im just upset in general

im redesigning my sona !!! this is what they look like atm, im p happy with this design !!! also, again,  sorry for lack of art, school has been killing me lately;;

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u kno what i love/hate the most about the scene w/ john n merle on the beach? when griffin says "and then the final sliver of sunlight is gone, and so is john" bcuz, to me at least, it sounded like he was implying that john himself was the final sliver of light disappearing with the hunger and honestly??? i crave death

nope thats how i felt as well im honestly just very upset in general and ive been crying for a very long time trying to deal with it

hey can we please stop this “chubby” anime girl nonsense @ anime girls who are obviously of average weight, just not the stick thin impossible in irl otaku bait girls that are seen a lot nowadays

its kind of disheartening and a really bad influence on younger girls who like anime seeing people, esp weird fetish guys, think that a small indentation where knee socks end is “chubby”

in the end, im just really upset in general how invisible chubby and fat girls in all media , i grew up watching tv wondering why i didnt look like any of the thin girls i saw on screen, and it really messed up my self esteem

what im trying to say is that we need more representation of an accurate female body type especially in animation so other young girls dont end up thinking they have to look like whats actually impossible, even more so because these characters are drawn

listen i don’t want to start drama or anything but honestly one of the shittiest things that you can do to someone having family problems is show off how good your parents are to them

we’re happy for you, but maybe if your friend is being threatened with being made homeless by their parents then you should keep your perfection to yourself rather than going out of your way to tell them specifically

this sounds so selfish but it’s really upsetting when friends tell me how amazing their parents are whilst several of my siblings and i suffer from stress disorders because of our treatment growing up