im kind of obsessed with it i cant lie to you

Okay. So. @ipaintjily has really inspired me with their digital painting. Like I look at them everyday, hours at a time, trying to figure out how I can do what they do. It’s a bit obsessive. Kinda creepy. But I don’t even care. Their work is stunning and I have to learn how to paint because of it. It’s an itch I can’t scratch. So. The last few weeks I’ve been watching and taking in all the digital painting videos and advice I could get my grubby hands on. 

Every. Single. Video. Said the same thing. DO NOT FOCUS ON DETAIL.

Like. For whatever reason I could not grasp the “no detail” concept and my perfectionist, virgo ass was like “Oh yeah. I can skip that advice that every single video I’ve watched has given me.” 

Exhibit A. 

    I spent nearly two hours on this monstrosity. Like. It looks nothing like the ref. Which I provided above. And stole from Ipaintjily’s pinterest which is full of amazing refs you can find here. I don’t know what I was thinking. That’s a lie. I was thinking that if I add more detail the better it would look! Logic.

Then I finally accepted that detail was NOT working. So I was like. Well, damn. Maybe no detail will work. Imagine that. I was super skeptic. But I zoomed out till it was a thumbnail size then just blocked in colors and shapes. Then suddenly there was a face? And values? And it was kind of working??????

Exhibit B.

30 minutes guys. Like. What? It’s still awful. But compared to the other??These were done the same day. One right after the other. 

So. Moral of the story: Detail = Bad

also. how does anyone draw without lines?! 

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1989 please tag taylor

Hi Taylor,
I hope this reaches you somehow. I am coming to see you on Halloween, 10/31/15. For you entire career I have loved you. Your song “ A Place in This World” has made such an impact in my life. It got me through the miserable days of moving and bullying. Then came “Mean” that song was my middle school anthem, life was hell. I had moved, didn’t have many friends but you kept me strong. Today I have the most amazing friends in two states and around the globe. You taught me how far kindness really does go. As they say, kill them with kindness.You have been there for me in song since the album Taylor Swift. Ive sung and danced to every song and continue to blast Our Song while driving, singing along. You’ve been there for me when nobody else was. I see you as my role model. I cant see my life without you and your music. I obsess over you all the time to the point when I talk to my parents about you, they just nod. My friends see my joy in your music and find it adorable as I fangirl about you to them. I keep everyone I know up to date on all things Swift. Besides being there in music, you’ve given me insight to fashion, as I model some of my clothes off of your amazing style. I’ve also cut my hair a few times to match your cut, I wont lie. You and your cats have introduced me to amazing television shows as I now watch Grey’s Anatomy like its going to disappear tomorrow. My whole life has begun to revolve around you. Its nearly scary but it keeps my life exciting. Somehow I will try to get you to notice me. Even a hi or wave will make my life. Loft 89 would be heaven but being at the concert will be cloud 9. Im so lucky to have had you here for me for so many. Cheers to many more.

The girl who will be wearing blue scrubs in Tampa.
Kat Shipers (section p) taylorswift

The signs as shitty friends

aries- rlly weird. Gets wayyy too serious about shit thats nowhere near that serious. Is the epitome of the ‘Yikes!’ exclamation. Gets weirdly clingy. Tries to fucking absorb the shit they like and become it. Needs to find some chill. Is the annoying friend everyone lowkey dislikes bc they have too much energy and get annoying!

Taurus- clingy as hell. Deserve to b kinkshamed. Obsessive and dont take no for an answer. Highkey crazy. Lots are stalkers?? I dont know any tauruses bc i dont fuck with crazies?

Gemini- fucking fake as hell, flaky as fuck and liars. Can never rely on them because they back out last minute. Doesnt stand up for anyone but themselves. Petty and gossipers, even though they pretend they dont like to gossip. Make u feel like shit in front of other people or belittle you. Doesnt know how to calm down and is always doing extra- but will pretend they dont like drama.

