im keeping this forever omg

[7:58:19 PM] pumpkin pie: ‘thats not my kid’ he says, standing next to the kid with 'jonathan crane is my father’ written across her forehead
[7:59:21 PM | Edited 7:59:33 PM] Isabella Skoufis: that is by no means my child at all says not father with small child with identical eyes reading books like there’s no tomorrow even when she actually can’t read half of them yet
[8:01:33 PM] pumpkin pie: 'theres no way she can be mine’ he says as melody shows him the dna test and the positive pregnancy test and the birth certificate and
[8:02:11 PM] pumpkin pie: evie calls him daddy and he immediately responds
[8:02:24 PM] pumpkin pie: 'nOT MY CH i L d’