im kind of in a shit position right now

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jess !!!! how are you doing nowadays !!! love u

so this is kind of a loaded question, and like i know you are meaning to be positive so im going to try to keep it positive 

but like i was going to make a post about this soon and 

as you know from my big long post before things have been real bad lately and i am kind of barely surviving

the job situation has not improved but i am applying for things like crazy and hoping someone will take me - currently im applying for 5 jobs a day and desperate enough that i will take anything because anything will pay more than this and once i am done my program in june i will be without any source of income


my car decided to have my check engine light go on last week and my oil change light went on monday, and i currently have $18.72 in my bank account which i need to use for gas to get to work

so right now im pretty stressed about that

which like i hate to ask you guys for money, but people have been so helpful in the past and i dont even make enough to pay my bills and survive right now that this car situation is making it all even worse so 

im stressed

really stressed

but some good things have happened this week:

  • today is star wars day and im currently watching attack of the clones
  • my work catered lunch the past three days so i havent spent money on food
  • also my food stamps just refilled yesterday so got a little bit of food money!
  • tomorrow i am going to go see gotg 2 with the free tickets i won 
  • i also just won the wynonna earp con yearbook over on twitter !
  • people have left amazing comments on my fic lately which inspire me to right more
  • and like ? i am currently alive ? 

bills are all due next week and im going to be cutting it close if being able to pay them at all, and this car thing may be stressing me out

but like some good as happened

positive outlook? even if theres a good chance my car is going to break down or get repo’d this month because i cant afford to take care of it? and that this time next month i will be wrapping up my program and about to be jobless (and likely heading towards homeless again)?

just trying to keep positive

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wow that liveshow was just beautiful wasn't it? I mean the pokemon bit, buying a bin, phil's birthday gift... so cute but mixed with interesting dan opinions aswell, and he seemed to be in a really good mood, anyway what did you think? :)

I almost posted screenshots of all the messages similar to this in my inbox because I was so happy to see that so many others felt the same. I 100% agree. I might go as far to say it was one of my favorite Dan shows in a long time? I loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Did I mention I loved it? Because yeah…I loved it.

What a pleasantly chill younow show. Dan seemed really laid-back and just generally relaxed…he was so much more open to discussion it seemed. I felt like he wasn’t mincing his words as much? He didn’t seem to second-guess everything he was saying like he can sometimes have the tendency to do. Or if he was, at least it wasn’t all-consuming. It felt natural. Like a conversation (albeit one-sided and obviously a bit superficial) with an old friend. I didn’t worry about the chat the entire time or feel anxious about Dan possibly getting uncomfortable and having to backtrack on something (because I’m me and can’t help but get nervous for him lol). I just enjoyed it. His demeanor and the overall vibe of the show lent itself to a really enjoyable hour.

He came off as just so loveable? lol not that he isn’t usually of course, but I did feel a particular fondness towards him today. Can’t put my finger on it but there was just something really endearing about this one. I think it might be that there was almost an appearance of what I’ll call “sweet, soft, subdued Dan.” (nice alliteration). And that is my favorite Dan. It’s hard to explain without demonstrating with examples but I tend to think that is his default attitude most often in private. But we don’t get to see that side as often on camera so it is always lovely when we are given a glimpse. Almost felt like this show verged on a glimpse. So I was in love.

Some of my favorite moments:

First off, no better way to start the show than answering “I love everything cucumber related” while giving a knowing stare to the camera. Beautiful.


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