im just waiting for spn

I go on one bloody train journey and seemingly miss EVERYTHING!

That season 12 recap! I cant even deal with it right now! 

The parallel hugs between Dean and Cas and Sam and Eileen.

The fact that the ONLY word spoken in the ENTIRE recap was Dean’s “NOOO” when Cas died.

The fact that it ended with a long close up between Dean and Cas whilst “nothing else matters” plays and I just… I CANT DEAL WITH THIS RIGHT NOW!

The fact that in the panel Bob Singer gave up his chair for Misha. Because EVERYONE knows that Misha is THE MOST adored and BELOVED by ALL!!! *fuck the haters*

Which, that reminds me JARED FUCKING PADALECKI. I TIP MY HAT TO YOU SIR. “It’s not fake” About their friendship. About MISHA. FUCK THE HATERS. Seriously how are you assholes gonna explain THAT.

Misha’s favourite prop is DEAN

Jensen likes how an ‘angel blade’ feels in his hand *oh god the innuendo*


Sorry I just had to scream because I have not been online for the past two hours and this all came out at once. 

*breaths* Ok. I’m better now.


“I love you (Y/N), and I’m not afraid to say it.” 

gif: bilsosan 


deancas + beds

So I Woke up with a Thought...

Okay so I think the entire fandom is pretty much in consensus that the next Gravity Falls episode is going to be a flashback episode. Alex all but confirmed this to be true.

But we’re also supposed to meet Tad Strange soon too - a possibly square-shaped demon never recorded in the journals (that we know of, but then again why would he be, when the Author so vehemently distrusted Bill? Why make two demon deals? I’m getting ahead of myself). 

We’re also supposed to meet a character that is voiced by Weird Al Yankovic, who the fandom would LOVE to have voice the Author but let’s be realistic here. If the Author is back from the portal, I’d rather he be a recurring cast member that lives in the Mystery Shack with everyone else, than a character who will probably come and go for a voice actor like Weird Al who can’t stay on and record voices all the time.

But what if… Tad Strange exists not in Gravity Falls, but in Glass Shard Beach New Jersey? What if Tad Strange is a demon the kids encounter when they are younger? What if Tad Strange is the reason the “original mystery twins” even become the original mystery twins, aka enlightened the original twins to the existence of the mysterious and the weird? What if one of the Stans made a deal with Tad Strange? And it makes drama between the Stan Twins?

Also what if Weird Al also voices someone in the past? Not the Author himself, but his dad, or a best friend? THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES IN A FLASHBACK I CAN’T WAIT.