im just upset by ignorant people

@lilized i think speculation is different from actually typing what is going on in the game or screenies about it (i saw a screenie in twitter basically the end of the game like what the flying fuck). It has left a bitter taste and just…..ugh. Now i am having second thoughts of going thru a character i like coz of them (saw some stupid memes that hints spoilers about the character i like)

Im sorry to hear that :( my sis is into VNs (visual novels) and she tells me how common it is to see spoilers in twitter, she just blocks them lmao;;;
But yeah that upset me and the game just came out too. As much as fucking excited as everyone is, please think about other people too– or idk tag them??????? This makes me ignore twitter and tumblr’s timeline completely 😑

To moomoos, don’t deny the fact. Don’t deny the truth. Don’t be ignorant. They made a huge mistake that should not be covered up for. Don’t fight other people on it because it won’t do us any good. It was their mistake and we should know that and inform them instead of covering up their ass. We should apologize on mamamoo behalf and condemn this action. Don’t fight back and just admit to the mistake and hope they don’t ever do it again because it’s just wrong.

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hey pointing out all of lance's flaws like that is kinda racist and fucking gross of you. funny how you didn't point out anyone else's. eat shit

:/ wow, okay. first of all, i am truly sorry if any of what i said came across as racist because that definitely wasn’t my intention.

the reason i pointed out only lance’s flaws is because he’s who the anon fucking asked about????? i like to analyse characters, and that includes their flaws, because their flaws are just as important to their character as their qualities. it’s what makes them dynamic and keeps them from being a flat, boring mary sue. it’s literally not that deep??? if the anon had asked about anyone else’s flaws, that’s who i would have spoken about??

i’m sorry. i’m white so i’m not gonna be all “it’s not racist!!” bc it’s not my place to say that– i’m sorry if that’s how it came across. i understand internalised and systematic racism and know that i benefit from it as a white person. id never intentionally do something harmful, and i’m very open to being told when i’ve done something wrong.

but the post wasn’t made because lance is a poc. it was made because he’s my favourite character because of these flaws and it upsets me that the fandom ignores them, because he’s literally not the same character without these flaws??? he’s just not???? that’s not even an opinion, that’s fact, you can’t take away a huge part of a character and say they’re still exactly the same.

i wasn’t demonising lance or bashing him in any way, which i stated at least 3 times in my post. i’m also not saying people can’t interpret him how they want– im not trying to fucking police anyone????? if you want lance to be perfect starboy who can do no wrong then that’s cool. you do you. i’ll just not consume your content and mind my own business.

the point of my post was to say i wish people would stop treating headcanons as canon, not that people cant have headcanons. :/

some things to help someone who has body dysmorphic disorder and is having an Episode™

- try not to bring attention to their appearance. it can be hard when someone is saying “im so ugly” or “im so disgusting” constantly, but for me when someone is telling me “you look great!!” in response or people who go on and on about how beautiful i am it means absolutely nothing. not only will i not believe you, i don’t care what you see i care what i see in the mirror. for some people it helps to be reassured, but for me it is just frustrating

- remain calm and act like nothing is happening. i know that sounds weird but personally when i am having an episode i don’t want anyone to bring attention to the fact that im crying in the middle of a grocery store because i feel so ugly.

- try to keep the mood positive and talk about anything other than their episode

- seriously, don’t ask what’s wrong and don’t make them talk about it. it gets frustrating having to restate “i feel ugly” every time someone asks what’s wrong and i start feeling like people are tired of hearing it. DONT ASK WHY THEY FEEL UGLY. THE ANSWER IS EVERYTHING. THEY JUST DO

- turn on some kind of tv show or movie you know the person enjoys. it helps to get my mind off of it. personally i really like watching bob ross when im upset.

- PLEASE TRY NOT TO GET FRUSTRATED. PLEASE. i know it’s frustrating but please it will make it so much better if you just ignore the episode (not the person but the episode) and act as if everything is fine otherwise they’ll feel worse thinking you’re mad at them.

