice.

“Have you even received my message?” you asked him with your arms crossed as you stood by the couch where he is currently sitting.

He gave you a light smile as he nodded, “Yeah.” And widened his eyes as if he realized his mistake, “Holy shit, did I wake you up?”

“Jeon Jungkook and his acting.” You clapped your hands as you slightly leaned forward and gave him a sarcastic gaze. “Wow.”

Jungkook is basically your definition of I didn’t choose this life, this life chose me. The both of you knew each other since five, where you and your family just moved in a new house in Busan, and across that house is Jungkook’s residence. Every afternoon ever since you moved in, both your mothers would have an afternoon tea in your place, where Jungkook is always with his mother, and you, well, always tugged by your mother to socialize. The moment Jungkook saw you, he never stopped pestering you with playing with him, which is a good and a bad thing altogether. Because one, the boy had this huge collection of Yu-gi-oh cards that you’ve been asking your mother to buy you, second, Jungkook isn’t a bad playmate himself, but third, he’s a kid who loves pissing you off a lot. He may be the friend who chose you rather you choosing him, but having him as your friend was one of the greatest thing you had.

The both of you are now in college and are in the same university in Seoul. You were taking up finance as your major, while Jungkook took performing arts. You knew Jungkook was born to be famous, for his looks, and for his drive to become an actor. While you, you weren’t really sure yourself, taking finance was your parents’ suggestion, so you hate and not hate it for some reason.

You stared at Jungkook as you sat beside him and purposely pulled the hair near his ears and he winced. The huge frown on your face went back as soon as you finished laughing at him. “I told you not to pester me during the afternoon, and just come here for dinner. Why are you so stubborn?”

“You can always go back to sleep if you want to.” He grinned, “You know how quiet I am.”

“Oh, really?” you raised a brow at him and sighed you felt how sleepy you still are. You placed your palms on your face and asked, “How was your class?” Since you really had no choice but to entertain your everyday guest. He would always come and visit you after his classes to talk to you or just stay in your apartment. You weren’t really annoyed with the fact that he always visits until today, since you were really exhausted from that exam that squeezed your brains out and you needed to take out the stress from answering the exam.

“Oh, it was fine.” Jungkook smiled as he looked at his friend with enthusiasm. “There’s this new girl in class, her name is Hyena.”

“She’s hot, isn’t she?” You gave him a mischievous grin.

Jungkook’s mouth twitched before he leaned on the couch and turned to you as he copied the grin you had on your face, “I was supposed to tell you that she reminded me so much you.” He said, “But yeah, she’s hot.”

“So, what?” You said, crossing your arms against your chest again, “That we were like twins, and she’s the attractive one that will give you boner?”

Jungkook laughed at you. Since the both of you have grown up together, you grew comfortable of speaking your minds without getting the other offended. You guys know your way with language.

“Hyena wore the same jeans I gave you on your birthday, remember that?” Jungkook said with a groan, “Her thighs looked heavenly, I wonder why you never wore that?”

You scoffed, untangling your arm as you slightly hit he back of his head, “Because my thighs aren’t heavenly, pervert.”

“Come on! That is the reason why I bought it for you.” Jungkook whined. “I think your thighs are amazing, you know I had a thing for your thighs.”

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  • Shiro: *mysteriously disappeared*
  • Shiro: *falls down from the ventilation shaft where he was hiding*
  • Shiro: what the hell Keith?! i just wanted to see you as the leader. you're a funwrecker.
  • Keith: i love you too, now get your ass back to work.