Cancer- big babies. Cry all the time and are super moody. Bitchy af and doesn’t know how to keep secrets. Bad with any information you don’t want shared. Talks shit about you. Gets violently upset over little things. Will make a big deal about something and then not tell you whats wrong. Doesn’t like being wrong and gets defensive quickly. Is cowardly af and has no backbone. Sooo annoying. Doesnt know how to stop being fucking annoying and dumb. Is probably into memes unironically and is a big fucking nerd.

Leo- holy shit doesnt know how to shut the fuck up. Thinks they’re hot shit while also having a ton of insecurities. U wanna punch them in the mouth constantly. No filter and rude. Clingy and horrible losers. Selfish. Will make you feel like shit because they can. Annoying as fuck and stubborn. Terrible friends bc theyre so selfish. Self entitled and never thinks they’re wrong. Should get their ass beat but are pretty violent bc theyre always so angry so they might actually win. Has no humility and is abrupt and mean. Shit talks lik no ones business.

Virgo- unpredictable and unstable as hell. Fake and compulsive liars. Lie all the time for no reason or bc they dont wanna look bad. Are horrible at keeping in contact. Weird. You can never tell what theyre thinking bc they dont tell u shit about their emotions. Actually self conscious af and says stupid shit that makes you mad. Thinks theyre funny when theyre really not and you gotta fake laugh around them constantly. Is easily influenced bc they dont stand up for anyone including themselves.

Libra- theyll seem lik a ride or die friend but rlly theyre ready to throw u under the bus whenever itll make them look better. fake as fuck around other people. Their social status and what people think of them is really important to them. Self centered. Only know how to talk about themselves. Will talk forever about themselves and dont know how to shut up or talk about other things. Manipulative and liars. Takes jokes too far and dont you dare ever offend them bc theyll b butthurt about it for 47 years and be big fucking babies about it. Pretentious as hell. Need to be taken down a couple pegs. Fake deep. Tht bitch tht lowkey tries to steal ur significant other. Lowkey clingy but act lik theyre not.

Scorpio- highkey crazy. Gets obsessed with things easily. Bad with money bc they love spending it. Horny a lot?? I cant stress the crazy part enough. Clingy as helllll. Where r their boundaries? We just dont know. Somehow always hot but really needy despite the attention they get for being so hot. Does everything in extremes.

Sagittarius- overprotective as FUCK. Gets real fuckin personal and nasty when you get in fights with them. Will touch on shit they know theyre not supposed to ever touch on just to make you feel like shit. Will nag your ear off. Controlling but cant keep their own life in order. Critical and snappy. Get grouchy easily. Talks a lot of shit. Thinks theyre perfect and sits on a ‘holier than thou’ pedestal thats fucking 10 stories high. Hypocrite.

Capricorn- no use in arguing with them because theyre too stubborn. Opinionated and unreasonable. Holds grudges to their grave. Has an inflated self esteem. Liars who are rude and lowkey controlling. Thinks theyre super complicated but theyre actually super boring. Likes to argue. Needs to get punched in the face tbqh. Annoying as hell and gets jealous all the time. Acts like theyre chill when they are actually the most unchill. Thinks theyre better than everyone else. Probably has a god complex.

Aquarius- angry all the time. Hotheads with a short fuse. Blunt and can be really rude. Explosive anger. Actually super sensitive despite how they act and get their feelings hurt easily and then gets butthurt. Is that one friend who has no life so when something happens they blow it out of proportion and cause more drama than is necessary. Condescending. Holds grudges.

Pisces- fuckin moody little assholes who act like theyre open and honest when theyre actually super self conscious and will lash out at the tiniest criticism or something taken as an insult. Huge assholes with the ‘im just being honest’ kind of asshole humor. Probably likes family guy and tosh.0. Acts like theyre super progressive when they’re not. Mean and flirt with fucking anything that moves. Pushy and rude as hell, thinks theyre slick when theyre actually obvious as fuck. Offends everyone and isnt sorry even when they say theyre sorry. Thinks theyre really hot (which they are) but their personality kills it. Cheaters. Will probably try to steal ur significant other.