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no matter how hard we try to cheer you up and support you, you shove it back in our faces and only pay attention to your 10 yr old "I have nothing better to do so lets pick on someone" haters. You REALLY have to learn to ignore haters and just focus on the people who love and support you because it's making all of us really upset that every 2 minutes you say "im leaving lol" when we have tried to help, sorry I hope you feel better soon

im trying hard to change , thank you and I’m sorry

things i do literally just because im a fucking nightmare

•never stop talking or don’t talk at all
•rewrite an entire page of notes because someone accidentally bumped my elbow and made a line or a friend drew a dot
•snap at t i n y things
•start sobbing if people hug me when im sad
•two types of sad: snappy or silent
•react sensitively to something that i normally wouldn’t care about just because im already upset
•ignore messages even if they’re important because i don’t feel like talking
•spam people which is annoying af probably
•cling to everyone who gives me even the slightest bit of attention
•also cling constantly and apparently expect never ending attention

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I was happy seeing jikook interacting today (the pokeball and neck vid blessed me im still screaming) but i read some stuff on twitter and im sad.. jimin is my bias so seeing other members stans hating on him so much these past few months is upsetting, like from the gaon awards performance hate to other shippers saying that JK just ignored him and went to play with jin or how other members in the mc reaction only compliment JM coz "praise kink". They keep disregarding jimin & i dont get why

Honestly, it’s amazing how people will bring down members just because their notp did something or their fave doesn’t get as much recognition. Maknae line are always under attack because they’re more popular and I’m so sick of it. I see tae/kook and suga/kookie shippers bashing jimin all the time; and it’s just so confusing. I don’t ship Tae/kook, but I would NEVER bash Taehyung if he had a moment with Kookie, bc guess what??? TAES MY BIAS LMAO. Like if Min/joon happens, I ain’t out here sending death threats to Namjoon!
It’s disgusting that people say they are a fan of a group and then hate on one member so much just bc they did something like interact with another member.
Also, I see so many other shippers saying that Jikook was “fan service” and they “hate” each other. And it’s like… idc if it was fan service, do not say the boys hate each other. They may not be dating, but people better not disregard their loving friendship.
Sorry! This turned into a rant.

Secret Idol Relationship With Jaeyoon

-You guys make it super obvious like super. (More like you’re trying to save both his and your lives and does at the end but it’s always dangerous in any situation cuz he just can’t control himself when you’re around). Forgets people are around when he sees you-you could be walking across the music building to the bathroom and he’ll just yell out in the open, “oh! Yah! Over here! It’s me!” And you’re there walking with your head down like IGNORE IGNORE and fans are just like “Who’s he calling to? Definitely not y/n she’s not even looking at him” And at that point he’ll get really upset and pouty because ‘why is she pretending she doesn’t see me :(’ until he finally realizes ‘ohhhh im in public i forgot, the secret thing’

- Even though ya’ll have a secret relationship, he really hates it when alot of idol guys like you and was cool about letting it go at first but once two or more male idols were like ‘my ideal type is y/n’ or ‘y/n’s really pretty, I’m a fan.’ he also went ahead one day and said ‘OH y/n is my ideal type 100% I’M A HUGE FAN OF HER’ on a radio show even tho like jaeyoon noone asked you. Would be really obvious in being your fanboy though. Purposely move himself to stand next to you at a music show ending, or sing along to your part in his sf9′s behind the stage video. He’s such a fanboy, fantasies are so used to it and they’re not even fazed anymore as long as it’s just a fanboy thing and he legit know all of your group dances.

- But one day he messed up really badly where you looked extra beautiful one day during MAMA Awards, and he legit could not peel his away off of you and when you were walking past him in the hallways of the building’s waiting rooms, in the midst of walking past him without making eye contact, he grabbed your wrist suddenly and pulled you back onto him for a hug and U LEGIT HAD TO THROW HIM OFF U like ‘homeboy u serious this is a public hallway! even if there isn’t anyone there could ALWAYS be somebody you feel’ and he’s like not taking it seriously and laughing while  whining really cutely like ‘but you look so beautiful and i miss you so much’ but like you still walked past him because you’re not trying to end your career that day and he will understand.

