im kinda upset tho

carolina she’s my lady

whenwilleverythingbeokay  asked:

Are you okay with everyone sending flirty messages? Because you seem like you're getting uncomfortable.

I get a little uncomfortable because I’m worried some people are serious, haha. I appreciate the messages, seeing the cheesy pick up lines are funny and some are cute- It just came out of the blue and I….really didn’t expect people want to keep sending more, haha! I thought people would be tired by now.
I hope that doesn’t sound rude? It’s just you guys don’t really know me too much, or know what I look like, and I feel like it would stop p quickly after that lmao
Nothing against you guys! I know (hopefully) that this is all just joking around and not serious! I just can’t handle a bunch at once.
You guys are always free to send normal messages tho! As long as they’re not requests!

i softblocked someone i shouldve softblocked months ago and it feels so good

anonymous asked:

Are you okay? I follow your awesome twitter for art and stuff and it seems like you aren't very happy atm :(

yeah… last week really punched me in the face. having a a really bad depression spell. It was like one bad thing after another… the only good thing that happened last week was s3 of vld lol
but… I’ll be okay! thanks for checking up on me <3