-Days where you both have days off and are able to see eachother, you guys loveee to go to a cat cafe or any cafe that is dimmed super dark inside where there is a upstairs that is even more darkly lit with like a cute lamp or something to read books and drink coffee on the table. Lays his head on your lap while coddling a baby kitten as he looks up at you, babbling on and on about how one day he will take you out in the actual daytime and do many fun things and you smile rolling your eyes but inside you know he really means it and your lucky to have such a sweet boyfriend, hoping one day you guys actually do get to do those things because even though it’s hard dating, you don’t want to leave him at all. ‘the first place I’m taking you is to an zoo/aquarium, we can look at Inseong’s family, the foxes!’ 

-Sf9 had to go on the asia fanmeeting tour and he was devastated because that means no more cat cafe for a while, so every night he would face call you on the phone even when the time zone is different so you legit get a call during practice and everyone like ‘whos that? pick up your phone’ and you awkwardly and nervously laugh like ‘its ok its noone- i gotta go to the bathroom’ and would scold him saying how he can’t call you without warning, and you could hear him pout over the phone but you sigh and tell him you love and miss him alot, which makes him suddenly happy again and he’ll go over his day with you on the phone happily and you can’t help but laugh because you can hear the joy in his voice.’

-After the tour which lasted for weeks, he finally text you to come to the cafe again at 1am so you make your way there. You head upstairs to the room you always go to with him and you see him there silent. Once you make yourself known in the room, he will look at you and smile, slowly getting up. You smile back and you both just stand there apart from each other, exchanging looks until he breaks out into a teethy grin with a ‘did you miss me?’  and you can’t help but start crying but also laughing cuz you look silly right now being so emotional and he’ll just dash to hold you and he does-really really tight.

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im really upset with what happened like… he had his things scheduled for a long time and sm still decided to ignore and says “its a pity” as if they didn’t know… but it doesn’t means we’re gonna stop supporting the group because of it. its really a pity but what can we do is just show our love and support to the boys + yixing when the mv and album comes out and people saying that they are angry and wont support exo’s comeback, here’s the thing: the fandom doesn’t needs any of you

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Hi sorry if you've answered this already, but what's going on with Jimin and white people??? I'm seeing people defend him or bash him but no one is explaining what happened :/

~~i don’t know how to answer this without writing everything i feel about it, so i’m sorry if this post is long. pls remember in me answering this that i’m white, and that will directly impact my experience w this + that there are poc in this fandom who have made posts about it and those should be centered + are most likely more informative as they come from individuals directly affected by racism. if you’re another white stan who is upset by what i have to say, please direct comments to my instant messaging rather than ask box as i’d rather have legitimate discussions over messaging rather than flooding my followers with more discourse over a nonissue that’s been going on for days at this point i think a lot of people are bored + tired of it, please read the whole thing thank you!~~

oh dont worry anon nothing happened to jimin!! he’s totally fine and safe, it’s just a fandom joke within poc circles that white people are getting upset over.

this is the context in which i know the “jimin hates white people” joke and how it’s become relevant again recently, why it isnt racist, and why white people need to just leave it alone and not fight about it because it isnt hurting anybody: 

  • there were always a few jimin hates white people jokes that would surface here and there over the years ever since that one white 14 year old boy was bossy to jimin on ahl like theyd just pop up sometimes lol
  • so during bbma voting when bts started getting attention, some big name accounts and internet people started giving bts attention which in some cases was a good thing! but in other cases not so much. 
  • For example i dont remember his name but one of the guys from epicmealtime declared himself the jimin fanclub president and was obviously coming into the fandom just to start discourse for no reason + make fun of bts and also armys and use us for attention. he was both causing fights within the fandom and trying to make armys look bad claiming armys were being “””racist””” against him, which obviously cannot happen as he is white and theres no such thing as racism against white people. I was also pretty heated when he started derailing conversations about race by posting pictures of starving jews during the holocaust implying that jews being exterminated was an example of how you can in fact be racist against white people. I dont know what happened with him after that as i blocked him for using pictures of my people being tortured, from an event that wiped out nearly my entire family, as nothing but empty conversation ammunition for a fake and offensive cause
  • ANYWAY thats where i personally started seeing the old jimin hates white people jokes come back, people shutting this guy + other obnoxious whites down 
  • like for example some other youtube guy i didnt know who has a track record of using blackface for jokes/being transphobic. Also on his snapchat he took a picture of some random east asian guy on the street and just wrote “jimin” above him, like obviously that type of person is racist and awful
  • also pewdiepie who has a history of being racist and just a plain awful person
  • so really most of the “jimin hates white people” jokes as i saw them (being active on twitter) were poc shutting down racist whites + making jokes at the expense of white people which is completely fine to do, as those type of jokes serve as an outlet for some and are extremely harmless as they do not really effect white people in the real world
  • i also saw them in regards to jimin looking upset at the bbmas which once again is just a harmless joke at the expense of white people, and does not effect jimin, bts, or white people.
  • really if poc make white people jokes and you don’t like it, scroll past and ignore it. as white ppl we’re able to do that. when white people make jokes regarding people who arent white, those jokes do not exist in a vacuum and contribute to greater forms oppression that legitimately exist and effect the lives of poc on a regular basis, but since those same systems are not im place to oppress white people, white people are not effected by jokes about our race in such ways as poc are (if you do not understand what i mean by jokes contributing to systems of oppression message me because I’m not going into it, that could be it’s own post)
  • that is why you cannot compare jokes about white people to jokes about poc and consider them the same. theres an entire historical and societal context that plays into one circumstance and DOES NOT with the other. you need to take that into account in understanding why one side effects larger things happening in the world and systemically keeps people of certain races down, while the other is just a couple words that might make a few people on the internet feel a bit sensitive
  • I really like the following graphic so i’m gonna use it to help explain what i mean:

  • basically, as this shows, jokes about white people really don’t mater in the grand scheme of things and are not racist because racism is more than creating hurt feelings. part of racism is words contributing to larger systems of oppression. jimin hates white people jokes do not do this, and therefore are not racist and hurt nobody. 
  • i see people saying it makes jimin look bad? does it really? is this legitimately having people think jimin hates white people? not really… if someone doesnt know the context of people saying it, they can just ask another bts stan and they’ll tell you “oh its just a joke thats been going around”. jimin obviously doesnt hate white people and i don’t think anyones starting to believe that because of this. 
  • also, there are jokes that legitimately do damage jimin much more than these jokes do, that these same white people claiming “this damages jimin” are not upset about! why? if you really cared about people making jokes that damage jimin, worry more about jokes that are racist and fetishizing towards jimin that happen regularly rather than these jokes. 
  • jokes about jimin hating white people can be easily brushed off as jimin does not actually hate white people, while jokes about his accent/english or fetishizing him for being asian DO contribute to gross larger concepts that actually harm jimin. if you care about jimin please focus more on these jokes rather than the jimin hates white people jokes, as jimin hates white people jokes are easy to dispel and are not rooted in anything related to real life
  • (although if jimin did hate white people that would be fine + understandable lol but thats a different story for a different day)
  • so basically: whether people are using these jokes to shut racist whites down, or are just using them for fun, both situations are extremely harmless and can easily be ignored by white people, and do no harm other than making some white people feel a bit uncomfortable. Honestly if the worst a joke at the expense of your race does is make you feel a bit uncomfortable and does not contribute to larger ways in which you are oppressed, you definitely dont have as much to worry about as poc who do have to worry about such things so just ignore the jokes and go on with your day.

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You're so right stan Twitter is a literal mess. And I know Dom said something that a lot of people didn't like but he explained himself and is noticeably more careful with his words now. Case closed. Move on. But stan twitter takes anything Matt says about malec and is like "that's definitely directed at Dom, he's still so mad" im sorry but? Maybe he was just answering the questions? And they also name call the cast-"attention whore" "obnoxious" "ignorant" which is just uncalled for and mean.

i don’t know what kind of child people think matt is lmao??? m/alec is a part of his job it’s not his entire life’s purpose/existence like wyd……..dom is his close personal friend………..i would bet my life savings that matt is not even a little bit mad at dom and is in fact probably more upset with people insulting dom on the internet because matt and dom are close friends and i really dont think matt would prioritize the fictional character he plays over that lmao he has a balanced sense of reality (like you feel however you wanna feel about whatever happened with dom im still staying quiet on that issue, but don’t project it onto matt) but if you honestly think matt has beef w/ dom over that i really……. dont know what to tell you…..please …. like….go outside 

and yeah, i dont know what kind of sad, sad people are on twitter (and honestly even on here, but it’s worse there) like it really is like you said, it’s just uncalled for and unnecessary and so needlessly mean spirited like wyd

I really don’t know what to do with friends anymore. I really don’t and this realization that has hit me hurts. it’s not like I can tell them this because nothing will change anyway. I just feel like I’m only spoken to when needed but if not then they don’t respond to me at all. I just…am so so sick and tired of just being the one who is always left behind in relationships. I’m sick of trying when I know in the end I have to be the one to walk out because it’s become so one-sided that I’m making myself sick trying to figure out what I did wrong. Or that I am the one who always has to initiate a conversation just to get people to talk to me. 

Hell, I have a Discord with a lot of people on it and only one actually makes an effort and even now they aren’t trying because they are into their other stuff, so that means once again just going to be forgotten and left behind. I understand wanting to do things for yourself, I do but I’m not going to sit around anymore like I did for a 7-year online friendship that I made myself sick trying to maintain. I mean I got 10+ people on my Discord but no one ever fucking talks to me. Ever. Even in group threads, I have issues trying to not get ignored by people. 

Am I such an unfriendly person? Do I have that vibe that chases people off? Do I come across as a bitch or something? I mean I don’t know. People don’t talk to me so hell if I know anymore. I’ve been trying to discover for years what is wrong with me and I am just done trying. I am just done making myself sick over this. 

I don’t know what to do anymore. I try and I try but I just. I don’t know. I give up. I can’t win socially. I can’t figure out what to do to be part of a group. I can’t figure out how to have any more with people without worrying how others view me and shit. I am just so tired of trying anymore. I am just tired of trying. 

I would like for once someone to actually want me. Not wait for me to make the first move but actually just tell me hi, or to plot with me first instead of me killing myself over a one-sided plot. This is why I am just…not really sure what I want to do any more online. It’s become less fun for me right now. I don’t think a break would help. I’ve done that before, just take a break from my social outlets but it didn’t make a difference at all lol. I dunno. I’m just…..just tired of trying. 

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yeah i really don't agree with it either. it's Bad. let him be good

they made!! one of the only representations of a lgbt religious man!!! in anything ever!!!! a literal demon!!!!! what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

also like not to mention that shits like… super serious + actual people are affected by things like this irl and there’s not anything even resembling a warning like that could be super triggering n upsetting for people but lmao!! as long as we’re literally demonizing mlm lets throw in a heap of shit that could remind people of genuinely traumatizing events with absolutely no indication that this is anything but a cute fun dating sim!!!

you know, ive been doing some thinking, and i know this is out of the blue bc i havent really been sad on here for a while, but i really feel like all of you dont follow me for me. whenever im not being nice and kind and cute, yall scroll faster, you dont even check if im ok. like…am i just here to make all of you feel better? am i unlikable when im not being a constant source of positivity?? do you really see me as a person with flaws and problems or am i just the feel-good machine! because im really getting tired of not being able to be sad and upset and feel unwanted, needing people to at least PRETEND to care about me, without being ignored!!!!

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so sorry that you seem to be getting so many bad asks right now? I also want to say that I agree with you about Vivec + I'm gnawingly, irritably upset that when even ESO ignores the Gender Stuff, just about the only place you can go to actually read about it is here, and even then people try to cover it up and get angry/dismissive at people who want to discuss it (& other representation) as a central part of the games... it's 2017 and why this

my gf thinks I got linked on memospore or something and that’s where they’re coming from lol. im not going to change my stance in being very disappointed in eso for this, but from what i understand they just aren’t interested in going in that direction, so oh well

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I have seen so many posts defending Matt and upset about people body shaming, which is awful! But I literally have not seen a single negative comment about Matt anywhere. I feel like maybe one person made a rude comment and now the fandom is blowing it out of proportion. Thus in a way giving the rude and ridiculous comment more power and influence then it would have had

I haven’t seen any rude comments either (mostly because I wasn’t here for the weekend and because I follow awesome people), but either way I’m always here for love. So even if there wasn’t as many bad comments as we thought I think is great to spread love and positiveness. And, to be honest, this fandom is known for blowing things out of proportion, so no surprise here… 

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thank you so much :(((( i’m sad now but i’ll get over it because in the end i do what i do because i really love bangtan and jimin, just wish all people that create and share could be respected ;;

you can ignore this i’m just dumping my thoughts here lol